Monday, April 8, 2024

Progress and a new start

Here it is the start of another week and hopefully a week where I can find some time to work on projects as I know it is going to be a busy work week for me as well.

I have been trying to find time at least most days to do a bit of crafting and that has helped. Seeing bits of progress on things is good. Now to see what this week has in store.

Half the Fun - this project got a bit of attention this last week and I was able to add a few of the modes of transportation to it. Just sitting and working on this for a little while helped me move it forward and now I will see when it gets more attention.

Using the variegated thread has been nice because I am just letting the colours happen where they do. Because I am basically using one colour of thread it means that I can just continue to move from one area to another without having to think about what is the next colour that I need to pickup and use.

I think this project would stitch up quickly if it was my focus piece but currently it isn't going to be that because there is another project that I have started and that will be the piece that gets the attention for now.

324 - here is the new project that I started this week shortly have the pdf was released. This design is by Arlene Cohen of Works by ABC and it was just released in early March of this year at the Nashville Market Place. Arlene released the pdf version of this pattern on April 1st, and it didn't take me very long at all to purchase the pattern and start organizing the flosses for it.

It is called 324 for one main reason and that is because there are 324 colours used in this pattern. Yes, each motif is a different colour of floss so that means that it is going to be an interesting project to work on. I went through all my floss that I could quickly locate and found out that I only needed 3 flosses to complete this project so that made it an easy decision to start it right away. This was going to be a birthday start for me but I ended up starting it a few days early but that is fine because it is a fun piece to work on. Now to see how much of it I can get done this week as it is a lot of fun to sit and work on.

Asymmetrical Lace Knit Shawl - this is the knitting project that got a little bit of attention yesterday. I haven't been getting a lot of knitting done this past week so figured it was time to try and work on something that I could maybe see some good progress on quickly and this project was the one that got the attention.

This section of the pattern is the easy section as I am just increasing every second row, so it means that I don't have to look at the pattern until I have got 134 stitches on my needles. It does make for an easy knitting project especially when I am watching webinars or videos that require a bit more of my attention.

I hope that this week I can continue to move this project forward as I would like to see how much of the increase rows I can get done. The lace section does require a bit more of my attention so I will need to ensure that I have the time to focus on the lace section when I get to it.

Other projects - the 12 Bird Knit Along didn't get any attention this past week but will see when I can pick it up and work on it again. Three sections of the pattern have now been released so that means that I am behind on this project, but it doesn't bother me because I will get it knit when I can.

I didn't work on my English paper piecing at all this week so that means I need to spend some time before the end of the month at least moving a couple of the projects forward. There are going to be times when I can work on these projects so at least something should get moved forward by the end of the month.

I hope everyone is finding that bit of time each day to do something for yourself. It doesn't have to be a long time but just having that little breaks where we can recharge our personal batteries is very important.

Hopefully, next week I will have some progress to show you on at least a couple of projects, but we will see how things go. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

English Paper Piecing - March Progress

In March I didn't get a lot of time for working on my English Paper Piecing, but I did decide on one of the previous projects that I had started. I had started making two inches motifs for a throw for myself using fabric from my dad's shirts. I wasn't enjoying making that large of a motif, so I had to decide if I was going to continue to make the motifs and struggle to join them or should I restart this project with smaller motifs.

This is actually the third version of the throw that I am making. The first version I just need to finish the quilting section and then do the binding around the throw, and it will be done. The second version is still using the 2-inch motifs and I am over halfway through joining all of the motifs so that one I need to pick up and work on finishing the joining so that I can also get that one done.

As this version is for me, I had just started to make the motifs and hadn't started joining them together. Of course, the motifs are going to be half the size compared to what I started to work on, but already I am feeling happier, with the progress that I have been able to make. I am going to continue to work on this project and I will also work on finishing up the other two throws so that I can give them to the people that I am making them for.

Now that life is starting to get a little more organized and I am feeling good about things maybe I will be able to start moving my English Paper Piecing forward a little more. 

Other projects - I still have the table runner and the scarp throw that I am working on so that means I now have more projects that need my attention. I hope to be able to figure out an order of working on these projects and then see how it goes. Until then, I am just going to enjoy working on a project that I enjoy working on.

In April, I hope to be able to find some more time to focus on a project and maybe more it forward a bit more. It is always fun to see what I can get done so we will see what gets the attention in the next month. Until then, I hope that if you are doing any English paper piecing that you are enjoying your project and getting it moved forward.

Monday, April 1, 2024

Some progress and a couple of finishes

 Here it is the start of another week and yes, it's going to be a busy week for me but at least I know it before it starts. Hopefully I will be able to find bits of time where I can at least get a bit of crafting done but we will just have to see how things go.

The weather here is warming up a little bit so that is also a good thing because now I think we might be able to enjoy the spring after have about 6 inches of snow a week ago. The snow quickly melted so we are back to seeing the brown grass.

Alzheimer's Poem - here is a project that I wanted to get finished as when I wrote the last blog, I was getting a lot closer to a finish. This last week I did pick it up and it only took me part of a day to get it all done.

I am happy to have this piece finished as I did start it in 2020 so it's been hanging around for quite a while. I am not certain what I am going to be doing with it now but at least it is one project off the to-do list which does make me happy.

I started this project just after we were told my dad may have dementia or Alzheimer's and I wanted to do it for him. He never got to see it finished as we lost him in 2021. It is something that I will have to remember the journey that we had with him.

It is now going to be into the finish drawer for now and I will figure out what I will do with it later on. I am happy that I did finish it even if it did take me quite a while to do.

Las Vegas Sign - here is a start and finish in the last week. I started this cross stitch while sitting in the Toronto airport waiting to board a flight to Las Vegas. This piece got a bit of attention when we were away. I worked on it in the airport and then on the flight there and got 299 stitches in on it which made me happy. The next time I picked it up was sitting in the airport in Las Vegas waiting to board our flight home. As you can guess I didn't have a lot of energy or time to work on the piece while we were there. While waiting to board the flight home I added another 44 stitches to the piece.

I did want to get this project finished quickly and the piece isn't very big as it is roughly 2 inches by 2.75 inches. It was a fun piece to work on and it is another memory of our vacation to Las Vegas and walking the entire length of the Las Vegas Strip.

Half the Fun - here is another project that I wanted to start on vacation, and I did. As you can tell it didn't get much attention at all. This project was started while waiting in Las Vegas Airport for our flight home and I added an entire 28 stitches. This piece should get some more attention now that I am home and finished the Las Vegas Sign. Half the Fun is an Ink Circles piece and I am looking forward to working on it for a while.

Twelve Birds MKAL - here is the knitting project that I have started since getting home. You aren't going to be seeing my progress until after May 7th when the actual pattern is released but I can tell you that so far I am enjoying the project and am looking forward to seeing if I can keep up with this knit along.

I was originally going to do the Twenty Four Birds MKAL but last week Helen Stewart released the Twelve Birds MKAL so I decided that I would work on that one instead. It is a project that I think I am going to enjoy and hopefully I will be able to get it done quickly and then be able to show you what it looks like.

Other projects - I haven't worked on any other projects in the last week. It was a good vacation, and I took time to really recharge my personal batteries which I needed to do. Now to see what this week has in store as there are a lot of things on my list of things that I need to work on. 

I hope everyone has a good week and hopefully I will be able to make some progress on other things this week and will have something to show you next week. Remember to take that bit of time each day to yourself as it is important to ensure you are recharging your personal batteries so you can be there for everyone else.