Monday, December 12, 2011

Time to focus on things

I think now is the time I need to actually focus on the things that need to get done before the end of the year instead of working on all the things that can wait.  I realized last night that I have a couple of things that need to be finished and instead of working on them I am working on charity items that I don't need until the new year.

One of the reasons I keep working on the charity items is they are mindless things to me so I can work on them while watching a hockey game or another program that I have taped.  I know that if I would focus on the things that need to get done I can get them done quickly and then I can get back to my mindless things.

I think a lot of people are like me and enjoy doing the simple things when they are relaxing and then will work on the more difficult things when their mind is clear.  I guess that means I need to work on the difficult things soon so that over the holidays I can relax more.

Now the challenge is to actually focus on the more difficult things while also relaxing a bit.  This time of year is always a crazy time so maybe next year I will not try to do as many things that need my attention at the end of the year.

Time will tell.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A good feeling

This week I haven't had a lot of time to craft but still feeling pretty good about what I do for charity. 

I think I mentioned that I was working on baby hats and blankets for a hospital and thanks to a friend the items were delivered.  What was really nice and surprised me, was on Friday I received a hand-written Thank You note from the hospital for all of the items.

I know that when you do a lot of charity crafting you don't hear thanks very often.  What makes this so nice is that in the last week I have received thanks from two different charities for the items that I have given to them.  Just knowing that the items are appreciated makes a big difference.  I am currently busy with so many other things but I am still finding a few minutes each day to work on something for one of these two charities. 

It's important that sometimes we hear the works "Thanks" because then we know what we do really does make a difference in someone's life.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Another project start

Those of you that know me, understand that I always have lots of projects on the go and now is no different.

Yesterday I decided to start yet another project which I am happy because it is going to be mine when it's finished.  I started "Country Cottage" by Mystic Stitch and it is going to be 10inx13in (253x325 stitches) when it's completed.  Yes it is a rather large piece but I decided (with Kathrin's help) to petit point this pattern instead of cross-stitching it.  The pattern is 15 pages so it is going to take me quite a while to complete it, but that's ok and I am going to work on one page at a time.

I didn't take a picture of what I accomplished yesterday because I didn't even get a 10stitchx10stitch block completed but I only worked on it for a little while.  Now I just need to set some time as "me time" and work on this project.

So besides starting this project, I am trying to finish up a few projects before the end of the year so am going to be busy trying to accomplish everything. At least, I have completed all the charity items that I wanted to get done this year and most of them have been delivered to the various charities.  Any items that I make between now and the end of the year will be put into what gets delivered next year.

Now besides working and crafting, I am studying to write my CAPM (Certified Associate Project Management) exam in January so will be very busy.  If I don't post much in the next little while you will know why because there isn't much to talk about while studying.