Monday, September 28, 2015

A crazy week

Baby hats
What can I say other than the last week has been extremely crazy for me.

I haven't picked up any cross-stitch for a week now and I am hoping to be able to do it again soon.  I had really hoped to be able to stitch last week but things just didn't work out the way I had hoped so just did something else.

I was able to make a few baby hats over the week and that did make me very happy.  At least seven of them were made over the weekend while travelling to and from Montreal for a quick trip.  I am very happy that I can crochet while a passenger in a car because that is how I got as much crocheting done as I did.

See, one of my clients is a charity and they were having an event in Montreal on Saturday, so I was asked if we could go out and see how the event went.  We heard this news Thursday morning and left Friday afternoon so yes a very crazy schedule.  Of course, there were a lot of little things that needed to be accomplished before we headed out so that took Thursday and Friday to accomplish.

My cross-stitch did make the trip to Montreal with me but after running around at the event all Saturday afternoon I didn't do anything Saturday evening.  I am also not totally sure where the rest of last week went because I was just trying to accomplish quite a few things which meant crafting wasn't something that got a lot of attention.

Now that I am back from Montreal and getting back to my own routine I hope to be able to get some crafting in this week.  I am not sure what crafting will be accomplished but at least I hope to be able to spend a little time most evenings just curled up and doing some of that.

I now need to try and get a bit of work done today so that I can find the time to craft later.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Stitching results

Lady - September 13th
This week I can say that I finally found a little bit of time to sit and stitch and that made me extremely happy. Of course I have to admit that a lot of the stitching was actually accomplished on Sunday. I had some of the outline on the face done prior to Sunday but the lower part was basically worked on Sunday during the day.
Lady - September 18th
I had said that I would love a day where all I did was sit and stitch and do things like that so yesterday that is what I did. I have wanted a day like yesterday for a while but of course the other demands of life got in the way and I didn't get a day like that for a while.  So yesterday I curled up and watched baseball games and stitched.
Lady - September 20th

I was very surprised when I looked at the piece last night and realized how much stitching I had really accomplished during the day. I think just sitting and doing helped me see that yes I can get stitching done when I have the time to just sit and do it.  Over the last few months I have been fitting stitching into a rather busy schedule so that is why progress has been a lot slower on the various projects.

I am really hoping that now that the weather is a little cooler I will be able to find a bit more time to stitch. Well, the stitching is going to be fit in between a lot of other projects again for a while as of course I found something else that I have tried and am enjoying it.
Clay yarn bowl

The bowl in the picture is from modeling clay and I did the actual bowl a couple of weeks ago.  I had to wait for the clay to dry and considering the humidity it did take longer to dry and then the decision of how I was going to paint it came next.  Finally yesterday I was able to put the flower in the middle of the bowl and then put the glaze on it.  I now have a yarn bowl that I am going to be trying out.

With the clay I also made two other bowls but they aren't quite finished yet so I will take a picture of them when they are completed.

I am enjoying all the various crafts that I am doing and now it is just finding the time to do the things that I really enjoy.  Work of course is always the top priority but the evenings am going to be when I try and fit in the crafting that I want to do.

Speaking of work, I better get moving so that I can get a few things accomplished today so that this evening I can work on a project.  The project will probably be stitching of some sort today as there is a baseball game on that I would like to watch.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Another slow week

Lady - September 7th
As you probably guessed by the title of this blog I didn't have a lot of time to sit and stitch this last week.

I am not sure where the time really went but it sure wasn't sitting and relaxing and working on my stitching, which is what I had hoped to do.

Lady - September 13th
The weekend was spent helping organize and run a charity run/walk ( in Oakville so that did mean the weekend was almost all gone.  I did get a few stitches in on the weekend but not the amount of time I wold have loved to have had sitting and stitching.

The weather is finally a little cooler so maybe I will also be able to do a bit more stitching in the evenings.  Also now that the event is over I will be able to sit and enjoy some stitching time in the evenings.

I am looking forward to spending one evening this week curled up and seeing how much stitching I will be able to accomplish.  Yes I see that I got some stitching done last week but would love to have some time to just lose an evening sitting with my stitching.  The other thing about this project is right now I am using two shapes of grey so that means I don't see a lot of variety in the project.  Once I get one of the areas completed I will start adding some of the other colours so that I can have some variety on this piece.  Also the areas I am working on are easy to do while sitting outside or at stitch night.  I don't want to get all of these areas finished before I have some time to stitch outside.

It is now time for me to get some of the work done that I need to be doing today.  I will see what stitching I get done this week but hopefully at least one of the projects will change a bit.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Moving projects along and a new start

Erasmus - July 1st
This past week I decided that it was time to start working on a project that I haven't touched since the beginning of July.  Erasmus has been sitting in the same state since July 1st so I decided that if I want to get it finished I really need to start putting some more stitching on it.

Over the last week I was able to get the very bottom of the piece completed and that meant that I was able to move the frame and start working on the top section of it as well.  I am finally looking at the piece and seeing that I am making progress on it and that makes me extremely  happy.
Erasmus - Sept 7th

Erasmus - Sept 7th
Lady - Sept 7th
Of course with the heat that we have been dealing with sitting and stitching isn't something that I have been able to do a lot of.   I have been really trying to make sure that some projects are getting attention because otherwise they sit for too long without any progress on them.  Erasmus was going along very good until I found the Butterfly and did that pattern.  Now to see if I can continue making progress on this piece over the next while.

Besides working on Erasmus I decided that I needed a project that I could take with me to stitch night, which is this week.  When at stitch night I really enjoy having a piece that I can just fill in some areas and not have to worry about counting stitches and figuring out where on the pattern am I. This is another pattern that I am doing using some art by an artist that I met.  This is a lady that goes along with Erasmus so figured it would be a good project to work on next.  What I ended up going was outlining a couple of the larger areas that need to be filled in with one colour.  Now I have three areas that I can just sit and work on without having to follow the pattern every few stitches.  This will also make a great pattern to work on while sitting outside because I won't have to keep catching the pattern as the wind decides to move the pattern.

This week I hope to be able to get a bit more stitching done besides what I do on stitch night but it is a busy week for me.  Let's hope that at least one evening I will be able to find a bit of time to sit and stitch and not deal with the heat and humidity.