Monday, April 30, 2012

Last week's progress

Tea Time
So here is what I worked on last week.  It is called Tea Time and it is a petit point design by Kathrin Ellison of Gitta's.  I have found that there are some projects that I can work on even though they are smaller holes. 

I started this pattern on Wednesday and only worked on it Thursday so am happy with the progress so far.  I hope to be able to sit down and work on this again this week but time will tell.

I am finding that some projects are easy for me to do and other projects are a challenge with the thumb splint on.  I am even finding that it depends on the day if a project works or not. 

Yesterday I was able to pick up my crochet hook and actually do a few stitches on an afghan that I am working on for friends.  The progress is extremely slow but at least I am getting the afghan done now.  I crochet normally pretty fast so I am getting frustrated with my current speed but know I will get back to my normal speed once the splint is gone for good.

Now that I have looked at this cup, I think it's time for a real cup of tea.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Little crafting lately

So to explain where I have been is basically working and trying to figure out what I can and cannot do with the thumb splint on.  Yes I have got a little bit of crafting done but haven't taken any pictures of them this week.  Hopefully tonight I will get some pictures taken of my projects so that I can show what I have actually been doing.

Last weekend we went away for a couple of nights and I took lots of stitching with me to work on but didn't get too much done.  I do have one project that I am working on but it is going to stay in hiding until it's completed and this is the project I worked on last weekend.

Besides stitching on my one project I did do a bit of writing for work which did make me happy because I haven't done a lot of writing either since hurting my thumb.

This week I decided to go to two craft shows and in some ways it was nice and another way I probably shouldn't have gone.  By going to the Creative Festival and the Knitter's Frolic I found out all the things that I can't currently do and miss.    Seeing all the items that I would love to work on and know it's going to be a while before I can made me look at all the crafting stuff I currently have on the go at home. 

So instead of buying a bunch of projects that I would just add to my to do list I decided it was best that they just stay where they were.  Now to see what I can get accomplished while wearing the splint.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekend of stitching

Basic Bargello - Teresa Wentzler
So finally I am going to show you what I accomplished last weekend at the Gitta's Getaway.  It was a lot of fun and have to admit that I was sorry to see it end.

I am very happy to say that I had a happy dance on Saturday evening when I finished the Basic Bargello that I took with me.  It was nice to see it finished but I am also sad to see the end of it.  The biggest reason I was sad was because it was something very easy for me to work on considering I am dealing with the splint on my left thumb.

Someone was here - David Ellison

After I put the last stitch in Basic Bargello I picked up Someone was Here and started to concentrate on it and again made some good progress on it.  I haven't finished the Inukshuk but wanted to add a different colour so that I  have a bit of a change.  Also there is lots of blue in the background so figured I also didn't want to leave all the blue until the very end otherwise I may never finished it.

Red Mitten - JBW Designs

The third project that I took with me didn't even get one stitch put in it because I was working on the other projects all weekend.   Oh I did work on one other project and forgot to take a picture of it and that was a Stumpwork class that we had on Friday evening.  I didn't get much done on it as I found it very challenging to do with the splint so that is a project that I will work on once I can do things again without the splint.

The weekend did include a Marketplace and that is another reason I didn't get as much stitching done.  I of course had to shop and see what all the designers had to offer.  I could have bought more stuff that I did but I realize I only have so much time to stitch.

The entire weekend was great and it was wonderful seeing everyone that attended the getaway.  Some people we only see on this weekend while others we see in the store from time to time.

I hope to get some stitching done on these pieces soon as they have been calling to me but other things have needed to be done.  Time to sit back and figure out what needs to get done and then also find some time to stitch.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Progress before the weekend

Bargello Basics - Teresa Wentzler
So here are all of my current projects and where they stand before this weekend when I basically hide and stitch as much as I can.

The Basic Bargello is getting there and I do want to have it finished by the end of this weekend so that is going to be the project that I concentrate on first.  I figure if I can work on it for a few hours it will be finished and then I will be able to work on my next project.

Someone Was Here - David Ellison
Someone Was Here is a lot of fun to work on as you can see the Inukshuk appear as I work on it.  Also I started in the middle of the pattern so that it was a little easier for me as well.   I am not sure how much of this one I will get done but it is going with me as well.
After I work on this project I have a third project started and will see if it actually gets any stitches done on it this weekend.  Yes I am working on a christmas design already but it is a simple pattern so something that I can work on and see results quickly.  Also considering the brace it means that I don't have to rethread my needle a lot of times due to colour changes.

Red Mitten Collection II - JBW Designs
So now to see what each of these look like at the end of the weekend and see what else got started.  I am pretty sure at least one more project will get started but will see.  Now to spend some time stitching and relaxing and seeing friends.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weekend Progress

Bargello by Teresa Wentzler

Someone Was Here - by David Ellison
So I finally remembered that I was going to post a picture of my progress for this past weekend.

The first picture is of a Bargello by Teresa Wentzler.  I got this kit in 2009 at the Creative Festival when I took the course.  I never started this kit and really don't know why but I am glad I had it for now.  This pattern is working up very quickly and I am enjoying it.  It has been a simple pattern to work on and it has helped me learn now to do more cross-stitch with my right hand.  I hope to have this piece completed by the end of this coming weekend as I will be taking it to the Gitta's Getaway which is this weekend.

The second piece that I started is called Someone Was Here and was designed by David Ellison from Gitta's.  This is another project which I will be taking away with me this weekend to see how much of it I will be able to do.

The second project is on Aida cloth as I was having problems getting my needle into the holes of a linen so figured this would be easier for now.

I am slowing getting projects back into my routine even with the splint on my left thumb.  I know that I am not going to be as fast I am without the splint but at least I am getting things done again which makes me feel good.

So before this coming weekend I will post some pictures of where the projects stand before the weekend.  I know that the Bargello has changed quite a bit since the picture and I have also started another project as well this week.  I am going to have lots of projects to work on this weekend and will see what actually gets done and what new project I find at the NeedleWorkers Marketplace and start before getting home.

Now to see if I can get a few more stitches done on Someone was Here.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Thumb splint

So here is what I am dealing with for the next too many weeks.  I have started to find crafts that I can do while wearing this splint so am starting to feel a little better.

It has been an interesting week since getting this splint as so many things need to be done a little differently than before.  Even holding a glass in my left hand was a challenge but have been able to over come that by changing the glass that I use at home for water.

Since my last post I have been able to start to cross-stitch which made me very happy so I hope that I can post a picture of my weekend progress tomorrow.    I actually started two projects and have another one waiting to be started.  My DH has had to deal with me  asking for help when I run into an issue that I can't deal with myself.    At least I am asking for help which is something I don't normally do.

Last night I decided to try and crochet a bit and I was able to do it which again made me happy because I do like sitting and crocheting while I watch some programs on tv. 

I am going to continue to learn how to deal with this splint and I know I will get better at doing things with my right hand. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Real life got in the way

So to explain the lack of posting in the last few days I can say "Life got in the way".  Well more to the fact an injury has got in my way and I am frustrated.

I have to admit that I am one of those people that can't sit and do nothing but that is what I have had to do for the last little while.  To make a long story short I injured by left thumb (yes I am a lefty) and now have to wear a brace on it for the next 6 weeks (24 hours a day).  After wearing it continually for the 6 weeks, I then start physio to try and get the movement back and have to wear the brace at night and while doing any activity for another 6 weeks.  Now before you can say it's only 12 weeks it isn't because after all of that I have another 6 weeks of wearing the brace doing any activity.  Yes 18 weeks of having to wear a brace that restricts my movement and my crafting.  What I did was pull the ligament from the bone so my thumb doesn't want to stay straight so now we are teaching it to like being straight.  Oh, besides all of this I was warned that if I bend my thumb at all in the next 6 weeks, I have to start all over in the 6 week count.  Yes, I will behave myself and wear the brace as much as needed.

I am still trying my best to at least cross stitch a little bit each  night so progress on any project is going to be extremely slow.   The other challenge is with the brace on I can't seem to manage doing any cross stitch on linen or evenweave so have had to revert to Aida cloth for the next while.  Yes I am extremely frustrated but know that it could have been worse so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

So in the next few days I hope to start working on a couple of pieces that I will be working on while I attend the Gitta's getaway in just under 2 weeks. 

Time will tell how much stitching I can actually accomplish in the next few weeks.  The threading of the needle and cutting the threads seem to be the biggest challenge I am currently facing.