Monday, October 18, 2021

Slowly moving things forward

It is hard to believe it is the start of another week, but at least things are starting to look a little brighter in our crazy world. We are still dealing with a number of restrictions, but things are slowly starting to open up more and more.  Of course, there are still going to be restrictions for a while, but maybe now we can start doing things again.

This picture of the rainbow was taken this morning out of my office window. I walked into my office and this is the first thing that I saw which made me smile.  So yes things are looking a little brighter in the world this morning.

This last week has been a little crazier than normal for me so finding the time or energy to actually craft hasn't happened as often as I would have liked.  I know that things are finally turning around, so now I am hopeful that I will be able to find the time and energy again to do some of the things that I love doing.

Grey wavy scarf - as I mentioned last week I wanted to try knitting this scarf with a different yarn so of course I had to start it.  This scarf was what got most of the attention this week, as I would like to be able to wear it before too long.

I am knitting this with a ball of Red Heart Croquette, and I am loving how it is turning out.  This yarn was available at Michael's, so I picked up a couple of pucks of it, and I am loving how it looks.  It has been discontinued, so that means that I will enjoy what I have and maybe find something similar in the future.  This is only part of the first 45 g puck that I have, and I am thinking it will be long enough when I finish the 45 grams.

Krozwyrd - this project got just a bit of attention this week but at least I was able to make some progress on it.  I am looking forward to seeing how much more of it I can get done as I do enjoy working on it and love how it is turning out.

Each section of this pattern is a little different and maybe that is what makes it so much fun to work on.  You start to see all the little different details appear and that is what has been keeping me motivated to get this piece moved forward.  I hope that this coming week I will be able to spend some time working on it again. 

I hope that before too long I can see the bottom section of this piece finished, and then I can move the q-snap and work on the rest of the piece.

Other projects - I continue to try and work on getting more of the projects moved forward, but there isn't a lot of movement lately, so that is why there aren't many pictures.

I hope you continue to find those few minutes each day to do something for yourself.  It doesn't matter what it is, but just being able to do it makes such a difference. Have a great week and hopefully next week I will have a bit more progress on things. 

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