Monday, December 30, 2013

Another year coming to an end

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is New Year's Eve and we are saying goodbye to 2013.

I am sitting today thinking about what I have accomplished through this year and what I didn't quite accomplish.  I am happy with my accomplishments and know that next year there will be some new ones and some I will repeat.

Over the next couple of days I will need to actually look at my 2013 goals and see what I did and also note what I got done that wasn't on my list.  I have tired things that I didn't think I could do and enjoy and other projects won't be repeated again.

Of course reviewing my 2013 goals means it's also time to set my 2014 goals so will do that over the next few days.

Happy New Years to everyone and be safe.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Jewellery progress

more bracelets and a pair of earrings
Here is what I have been up to over the last few days.  I decided that it was time to finally put a post together to show that I am still busy making a bunch of different bracelets and now I have started making more earrings.

The bracelets in the first picture where one that I made last weekend while sitting at home and hiding from the ice storm that hit around here last Saturday.  I wanted to try a couple of different colours and patterns so that it what I did.

butterfly earrings and shaggy earrings
Last night I finally got my jewellery supplies back out and started working on making some earrings that I had wanted to try.  The first picture are the pattern that I had found and figured I needed to try them out.  The first two are called butterfly earrings and considering how much I love butterflies I just had to make these earrings.  The other pair are shaggy earrings and they were also a lot of fund to make but not sure if I will be making them again as they did take quite a bit of time.

same pattern 4 different versions
more earrings
Now the last two pictures are other patterns that I decided would be interesting to see how they actually turned out.  This picture with the four pair are all the same pattern but I decided that I wanted to make them in the four different versions that I was able to make with the jump rings that I have.  The hanging part is four different size rings so they are a little different.

The last picture is a version of a pattern that I found but modified it a bit considering it called for 10mm jump rings and I had 10mm jump rings that have been soldered.  I am still pretty happy with how these turned out.

 I am now looking forward to trying some different bracelets over the next few days that is when I have time to do them.  I have some work that needs to get done so am going to focus on that today and then will see what I do over the weekend.  I do think part of the weekend is going to be crafting time.

Now it is time for me to start getting some work off the list so that I can spend more of the weekend relaxing and maybe even making more jewellery.

Monday, December 23, 2013

My Christmas wish

As Christmas is just over a day away I have a wish that I want to make.  For those of you that have lost power during the ice storm I hope you get power back before Christmas day.  I want to wish that my parents and sister get their power back soon as well as it has been a very long couple of days for them.

For those of you that have power, remember do something for those without power.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jewellery making supplies

More supplies
Today I decided that I have been getting a lot of work things done so it was time to take a day and take a trip to pick up some more supplies.  As you can see I had a lot of fun today and now should be able to make quite a few bracelets and earrings. 

The fun part of this trip was being able to just look at all the different jump rings and think of what I could make with the different ones.  I ended up with silver, gold, white gold, antique gold, gun metal and a few coloured rings. 

My stash increase is actually thanks to a good friend because he let me know about this store so I just had to go and check it out.  Of course, I will be going back there in the future when I need more rings.

Now I am going to have to figure out what bracelets I want to make and then maybe this weekend I will sit down and try some of them.  The boxes are actually for gifts that will be given away. 

On the ride home I was joking around with DH saying all the different ideas that I had and saying I wanted to try all of them out,  Of course, while on this trip I found out another place where I get my chain mail supplies is having a sale on Saturday.  Maybe another trip is needed to make sure that I have lots and lots of jump rings to make lots of things with during the cold weather.

Well I better get working so that I can spend this weekend making more bracelets instead of having to finish up things that I need to get completed.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jewellery making continues

new bracelets completed
 This past little while I haven't had a lot of time to work on crafts but this weekend I decided that it was time for me.  Time for me resulted in one bracelet getting completed and another bracelet (one with the D charm) was started and completed on Saturday.

Through the making of these two bracelets I was running into a few issues because I couldn't find something that I was looking for in my case that I was using for all of my jump rings, lobster claws, earrings and tools.

time to organize stash
After a discussion with my DH we decided that I had enough jewellery supplies that it was time to figure out how to organize them a lot better than I originally had.  See when I was buying all the different rings I was putting each size in it's own ziplock bag.  The bags worked to a point until you have too many bags and can't find what you are looking for.

Today we went out for a little bit and picked up some containers that I could use to organize all the bits that I have collected in just over a month.  On the trip out I was trying to figure out how much stuff I actually had collected.

Yes, I have been having lots of fun with all the different bracelets and earrings that i have been making. I have made 13 bracelets and 9 pairs of earrings and 18 stitch holders since starting this venture on November 9th.

Tight fix, think I need a bigger case
So part of today was set aside to organize all of the stash that I had and put it into the different containers that we picked up.  The good news is I got my stash organized with two containers empty but the bad news is I think I have more stash somewhere.  Also the other bit of bad news is the case I have been using for all my jewellery supplies is rather full now.

The tools that are in this case are the ones that I use all the time but I know that there are quite a few more around so need to figure out how to store all of them as well as all the other things that are around.

The one good thing about doing this is I now know what size jump rings I have as well as what colour.  I can now locate all the jump rings quickly so it isn't going to take me long to start another project.  Gee, maybe it's time to turn off the computer and start one.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Work versus Crafting

So since my last post I haven't had much time to craft as I have been working on moving a client from one location to another location.  The move is now finished so I think I am going to be able to get back to crafting like I was doing a while ago. 

I have been able to find a bit of time to sit and crochet but of course the results have been very minimal over the last couple of weeks so nothing to show.  I hope that over the weekend between studying and Christmas shopping I will get a bit of crafting time.

Now it's time to figure out the remained of today and see if there is any time left for crafting.