Monday, June 28, 2021

Some progress this week

Dec 25 2020
Here it is the start of another week and the weather is now getting very hot and humid here in Ontario.  I guess we shouldn't complain considering it is almost July, so it is something that we deal with each year.
Ontario is slowly starting to reopen which is good and this week we get to open a little more, so that is wonderful news. We continue to be extremely careful when we are out and about because yes we are fully vaccinated but given the different variants we are going to continue to wear our masks and stay extremely safe.

Unleash the Butterflies - here is a project that hasn't got a lot of attention for the last couple of years.  I worked on it a little in 2020 but before that it was in 2019, so it is now time for it to get some much-needed attention. I have decided that I am going to change how I was stitching this piece, so that will also be interesting.  When I was first working on this piece I was trying to finish a page at a time, and now I am just going to enjoy stitching and see how it goes. I am now going to be trying to work over to the right side of the design so that I can see how wide it really is and then will see where I go from there.  

This isn't going to be a big focus piece for me as I have decided that I am going to try and work on getting some of the smaller pieces that I want to stitch completed.  I do hope to move this forward a bit each week but will have to see as there is another couple of large projects that I would also like to add some stitches in over the next little while.

Emily Ann Foster - here is the piece that is currently my focus as I would really like to get this one finished quickly. Over the last week this has been the piece that I picked up when I had a few minutes, and I was happy with the progress that I was able to make on it.  It is a project that is stitching up very quickly and that is probably because right now it is just one colour.  I do have one other colour to add, but I am do that once I have finished all the red that I am working on.

I hope to have this piece finished before I post need week, but time will tell.  I have been able to get quite a bit of it stitched over the last week so now to see if I can get the rest of it done. 

Other projects - I do have quite a few other things that I would like to work on, so that means that I am going to have to figure out how to make progress on things over the next little while.

I am now sure what I will be working on this week as I do have some other things that do need my attention so will see how things go.  I will continue to piece up something each day and even work on it for a few minutes as that does help me relax. I hope everyone else continues to find the time each day to do something that you love.  It doesn't matter for how long you do it as long as you take a bit of time for yourself each day.

If you are dealing with the heat please try and stay cool and also remember to continue to protect yourself so that we can all get back to doing all the things that we love and want to do.

Monday, June 21, 2021

A finish and some progress

 Here it is the start of another week and the weather can't decide if it is summer or spring.  We have had the hot and humid days, and then we have had some cool days, so will see what this wee is like.

Covid-19 and the restrictions are still in place here, so it means that there isn't a lot of things that you can do.  Yes, patios are open with limited capacity and some restaurants are only taking reservations, so that makes it difficult to go out and eat when you decide late minute.  Also, people are making reservations at a number of restaurants and then decided at the last minute, so that also doesn't help.  There are some restaurants that are doing 50% reservations and 50% walk-ups and I like that idea, so until things really get back to normal we will be finding out where restaurants have that as their seating option.

We continue to work remotely, and just being able to continue to assist our clients is what is important. Now to see what we can move forward, as we both have some other ideas that we want to investigate over the next couple of months.

 Mini Forget Me Not - this has been the focus piece that I have been working on and am very happy to say that on Saturday I was able to put in the last stitch.  It has taken quite a while to finish this piece but given the size of it 10 inches x 15 inches it was going to take some time.  I started this piece on July 20th, 2020 and finished it on June 19, 2021.  There are 46,464 stitches on this piece and I enjoyed working on it when I did.  It ended up that I worked on this piece 173 days, so am happy to see that it is now finished.

 I am now going to need to figure out a frame for it, but that is something that I can do over the next little while.  I may have a frame already but am not sure as just finishing it was a major accomplishment. It felt great having it done, but then there was the thought of what am I going to work on next.  I have lots of things to work on, so that wasn't a challenge, it was just not knowing what I really wanted to do.

Emily Ann Foster - this project got bits of attention this past week because I was using it when I needed a break from Mini Forget Me Not.  It then became the piece that I worked on yesterday, as I wanted something relatively simple to do.

 I don't think this piece is going to take very long to complete because just sitting and working on it some yesterday I saw a change in it. I hope that I can continue to work on this piece and get it done soon, as I have a bunch of other projects that I want to work on, so that is something that I am going to need to try and do.

 Other projects - now that Mini Forget Me Not is done I am going to be trying to move a bunch of other projects forward in the next little while.  I hope that this week I can figure out the various projects

I hope everyone is finding a bit of time each day to do the things that you enjoy doing.  It doesn't matter how much time you spend, it is just making sure that you do something for yourself each day. This week my schedule is starting to fill up, so not sure what I will be working on, but I will ensure that I have a bit of time each day to do something for me.

Have a great week and stay safe, and hopefully next week I will have some more things to show you.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Some more progress this week

Mini Forget Me Not
Here it is the start of another week, and I am happy to say that things are starting to move forward here in Ontario.  On Friday we were finally able to move to a slow reopening and that makes me feel good.  Sure it is still a long way from where we need to be but at least we are starting to move forward.  Also, this past week both my husband and I were able to get out second Covid-19 vaccine which makes us both feel a lot better.
Work is still remote, and it will be as that is something that we have been doing, so I don't think it is going to be changing in the near future. We have worked remotely for years and just sometimes need to go to a client site, but more and more of our work is done away from the client site.

Mini Forget Me Not
Mini Forget Me Not - so here is the piece that continues to get most of my attention, and it is making me feel so good.  As of last night, I had 95.85% of the piece stitched.  This week I will continue to move this project forward as I would really like to see it finished before too long. The one thing about this piece is now a lot of the colours that I am working on are all over the rest of the piece, so it does take longer to see much progress on it.  I would like to see if I can at least get more of this piece done this week.

I hope that before too long that this piece is finished, and then I will start to work on some of the other things that I currently have waiting for some attention.

Emily Ann Foster
Emily Ann Foster - this piece came out for a bit of a visit yesterday after I felt that I had done enough on Mini Forget Me Not.  Sure this piece is just two colours, so it does stitch up a little quicker, so that makes me feel good.

If things go well this will probably be the piece that I focus on after finishing Mini Forget Me Not.  I am looking forward to seeing the progress on this piece as well so now to make sure that I can get some stitching in this week.

Emily Ann Foster
Other things - I continue to work on a few other projects but they are very slow right now as I am focusing on getting Mini Forget Me Not moved forward.  I hope to get back to these other projects soon and then there will be pictures of them as well.

I hope everyone finds a bit of time each day to do something for yourself.  It does't matter how long it is but making sure that you find the time is very important.  Have a good week and please stay safe and take care of yourself.


Monday, June 7, 2021

Where did the week go?

Here it is the start of another week, and I am really not sure where the last week went.  I know that I was busy with things, so that is probably how I seemed to miss a lot of the week.

 Ontario is still dealing with a lot of restrictions, but hopefully this week we get to hear that we are going to be slowly starting the reopening of things. For us, it will still be the same for work as we will continue to work remotely. It will just mean that we will be able to start to go into store again, but that will wait for a while anyway.

Mini Forget Me Not - this is the only piece of crafting that I worked on in the last week.  I have decided that I am really going to focus on this piece now as I would like to see it finished.  I know that I still have a lot of stitching to do on it, but I am looking forward to seeing it done.

 This past week I decided it was time to start working on all the areas that I have left to stitch, so that is what I did.  I am slowly adding in all the stitches that are remaining and am happy with the progress that I have made.  I am now over 90% complete, and I am looking forward to seeing when it will be finished.

It has been fun working on this piece and seeing the different colours of floss that I have now finished using.  The pattern started with 89 colours and I have now got it down to 47 colours left that I need to use and this week I will continue to work on getting more of the colours finished.  

My goal for this project is to have it finished by the anniversary of when I started it which was July 20th.  I think I should be able to do it before then but at least I have a goal and now to see if I can achieve it even faster.

Other things - I haven't really worked on a lot of other things this past week as I was busy with work and other things going on.  I hope that this week I can start getting back to getting things into our ETSY shop so will see how that goes.  A lot of the items will depend on the weather as it is pretty warm here in Ontario so sitting and sewing or working on crocheted baby afghans just don't seem to work too well.

I hope everyone has a good week, and you find time each day to do the things that you love.  I hope to spend some time this week working on some of my projects and will see what I have to show next week. Stay safe and take care of yourself.