Monday, August 31, 2015

A finish and a bit of progress

Butterfly - August 23rd
It's hard to believe but another week has passed.

I was able to get a bit of stitching done which makes me feel pretty good.  I was busy with a lot of other tings as well so it meant that I didn't have a lot of time to stitch.

Butterfly - August 27th
The butterfly was one project that got the attention this week because I really wanted to have it finished before the end of the month. I decided that this was going to be the piece that I worked on until it was finished.  Of course, when I sat down on Thursday to work on the butterfly I was able to actually finish it in one evenings which was wonderful.  I am happy that I was able to get it finished so now I will see what project gets started next. I do  have a couple of projects that i would like to work on so now to figure out which one is going to be put on a frame next and added to my work in progress.

Butterfly biscornu - August 30th
Besides having the big projects on the go I decided that I needed some smaller projects that would be quick to finish. I worked on getting a bunch of them ready to stitch so that I don't have to look for floss, fabric or a pattern when I am in the mood to just stitch on something quick. The result of this kitting of projects means I have either 7 or 8 small projects that I can work on and get finished quickly or at least I hope they are quick to work on.

The first project I decided to work on is a Butterfly biscornu that I saw on the internet.  Of course, I loved the idea of a butterfly biscornu but I couldn't locate the pattern no matter what I tried.  Well considering this is a piece just for myself I sat down and looked at the picture on the screen and tried to figure out the pattern.  I don't have the exact pattern like the biscornu I saw on the blog but at least I have one that I am enjoying working on.

So besides working on the butterfly projects this week I actually got a bit more done on the shawl that I started a couple of weeks ago.  I was making pretty good progress on it until Saturday when I found a colour of yarn that I liked more and some different yarn.  Now I have two shawls on the go and hopefully will be able to get one of them done quickly as I would like to be wearing one of them by October.

Tonight I hope to be able to find a little bit of time to stitch and hopefully will be able to do it most evenings but it will really depend on the heat.  The forecast is for another week of hot and humid evenings so that makes stitching very difficult but I will just have to wait and see how I do.

As for now it is time to try and get some work completed so that I can get home and hopefully enjoy some stitching time.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Stitching progress

Celtic Butterfly - August 16th
Where did the last week go?  
Celtic Butterfly - August 23rd

It's hard to believe that another week has gone by and my stitching progress has one again been slow.  Of course, being busy with work and life in general it has meant that I haven't been able to get as much time for stitching in as I would have liked.

I was able to spend some time on the butterfly and am happy to be able to say that I am now seeing the end of this project.  I love the butterfly it is just the overdyed thread that is getting to me.  I have to keep remembering what end of the floss I put in the needle and how any threads have been used on each side of the butterfly.  Theses are the things that have mean a bit slower progress on this version than on the blue version of the butterfly.

I do have one more version of the butterfly that I would like to stitch but it is going to wait for a while as I think I need a break from this design.  I also have a couple of other projects that need some attention so will be trying to get back to them after the butterfly is completed.
Polar Bear - August 16th

Besides working on the butterfly I was able to spend some time one evening working on the polar bear.  Of course I can work hours on this project before it will look like much but at least I am slowly making some progress on all the blue that is in the piece.

Polar Bear - August 23rd
This week I hope to be able to put the polar bar onto the scroll bars and then I may be able to make some progress a little faster on the piece.  Well, at least that is my thinking but considering the size of it there is a lot of work ahead of me on this project to even get it partly done.  I have been trying to continue to work on no more than two of the pages of the design at once.  I think if I can get at least the first page done I will feel good but that means I have to focus on the lower part of the water and get it done.

This week I am not sure how much time I will have for stitching but am going to try and make a bit of progress on at least the butterfly.

The shawl that I started last week is also starting to look a bit better so hopefully I can work on that as well this week.  Most of the crocheting on the shawl this week was done while sitting in a car as a passenger.  It's great having a pattern that I can do without really looking at it. I think the shawl is around 12 inches long and I need to get it to 60 inches before it's done.  So maybe next week I will remember to take a picture of it so that I can add it to the blog.

Now it's time for me to get to work and get some things off my desk.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Slow stitching progress

Polar Bear - August 9th
Over the last week I have been able to do a bit of work on three projects which has felt really good.  I haven't been able to spend a lot of time on any of the projects but at least I have been able to make a bit of progress on all of them which makes me very happy.

Polar Bear - August 16th
Polar Bear Face On of course is going to take a long time to actually see some really good progress but at least I was able to spend a bit more time stitching on it and got a bit more of the water completed.  The water is going to take forever to do as it is all over the piece but at least I have a bit done.  I need to add a few more blues to it and then maybe it will start looking more life something.

Butterfly - August 9th
For this project I decided that I wanted a scroll frame because of the size of it.  I got the scroll bars on Wednesday so now to just sit and tack the piece of fabric onto them and then I will be able to see the entire width of the piece at once.  I am still trying to work on one page at a time but have to admit that the blue at the top is onto a second page of the pattern.  Now to work on getting more of the first page done and I may feel better about this project.

Celtic Butterfly is coming along and I was able to spend a bit more time on it than any of the other projects.  I like this version of the design but still like the blue one the best.  The piece is taking longer to do because of the overdyed silk and maybe that is what is getting to me.  I liked the other one because it stitched up so much quicker. 

Butterfly - August 16th
A few people have told me how much they like the butterfly and that is making me feel good about this design.  I wasn't sure at first how it was going to turn out but now I am happy with it.

The other piece that did get a bit of attention this week was Schlock with Gun.  I didn't spend a lot of time on this piece but at least I made a bit of dent in it.  I am hoping to be able to find some more stitching time this week where I can focus on a project for a while and see some more good progress.

Schlock with gun - August 9th
Of course having a lot of pieces on the go means that no one project really gets a lot of time but that is OK with me.  I would like to get the butterfly finished before the end of the month so I guess I better try and focus on it just a bit more.

Schlock with gun - August 16th
Now besides the cross-stitching I did last week I decided on the weekend to start crocheting a shawl for myself. The shawl is very simple and something that I can work on while sitting outside in the heat.  The weather has also been one of the reasons why I haven't done a lot of stitching.  I just get comfortable with the frames and floss in this heat so my cross-stitching has been put down.  I hope that it gets just a little bit cooler soon so that I can get to stitching and enjoying it.

I have missed finding the time each evening to stitch so this week I am going to try a little bit harder to find at least an hour an evening where I can lose myself in a project.  I know that I have a few projects that I am working on for work so that is where my days are spent .

This week I hope to see a bit more progress on my cross-stitching so now to get the work done so that I can think about stitching this evening.

Monday, August 10, 2015

A bit of stitching

Celtic Butterfly - Aug 3rd
 This past week I was able to find a little bit of time to stitch but didn't get as much done as I would have liked.

I was able to work on the Celtic Butterfly and am seeing some changes in it which is making me happy.  I hope to be able to work on this again this week so that I can see more of the wings start to appear.  The colours are so nice and I am enjoying how they are turning out so far.

Celtic Butterfly - Aug 9th
This pattern has been nice to work on because I can work on it a little bit at a time but still some changes on it after each stitching time.

Schlock with Gun - Aug 3rd
Besides working on the butterfly I have been able to put a few stitching in Schlock with Gun as it is also one that I can work on a bit at a time.  Now the only things about this one is I can work longer without seeing much of a change in the piece but I know that I am setting parts of it done which is nice.

This week I am not sure what I am going to work on but I know that just being able to find some time to stitch without all the other distractions would be really nice. I thought last week was going to be a good stitching week only for too many things to get in the way and prevent me from really stitching most of the week.

The weekend was also busy so I didn't get much stitching in either so now to see how this week goes.  I do know that I have stitch night at Gitta's this week so that is one evening where I do some stitching.  I hope to be able to make some good progress on at least one of the pieces that I have on the go.
Schlock with Gun - Aug 9th

Now the good thing about this weekend was I picked up some floss for another project that  I want to work on.  I am not going to start this new piece until I have finished either Schlock with Gun or Erasmus.  I would like to get both of these out of the way before I start another piece. 

Now, today I hope to find a bit of stitching time as just seeing a bit of progress on something would be really nice. My stitching is sitting and waiting and I know that spending a little while relaxing and stitching will help me regain a focus for work so that might be what I do part of today. 

As for now I have a few more things that I need to do so off to get them all done.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Projects on the go

Schlock with Gun - July 26th
This last week I decided that I was going to try and work on a couple of projects instead of just one and that is what I did.

Schlock with Gun - Aug 3rd
Schlock with Gun got a bit of attention during the week because it is something that is easy to pick up and work on when I don't have lots of time to stitch.  Of course, I didn't get lots done and part of that was due to the heat but also I had other things bouncing around in my mind that were distractions.

Besides working on Schlock with Gun this week, I figured it was time to try and start the second version of the Celtic butterfly so that is what I did. This version of the butterfly is using an overdyed silk thread and I am looking forward to spending a bit more time on this project so that I can see it really come to life.  I am working on this butterfly a lot differently than the first one as I want to take full advantage of the colour changes in the thread. I am stitching the piece as if I was drawing it so it is taking a bit more focus.

Celtic butterfly - August 3rd
Well, the weekend came and after not getting much stitching done I decided it was time to pick up something different and see how much I could get done in part of a day.  Yesterday was a holiday, so I figured it was a good day to try and focus on a project for a little bit. The project that I picked up meant another start but that is fine because this project is going to take some time to finish. I have wanted to stitch a picture of a polar bear so I am using a picture that I took and have now converted it into a cross-stitch.  The final piece will be 18"x12" so I have a lot of work ahead of me to get this one done.  The polar bear is a piece that I am hoping to be able to hang in my office so that is what I am thinking about.
Polar Bear face on - August 3

This week I hope to be able to find a couple of evenings where I can lose myself in my stitching.  Not sure what project will get the attention but I know that at least one of them will be moving forward before the end of the week.

I know that I have a lot of projects on the go but each of them provides me with a different type of stitching and that is what I enjoy.

Today is a busy day work wise for me so it is time that i focus on the work so that maybe I will be able to find a little bit of time this evening to pick up a project and work on it.