Monday, March 28, 2016

Progress and an almost finished

Erasmus - March 18th
This last week I was able to find some time to work on three different cross-stitch projects and that made me feel pretty good.

Erasmus - March 23rd
The first project was Erasmus as I knew that it wasn't going to take me much longer to get the remainder of the actual stitching done.  This was my focus at the beginning of the week when I had the time to stitch.  Wednesday evening I was able to finish off the stitching and now just have a bit of back-stitching to do on the piece before it is done.

I am happy with how it turned out so now to just finish off the back-stitch and that will be another project completed.

Growf - March 15th
After Erasmus was finished I decided it was time to work on Growf for a little bit so that was the next project that I worked on.  This is the other project that I want done soon so it is now going to be basically my focus until it is done.  I am hoping that it will work up quickly but will have to see how things really go on it.

Of course, I really didn't have a lot of time to work on it as I only worked on it after finishing Erasmus for a couple of evenings.  The reason for this was I had another project that I was going to focus on when I was able to do some stitching on Good Friday.
Growf - March 23rd

The final project that got some attention this week was Bluenose Dime and that was my focus on Good Friday. Considering we had the ice storm the evening before it was nice to be able to just stay at home and do something.

I was pretty determined to see how much I would be able to get accomplished in one day.  I am now working with the silk threads so they are taking a bit more focus.  The silk does give a nice effect on the piece but there are still the issues of the thread fraying, knots appearing and the needle unthreading easily.
Bluenose Dime - Feb 26th

The stitching on Bluenose Dime felt really good as I haven't been working on this project as my focus as been on getting Erasmus and Growf completed.

Bluenose Dime - March 25th
Bluenose Dime will now have to wait until I have finished Growf but I hope that wont take me too long to complete.

Now it is time for me to get some work done as there are a lot of things asking for my attention.  It felt good taking an entire day to myself on Friday but now to get the work done that was re-organized to have that day.

This week I am hoping to find a bit of time to stitch but will have to see what actually happens.  Until next week, enjoy your time and remember, we all need to take time for ourselves at different points.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Another slow week

Erasmus - Mar 13th
This past week I was able to get a bit of work done on Erasmus and that did make me happy.  Of course, I would have loved to be able to get more done but I wasn't able to find the time to stitch.

I am looking forward to having this piece done soon.  There isn't a lot of area to complete before I start on his head so I hope to getting that area finished this week and maybe even getting some work on the head done. 

Erasmus - Mar 18th
Growf - Mar 4th

The other project that got a little bit of stitching was Growf.  It didn't get a lot of time either but at least I was able to get a few stitches done on it.  It is going to be nice to be able to find some stitching time so that I can work on both of these.

This coming weekend is Easter weekend so will see if I am able to find a little bit of stitching time.

Both of these projects are the focus right now and then I will get back to working on the other projects that I have sitting and waiting.

Growf - Mar 15th
I still have one project that I haven't shown any progress on so after these are done I will be able to start working on it and will start with the pictures of it.  I haven't shown any progress pictures as the design is 10 inches square and I haven't got very much done.

This past weekend I found a little bit of time to work on a couple of baby hats so that pile is continuing to grow slowly.  I am looking forward to even getting back to crocheting the hats because they are been left alone for a while as well.

It is now time for me to get some work done and will see what the evenings are like this week.  I know one evening is taken up with a conference call and the rest I am not sure about yet.  Work comes first  so getting it all done in four days is important this week.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Moving forward

Erasmus - Sept 4th
 As I said last week, I was going to start working on some projects that haven't been worked on for a while. 

The first project that I pulled out was Erasmus which I haven't working on since September 4th, 2015.  It took a little bit of time to figure out where I really was but at least now I am starting to make a bit of progress on it. It is taking me a bit longer than I had hoped to get the top of him done because there are so many different colours in his top half.

Erasmus - March 13th
I am happy with the progress that I made last week and am looking forward to seeing how much more I will be able to accomplish this week.  It feels good seeing that this project shouldn't take much longer before it is finished.  Well, at least I am hoping that it won't take much longer to finish.

Besides working on Erasmus some evenings when I had a bit of time I did a little bit of crocheting as well.  Yes, I am still working on baby hats but haven't even been getting a lot of time on them lately either.

This week is March Break here in Toronto so I am wondering if I am going to be able to find a bit more stitching time in the evenings.  We don't have kids but there are times when even work doesn't seem quite as demanding as other people are taking time off to spend with their children.

My other stitching projects are currently sitting waiting for their turn to be worked on.  I think Erasmus and Growf are going to be the projects that get the most attention for this month. I would like to see if I could get both of these done soon so I need to focus on them.  Growf didn't see any time this past week so will see if it gets some attention this week.

It is now time to focus on getting some work done.  My days are spent getting work done and then when I can I enjoy spending some time in the evenings doing some crafting.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekly progress and a finish

Lady - Feb 28th
This last week I decided that I was going to focus on getting Lady finished so that I would have a finish.  I really didn't have a lot of stitching left to do after last weekend but it did take me a bit of time this week to get it done.

Lady is now finished and I am going to be able to start working on another piece that I would like to get finished soon.  It feels good seeing this piece completed as I started it in September 2015.

Lady - Mar 4th - Finished
Of course after finishing Lady off I couldn't be sitting without another project on the go so I picked up one of my kitted pieces and started another project.
Growf - Mar 4th

This weekend was busier than normal so I wasn't able to spend the time crafting that I had hoped for.

Growf was started on Friday evening and now to see when it will get attention again.  I know that this week I am going to pick up a previously started project and see if I can get some more of it completed as I would like to see it also finished before the end of March if possible.

My crafting schedule really varies as it depends on the work that I need to get done and how long it takes me to get it completed.  Also conferences and webinars take some of my time so if those are part of the day it means that work gets moved to the evening so that I can stay on top of everything.

I am still working on crocheted baby hats but they aren't even going as quickly as they have.  Maybe now that the nicer weather is coming I will be able to get back to stitching a little more than I have. 

Bluenose Dime doesn't have an update picture this week as it was left untouched for the entire week but I will see what I can do this week as I would also like to get some progress on it as well before too long.

It is now time to get some work done as this week looks like it is going to be busy.  Will see what crafting time I will be able to find.