Monday, January 18, 2021

Projects moving forward

Mini Forget Me Not Jan 10Here it is the start of another week, and I am happy to see that I was able to make a bit of progress on some projects.  We are still in lockdown here in Ontario but that doesn't change the work for us.  We continue to work remotely with our clients and that works pretty well.

Mini Forget Me Not - here is the project that got some attention this week.  It feels good when you can see a bit of difference when you post the two pictures.  I was able to focus on getting some larger sections of colour moved forward.  I wasn't able to concentrate enough to work on all the little bits of colour changes, so I decided to just work on the larger sections and that worked well for me.

I am not sure what I will be working on this week on this piece, but I am looking forward to seeing if I can get more of this piece accomplished. I look at this piece and there are still lots of large colour sections so will see if I continue to work on them or if I will start working on the little bits of colour. Each day I try and get a few stitches in on this piece and that makes me feel good.  Some days I don't get very many done and then on the weekends are the times that I can make the best progress on this piece.

Alzheimer's Poem - Mar 22
Poem about Alzheimer's - here is a project that has been sitting without getting any work done on it since March 2020.  I decided that it was finally time for me to get back to working on it so will see how it goes moving forward.  I am not sure how much I will get done on it, but I think I can now work on it with a total understanding.

Alzheimer's Poem Jan 17
This is a poem that I charted myself and of course now that I am back working on it, I am making modifications to the pattern. I would like to get this finished so now to figure out how to move it forward quickly while also working on other projects.

Wellington Worksock shawl
Wellington Worksock Shawl - here is a picture of a shawl that I started just before Christmas and have finally been able to get some progress on it.  This is a very simple project so once again something that I can pick up and work on without getting frustrated with it. Of course, the pattern called for grey, white and red, but I decided to do it in teal and cream so will see what it looks like once it is finished.  It is easy to work on so that is something that I am going to be trying to get done over the next little while.

Socks - as you can imagine the socks continue to get attention as I do work on them a bit each day. I haven't finished any of these socks yet, so now I need to focus on getting some of them finished so that I can start either the 2nd sock of some of these or a new colour.  I hope that I can get some more of these socks moved forward and will see what happens in the next little while.

I am working on some other projects as well as I am finally able to focus on things a little easier.  Maybe, I am also trying to keep myself busy instead of dealing with all the emotions that keep bubbling up inside me.  I hope that before too long I can see that I am able to get back to doing all the things that I really love to do without not being able to focus on them for too long.

I hope everyone has a good week, and you find some time each day to do something that you love doing.  I will continue to work on my cross-stitch and knitting and will see what projects get my attention this week. 


Monday, January 11, 2021

Moving projects forward

Mini Forget Me Not Jan 3
Another week and this week I am feeling a little better.  We are still in lockdown, and it doesn't look like we are going to be getting out of it anytime soon.  I know that the number of cases keeps going out, but I think right now that is due to people gathering together.

We continue to work remotely for our clients so that continues to be the same as even before Covid-19.  I know that we will be working like this for a while as we still aren't sure when we are getting the vaccine.

Mini Forget Me Not - here is the project that I have been putting a lot of energy into it.  Part of this project has been helping me deal with the death of my dad.  I am loving how this piece is turning out and yes it is a full coverage piece, so it is going to be awhile before it is done. I am currently at 7.94% finished on this piece and right now I am loving to see how the picture is starting to appear now.  

Mini Forget Me Not Jan 10
This weekend I decided to add some different colours as it made me happy to see part of the flowers to appear.  I look forward to seeing how much I can get done on this piece in the next week as well.  I am working on getting the first page finished on this and I think I might be able to get it done in the next couple of months but saying that will depend on how much time I can spend on the project.

I am not sure if this project is going to be what I work on this coming week, but I will see how things go.  I know that I have other projects that I want to work on as well as I will see what actually gets my attention this week.

Socks - these three socks continue to be on the needles, but I know that if I can sit and focus on one of them I will get it done and then be able to start to work on another sock.  It would be nice to wear more of these socks so the only way I can do that is if I actually get pairs of socks knit.


I didn't get a lot of anything else done last week but considering I was busy with work and personal stuff I am happy that I was able to find some time each day to sit and put a few stitches in my socks as well as my cross-stitch.  I hope that this week I can continue to move things forward even if it isn't as fast as normal.

 I hope everyone has a good week, and you find a bit of time to sit and do something that you enjoy doing each day.  Maybe next week I will have something else to show you but that will depend on how things go.


Monday, January 4, 2021

What a week

2020 socks

Here it is the start of another week and a start of a new year.  We are still in lockdown and if the number of Covid cases doesn't go down we will be in lockdown for a while longer.  Our lockdown is in effect until Jan 23rd at the earliest.

We continue to work remotely and given the last couple of weeks have meant a lot of businesses slowed down for the holidays it was good.  It meant that I had a bit of time to do things that I wanted to do and yes stitching was something that got attention.

Socks - here are the socks that I finished in 2020 and there are 3.5 pairs of socks finished and that makes me feel good.  Now I need to get back to working on socks so that I can continue to finish up socks and end up with matching socks instead of just single socks.

started socks 2021

I am also going into 2021 with some socks on the needs and at least one of them is to finish off a pair so that is good. It is nice to have socks on the needles as it means that when I need something to work on I can quickly pick them up and work on them. I am looking forward to seeing how many socks I end up knitting in 2021. I hope to get more socks made and more of the inventory of sock yarn reduced.

Northern Patrol Jan 3
Northern Patrol - As it New Years it was time for a new start, so I figured out a couple of projects that I wanted to do. The first project that I started was Northern Patrol and is a full coverage piece which makes me feel good.  I didn't get a lot of stitches in on this piece but that doesn't bother me.  I am looking forward to seeing how much of this I can get done, but it will depend on how the other project that I have on the go proceeds.

Northern Patrol
I am looking forward to seeing what this project looks like and that will depend on how much time I can spend on this project.

Mini Forget Me Not Jan3
Mini Forget Me Not - this is a project has got a lot of attention since I started it.  I would like to see how things go moving forward in the next little while.  This project means a lot to me and part of it is because it has Forget Me Not flowers on it.  Forget Me Not flowers are also a symbol for Alzheimer's and that cause is very close to my heart.

I hope that I can also spend some time working on this project as it helps me feel better about other things that have been going on.  I lost my dad to both Dementia and Alzheimer's, so I am going to be stitching this piece as a way to remember him.

Mini Forget Me Not
This is another full coverage piece so that means I am going to be working on this piece for quite a while.  I look forward to seeing how much of it I can do while also dealing with the death of my dad.  I know I won't have this piece completed quickly, but it does feel good having something that I can work on and just hide from the world with.

Covid ornaments - I was able to get four ornaments completed before the new year and that made me feel good.  These were given to my mom and sister, and they were able to hang them on their trees before it was time to take the tree down.

Covid Christmas ornamentsI am going to now try and get my two ornaments done, but they won't be on our tree this year, but I still want to get them made as a way to remember what 2020 was really like.

ETSY and Personal update - as a lot of you know I was raising funds for the Alzheimer's Society of Toronto by selling my grime guards.  I am making this 104 dollar donation,  as my dad had both Dementia and Alzheimer's, so wanted to do something to help one of these organizations.

My dad did pass away on January 3rd, but I know that he is now in a better place and is no longer having to deal with these crazy diseases.

I hope everyone can continue to find time to spend a bit of time each day to do the things that you love doing.  It is important that we all remember to take a bit of time for yourselves each day and do something.