Monday, September 24, 2018

Temperature is moving forward

Temperature - September 15
Here it is the beginning of another week and I have to admit that I really don't know where the last week went. 

Temperature - now this is the only project that got any attention last week and it didn't get as much time as I would have liked.  I was able to get a few rows done on it and it is getting closer to being caught up but I still have a ways to go.  I had hoped to get all of the August rows done last week but I didn't so now to really work hard on this piece this week to see how much I can get accomplished.

Temperature - September 23
I am feeling better about this piece as I am finally seeing that I am making some progress on it and I am getting to the point where I don't feel like I am too far behind.  I think if I can keep working on the 4 part rows a day I should be able to finally get caught up around the middle of October but will see if that really happens.

new shelves in the office area
Work and life have been busy lately so that has meant that the time in the evening has been limited but that is ok because other things are keeping me busy. I have been also working on getting some more products ready to list on the ETSY site but considering we may have a postal strike I won't be adding any new products until we know the strike situation.

Something else that has taken some time this past week is getting a new shelf unit for the office area and getting it assembled and organized.  It feels great having some more shelf space because it means that I can find things a little easier.  We originally had a plant stand in this area but we looked at it and figured a new shelf would work so much better so we got it and I have been spending some of my time getting things organized.

This week I am not sure what I will be able to accomplish but I hope to be able to at least get the August section of Temperature done and then I will see what else I can do. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Progress this week

Dragon - Linen and Threads - Sept 13
Here it is another week and I can actually say that I have been able to get some stitching done and it makes me feel wonderful.

Dragon - Linen and Threads - here is a dragon that is part of the Mystery SAL 2018 that I decided to work on as a separate version of the dragon.  I  am going to be stitching a few versions of two of the dragons and will see which one I like the best.  The first one I am working on is a red version of the dragon and there will be some metallic threads added to this piece after I get all the other stitching done on it.  I am happy with the progress that I made as I worked on this piece for one evening this week.  Now to see when I pick it up again and see how much more stitching I can get done on it.  I hope to be able to work on it again in September but will see what happens.

All Dogs Go To Heaven - Aug 25
All Dogs Go To Heaven - this project got some attention and it was a project that I decided to pick up and work on for quite a bit of Saturday.  I wanted to see if I could get some more of it done and by the time I finished up for the day I was able to get around 850 stitches in on the piece.  I know that it doesn't look like a lot of stitching but considering there are three colours of blue in this piece so far it requires a lot of counting and figuring out where the next colour goes.

All Dogs Go To Heaven - Sept 15
As this piece is a full coverage piece I know it is going to take me some time before I can see some actual progress but at least I am starting to see that when I can focus on it for a while that I can actually get something done on it.  I hope to be able to spend some more time this month working on it because it makes me feel wonderful seeing that I have been able to get closer to being able to add some other colours to the piece but I still have quite a bit of blue to go on this corner so will see how that goes.

DLKsCrafts - April 28
DLKsCrafts - this piece is something that I started in April and figured it would work up quickly.  I ended up putting it down for some reason and now finally decided it was time to get back to working on it and it is working up quickly when I can actually spend even a little bit of time working on it.

DLKsCrafts - Sept 15
The purpose of this piece is to have my ETSY store name on some fabric so that when we are taking pictures of the different grime guards I will have the shop name also visible.  This also means that the photos are going to harder for someone else to use unless they can remove the actual stitching that will be in the middle of each of the pictures.  The piece that I am working on is for the 11x17 q-snap grime guards and then I will have another one to stitch that I will be using for the 11x11 q-snap grime guards.

This week just sitting and working on it for a couple of evenings have helped because now I just need to add the word "crafts" and it will be completed.  I am going to see if I can do some more stitching on this in September because I would like to see that I have got the piece finished and then I can start working on the other version of it.

Temperature - Sept 9
Temperature - Yes I am still behind on the stitching of this project but now I can say that I am roughly a month behind instead of two months.  I am going to continue to focus on this piece because I would like to make sure that I  have been able to get more of it completed before the end of the month.  I am now about half way through August stitching so that is nice and I would like to make sure that I am well into September by the end of the month.

Temperature - Sept 15
Temperature is still one of my focus pieces and I think just getting it done would make me feel a little better about things.  I know that being able to get some of the rows done would make me feel better.

This week is going to be a busy week for me so I am not sure how much stitching I will be able to do.  Work now needs to get done and there are a few projects that also need some attention so those are the priorities for this week and then I will see what time I have left where I can pick up a project and stitch on it a bit.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Some progress but slow

Temperature - September 3
Here it is the start of another week and yes time to show what I was able to accomplish n the last week.  Sure it was only 6 days but it was still a week according to my blog posting.

Temperature - now this is the piece that got all the attention last week and it really wasn't a lot of attention when you look at things.  I was able to get some stitching in 4 days and I was also able to get the entire month of July finished which makes me very happy.  Just seeing that July is finished and I am now moving onto August is great.
Temperature - September 9

This week I am going to try and spend some more time working on Temperature as I would like to continue to see it moved along.  I am hoping to get all of August stitched and some rows of September stitched before the end of the month but will see how that goes.

I have been working on a lot of other projects this last week and most of them were not craft related.  I have been redoing my to-do binder which is a major task in itself and then I was also working on reorganizing my office area as it also needed some attention.  The reorganization of the office area is so that I can work more efficiently with more of the things that I need all the time close at hand.  Both of these projects have meant a considerable amount of my free time was taken doing these but I am happy with the progress that I have been able to make on both of these.

This week is also going to be a little cooler here so that means I my stitching may get more attention in the evenings because when it is so hot and humid out I really don't feel like spending time holding a needle and a project.   I hope to have more projects worked on this week as I want to try and get a couple more things moved forward so will see how it goes. 

Hope everyone is having a great September and are enjoying your crafting time when you can get it.  I know that work for me is always first and then the crafting time gets slotted in when there is time for it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Some stitching accomplished

This week I decided to try and work on a few projects to see if I could get them moved forward and I was able to do just that.

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL '18 - Sept 1
Linen and Threads Mystery SAL '18 - that was released on August 31st and it didn't take me long to start stitching on it and because it was a nice small piece I am happy to say that it is finished for the month.  Yes, the entire section took me basically a day to stitch and now I will have some time to work on some other projects in September as I wait for the October section to be released at the end of the month.

Temperature - August 23
Temperature - September 3
Temperature - I was determined to try and make some progress on this piece again this month and I was able to get to around July 17th stitched. Sure, I am still a month and a half behind on the stitching but at least I am slowly making some progress on the overall project.  I also figure it is nice to see each month come together so I am trying to just work on one month at a time and will see what happens.

This week I hope to be able to pick this up again and do a bit of stitching on it and see how many more days I can get done.  I am still trying to keep up with the four rows a day on the entire piece so will see how that goes.  The four rows are basically four half rows of stitching that I try and do so that I can maybe finally get caught up with this project.

Toronto Sunset - original photo by Gary Da Ponte
Toronto Sunset - after all the stitching that I was able to do this week I decided it was time for a new start.  I know that I have a lot of other projects that I am working on but this one sort of called my name and I quickly wanted to start it as I know it is going to take some time to stitch but will see how it goes.  The finished piece is going to be around 18 inches wide by 12 inches high and it is full coverage so that means around 70,000 stitches to get done on this design.

Toronto Sunset - September 2
The stitched piece currently has around 550 stitches in on it so yes I am a long way from getting this piece even close to finished.  It is nice to be working on a project that I know the landmarks as well as knowing the photographer.  I am looking forward to seeing how much of this I can get accomplished this year but I also know that I won't be getting it finished for a while.

ETSY projects - I am continuing to work on getting more items up onto the ETSY site and that is also keeping me busy when I am not working on actual work that needs my attention.  The latest project that has been taking some of my time is working on making some face scrubbies out of handicraft cotton yarn.
Face scrubbies

I have been having a lot of fun working on the various ETSY items as we have received some custom orders as well so that has given me a bit of variety also on the projects that I have been making for the shop.  I still have lots of items that I want to be adding to the shop so that means that it will also be taking some of my stitching time to get everything completed.

It is now time for me to get the work done that needs my attention today.  I have my to-do list in front of me and need to start marking off all the items that need to get done today and I have completed.  Hope everyone has a great week and I will see what stitching and that I can get done through this week.