Monday, March 30, 2020

Progress on stuff

Mini Magic of Books - Mar 21
Here it is Monday morning, and I do have progress on some of my projects this week.  It feels good seeing all the progress that I have made, but that is due to having to stay home and not going out and doing things.

Mini Magic of Books - I continued to work on getting the black done on the bottom row of pages, and they are now all complete.  It feels good to see the entire width of the design and know that I have at least been able to get that much done.

Mini Magic of Books - Mar 29
I also was able to start to add a bit more colour to the piece, but given the bottom is all black, it is going to take me a while to have a lot of colours to show on this piece.  I hope that before too long I can at least see some colour instead of just black.  I added some brown in the upper right section of the area, so that was nice.

Diagonal Garter Shawl - Mar 22
Diagonal Garter Shawl - this project got quite a bit of attention this week as it is a great project to work on while waiting for calls to assist clients.  I have been able to get some of the length worked on abut haven't measured it yet because I have to get it to 60 inches before I start the decrease.

Diagonal Garter Shawl - Mar 29
This piece is working up quickly now, and I hope to be able to continue to work on this during the week and see how much more of it I can get done.  It is nice having a couple of projects that I can pick up and put down quickly.

Small Waves - Mar 22
Small Waves - this is another project that I have been using while waiting for work calls.  It moved forward quite quickly as well this week. I hope to have this project finished this week so that I can put another project onto the needles and have it close by.
Small Waves - Mar 29

Both Small Waves and the Diagonal Garter Shawl have been great projects to have available in my office area for when I am waiting on calls from clients.  We have assisted our clients over the last couple of weeks to get their staff to work remotely, so now we are providing support when they have issues.

V-stitch shawl - here is another project that might end up being one of those quick pick up projects. I decided to start another shawl so that I could have something to crochet.  I have been doing a lot of knitting lately, so I figured it was time to add some crocheting into the rotation.
V-stitch shawl - Mar 29

The gift is still being worked on slowly, but I haven't spent a lot of time on it, so maybe this week I will try and get back to working on it again.

We are staying safe and working remotely for all of our clients.  It is different in some ways, but now we are assisting them in helping their staff figure out how to continue to get the jobs done while not in the office. This has been interesting work and now to see when things start to get back to normal.

I hope everyone has a great week, and you find the time to do something that you enjoy each day. It is important during this time to make sure that you are taking care of yourself as well as those around you.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Progress this week

Magic of Books - March 13

Here it is the beginning of another week and now to see how things go.  I have been able to make some progress on a few things so now to see how things go.

Magic of Books - I was able to add some more black to this project, and I will see how things go.  I know that making sure that I can see some overall progress on things.
Magic of Books - March 22

I was also able to add a few stitches in another colour, so that makes me feel good.  There is still a lot of black to be added to this piece, and I will continue to work on it over the next few weeks. I have figured out the floss that I need for this project and some of it I don't have, but that will have to wait now until things start to get back to normal.  For the floss that I don't have, I can just leave those stitches empty and fill them in later.

Alzheimer's - Feb 2
Poem About Alzheimer's - I finally was able to pick up this piece again and make some progress on it.  I haven't wanted to work on this, but now I figure it is time to get it done.

Alzheimer's - March 22
I worked on this over the weekend and was able to get at least two sentences completed and will see how much of it I can get done this week. It is nice having a project that I can see progress on quickly because right now while working on all the Heaven and Earth projects, I don't see a lot of progress quickly.

Small Waves - Mar 15
Small waves - I have been working on this project most days and have seen some good progress on it.  I now have 45 patterns completed, but I am not sure how many more I need to do.  I know that the scarf isn't long enough yet, so now, to try and keep knitting on it.

I love this project as it is something that I can sit and work on for a few minutes, and I can see progress on it. 
Small Waves - March 22

Diagonal Garter Shawl - March 15
Diagonal Garter Shawl - this project hasn't got a lot of attention this week, but I was able to work on it long enough to get the increases done, so I am now working on the main section of the shawl.  I hope to be able to get more of this shawl done.

Diagonal Garter Shawl - March 22
I am continuing to see progress on a few projects that I have on the go, and I continue to work on the gift so that I can see it finished soon.  Like a lot of people, we are dealing with COVID-19 restrictions.  It is something that everyone is dealing with.

I hope everyone has a good week, and you find some time to do the things that you love each day.  Stay safe and remember we are all in this together.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Progress on Projects

Mini Magic of Books - March 7
Here it is the start of another week, and I have made a bit of progress on some projects. 

Mini Magic of Books - this past week, I decided to start to figure out the section of black that I had to work on for this project.  I know it is a lot of stitches as there are around 30,000 stitches in black in this project.

Mini Magic of Books - March 13
I have some of the areas now outlined and will see how long it takes me to fill in all of this black.  I also have the area outlined where I can add other colours if I want that change as well.  It is nice to see that I can get some of the stitching done so now to work on doing some of it even if it is only a few stitches at a time.  I hope that I can continue to move this project forward a little bit at a time.  Sure there is a lot of black at the bottom of this piece, but it gives me something that I can work on when I just want to stitch and not count stitches.

Small Waves - March 7
Small Waves Scarf - this project got a bit more attention this week, and I am slowly starting to see the scarf get longer.  I have now more than doubled the length of the scarf from where it was last weekend. This scarf does knit up quickly when you can sit and focus on getting it done. 

Small Waves - March 15
The pattern is four rows, and only the first row is the actual pattern, so that makes it something very easy to work on.  I would like to continue to get this scarf knit up, and it sits by one of the chairs I sit in, so it means when I have a few minutes, I can add a couple more rows to this project.

Diagonal Garter Shawl - March 15
Diagonal Garter Shawl - I started another version of this shawl as I would like to have this one ready for a possible craft sale in the fall. If there are craft sales in the fall, it means that I need to start making sure that I have items that I would like to see.  I started this project this week and will see how quickly it gets moved forward.

I am also continuing to work on a gift that I am making, so there are no pictures of it until it is finished and gifted.  I hope that I can get the gift finished soon.

I hope everyone is staying safe and finding ways to manage all the news that we hear each day.  Until next week I hope you stay safe, and you continue to find time each day to do the things that you enjoy. 

Monday, March 9, 2020

Some progress this week

Mini The Forgotten - Feb 23
Here it is the start of another week, and I have a bit of progress to show you from the last week.

Mini The Forgotten - This is one project that got some attention this week as I decided that I wanted to try and get one page finished of the pattern. The actual pattern is 12 pages, so it is going to take me some time to get it all done. 
Mini The Forgotten - Mar 4
After focusing on stitching a bit at a time, I was able to get the first page done.  I am happy to see that I have that done, and I also have a bit of the next two pages stitched.  I am not sure how quickly I will get the next page finished, but I am going to be working on it a bit at a time.

I am looking forward to seeing this pattern moved forward as it is something that I would like to see finished up and hung up at home soon.  Of course, because of the size of the design soon isn't going to be in the next couple of months but we will see when I can get this piece finished and framed.

Mini Magic of Books
Mini Magic of Books - so this week, I decided that I was going to start another design.  Yes, I know that I have quite a few Heaven and Earth Designs on the go, but this one spoke to me right now.  It is a girl sitting and reading in a window, and that is something that I always loved to try and do.

Mini Magic of Books - Mar 7
This is another pattern that is twelve pages in size, but the bottom page was only twelve rows, so I have finished the first page of this already. 

V-stitch Afghan - I normally have something small that I can work on when I have a few minutes, and a v-stitch afghan is sometimes that project.  I had this project sitting around for a while now, so I decided that I was going to get it finished.  I worked on getting the last few rows of the actual piece done and then did the border, so this project is now finished other than blocking it.
Small v-stitch afghan - March 8

This afghan is only 22 inches by 26 inches, so it is good as a preemie blanket or a doll blanket.  At least it is done, and I can now start to work on another project.

Small waves scarf - I found some yarn that I love working with, and it is called Meandering, and I found some of it at Michaels.  It is a worsted weight yarn, so I have decided that I am going to try and knit some scarves and shawls with it.  This week I cast on a small waves scarf and started working on it.  I haven't got very far, but I only work at it a few minutes at a time, so it is going to take me some time to get it all done.
Small waves - March 8

Of course, I have a few other projects that I am working on as well, but there aren't any pictures to show of them. If I can find some time this week, I am going to continue to try and get some stitches in on at least a couple of these projects.  I may start something new as well in the knitting category, but I am not sure right now. 

I hope everyone is staying healthy and finding a bit of time to do things you love each day.  We are trying our best to avoid all the flu's and colds around here as well, so until next week, I hope everyone has a great week.

Monday, March 2, 2020

Where did the week go

Diagonal Garter Shawl - Feb 23
This past week went extremely fast, and I am not exactly sure where the week went. Things around here have been busy, so I haven't had a lot of time to do much of anything other than work and the normal other things that everyone has to do.

Diagonal Garter Shawl - Feb 29
Diagonal Garter Shawl - I continue to work on this a little bit at a time and am happy with the progress that I have made on the shawl.  I decided to put a marker at the 20-inch mark and see how much more I could get done.  I put the marker in over a week ago, and I am not over 30 inches completed but still have to continue to work on this piece until it measures 60 inches, so still, quite a bit of knitting to go. 

I love how this pattern is turning out and also love that it is so easy to work on.  It is basically two rows of pattern, and one is a decrease/increase and the other is plain knitting so now.  I have to continue with this pattern until the side measures 60 inches, and then I can start working on the decrease.

English Paper Piecing - Dec 20
English Paper Piecing - I decided this past week that I would pull out this project and see if I could get it moving forward again.  I have some of the motifs already made, so that meant that I could start joining them all together. This project is going to take quite a while to complete, but I am enjoying working on it.  Now to see how many motifs I can get made this month and also how many I can get joined onto the runner.  The runner has around 220 motifs in it, so I am still quite a way away from finishing it, but I am starting to enjoy this again.
English Paper Piecing - March 1

I hope that I can continue to work on the runner and maybe see that I can make some good progress on it soon.  There are so many other designs that I would like to try, but I need to get this runner finished before I start working on something else.

I am also working on a gift project that doesn't have any pictures of it because I want it to be a surprise for the person that I am making it for.    I will take pictures of the project once it is finished and has been gifted.  This is the project that I try and give my bits of free time to so that I can get it finished up quickly.

I hope everyone has a good week, and you find a bit of time each day to do the things that you enjoy doing.  I am now off to get some work done that is sitting on my desk.  Have a great week, and I will see what progress I have to show you next week.