Monday, August 30, 2021

More progress and finishes

Here it is another week, and we have continued to deal with the heat and humidity, so I am happy to have something to show for this week.  The forecast says this is the last day with the crazy humidity, but we will just wait and see.

Autumn - this weekend I was able to put a few stitches in on Autumn and have started the second house on the piece.  The houses seem to take a long time to do so it feels good being able to get some of it done even if it isn't finished yet.  I hope that I can continue to work on this piece and maybe get the second house filled in with the main colour and maybe even start the roof on it.

I would like to see more of this piece moved forward, but I am thinking that I might try and work on something else for a while this week, as I do have a busy schedule. I might try and work on this a little, as it is a long weekend coming up here in Ontario, so that might help me get more progress on things.

I still hope to have this piece done and on the way this fall, so that means that I am going to have to continue to work on it.  I think I can do it even if it isn't my true focus piece.  Right now I don't have one of those, and it is making me feel great.

Modern Nordic - here is a piece that was started in 2019 and didn't get any attention after it was started. I had worked two days on this piece, and then it was put away until it came back out this week so that I could see if I could get it finished.

This was my focus for the week as I wanted to get it finished up so that I could have another quick finish, so that is what I did this week. Being able to sit and focus on this made me feel good because it was one colour and that meant that I could just stitch and not worry about changing colours.  This project was also good this week, given how hot and humid it was out.

I am thinking that now that I have finished up a couple of the projects that were started a while ago I am going to try and continue to move some of these forward.  I think it would be really nice to see that I have been able to get more of these projects finished up instead of them sitting with just some stitches in on them.

Baby afghan - here is another project that has been on the go for some time.  It was started in the spring this year and I have only worked on it bits at a time, so that is why I haven't posted pictures of this before now.  I always felt that one or two rounds didn't show much progress, but now this is finished. 

This is a basic granny square using two colours of yarn that I had.  I wanted to get another afghan completed and when I was looking at my yarn I found these three balls of yarn so figured that I would just work them into a simple pattern, and then they were done.  It felt good getting this done, as this was something that I would work on a bit at a time sitting on the balcony in the evenings.

We are still dealing with the fourth wave of Covid-19 here and that isn't great.  The case numbers keep raising, so now sure what is going to be happening with restrictions.  For us, we continue to be extremely careful, so will see how things go.

I hope everyone continues to find a bit of time each day to do something for yourself.  I know that even the 10 or 15 minutes that I have found some days has helped a lot.  It has given me the energy and strength to deal with everything else that is going on around us.  Have a good week, and hopefully I will have a bit of progress to show you again next week.


Monday, August 23, 2021

Anoter week with some progress

 Here it is the start of another week and I can honestly say that I am getting tired of the heat and humidity that we are currently dealing with. I do enjoy the summer but when it is so hot that you can't do anything that is when I don't like the weather.  We have been having temperatures in the low 30C but with the humidity up to 40C over the last week, and it is to continue until at least the end of this week.

Autumn - one of the projects that I have been working on it Autumn as I would like to see it finished and hanging on my wall before the end of Autumn this year.  I worked on finishing up the fence and then started to work on the roof of the house.  It doesn't take long to see some good progress on this piece, so now to see how much more of it I can get done before too long.

I am currently trying to figure out an easy method of moving this piece forward, as I don't think it would really take long to get it done. What I might try and do is work on putting one thread in on this piece each day, and maybe that will help me see some more progress on it.

I have finished one of the colours already on this piece and that was the fence and roof, and now I am thinking that I just need to focus on getting little bits of this done and I think I will be a lot happier with what I have been able to accomplish. Let's see what this looks like after this week, as I would love to see more of it done.

Krozwyrd - here it the piece that got all of my attention this weekend. I decided to work on getting more of the blocks for the letters done, and it made me feel very happy to see how much I was able to get done.  The blocks do work up quickly, so that also helps.

It makes me happy to see how much of this piece I was able to get done over the weekend.  I have now reached the top of the design, and I am going to now work on reaching the bottom of the piece, just to take sure that my fabric really is the right size for the design.

I like this piece because the letters are one colour and the rest of the design is another colour, so it does seem to work up a little quicker because I don't need to figure out what colour I need next.  I love being able to just thread my needle and go, and then see how much I can get done. 

I am not sure which projects I will be working on this week as I would like to also start to work on getting some of the other projects that I have started finished.  I have a lot of those projects, and maybe it is time for me to start pulling them out and also giving them even a bit of time each week.

Infinity scarf - this week I also decided it was time to pull out some yarn and see if I could get it used up.  The yarn that I am using for this scarf was gifted to me by a friend. The yarns were from an advent calendar last year, so I have parts of 24 balls of yarn. My friend used the yarn for a different cowl, but I weighed what was left and figured out that this scarf would work, so I started it and am now on the 4th colour of the yarn.  I didn't lay out the yarns to figure out which colour was going where so what I am doing it putting my hand in the bag and just grabbing the next ball.  It is fun and I figure that considering it is going to be wrapped around my next a few times you aren't going to be able to really see the order of the colours. This project is a nice quick knit, so it makes for something that I can just pick up and work on when I have a few minutes.

Other projects - I do have a lot of other projects that I would like to get back to working on, so I am thinking that this week I might see when I have available and then try and work on some of those things. I am not sure what I will be working on, but hopefully next week I will have something to show you.

I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe, and you find a bit of time each day to do something that you enjoy doing.  We are continuing to stay home as much as possible and given how the cases here are once again going up I think we will be staying home for a while longer.  Have a good week and hopefully next week I will have things to show you.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Progress, a finish and a new start

Here it is the start of another week and yes I was able to make some progress on a few things even with the heat that we were dealing with.  We were able to spend some time on the balcony which helped, so that is how I was able to get some progress done.

The Forgotten - I have been working on this piece but not as much as I have been, so it is now going to be only worked on a bit at a time.  I love this piece but have to admit that after working on it for a while the colours start to get a little boring.  

I am not putting this piece away, but it won't be getting quite as much attention as it has been getting.  I think a bit of a break from it on a regular basis would be a good idea.  I will continue to try and work on it a bit each week, but it won't be something that I work on all the time.

I know that I love the full coverages that I have on the go, but there are times when you just need a bit of a break from them. I do have lots of other projects that I can work on.

Krozwyrd - here is a new start this week and as you can imagine I am loving the colours of this piece.  It was designed to be one colour, but I decided that I would do two shades of blue on it, and so far it has been coming along quickly. I am going to try and continue to get some more of the words done, and then I will work on filling in the background stitching, as there is a lot of that as well. This is the piece that got most of my attention this week after I started it, but that is fine, as I think the change has helped.

Autumn - here is the piece that got part of yesterday on it.  I am working on making sure that I can continue to get more of this piece stitched, as it would be nice to have it finished and hanging before the end of autumn.

I am continuing to build the first house and I will also see what else I can get stitched as there are quite a few different things that are part of this pattern.  This time I started working on the fence and how to get the fence completed and then see what I work on next.  This house is a good size and there is another house beside it, so they are the main parts of this piece, so I need to work on getting them finished up.

I am now thinking that I need to work on the very bottom section of the design so that I can continue to work up on it so that I can see the top of the piece as well. Under the fence there are some acorns that I need to do, so that is something that I will have to work on soon.

Other projects - this week I was going through a bunch of kits that I have ready to go and found this ornament that didn't need a lot of work done on it.

I think finishing the dragon took me under an hour to do, and I already head the other part completed, so now I just need to add a hanger to it, and it will be ready to hang on our tree this year.  

I have been sorting out all the different cross stitch kits and projects that are either started or ready to be started, so I think over the next while there are going to be some smaller finishes getting done.

Once the cooler weather is here I think I will be trying to make a dent in the projects that I have ready to go.  A lot of the projects that I found were from when I was going to the Creative Festival and taking classes.  Maybe, now, it is time to get those class projects out and finished.

I hope everyone is having a good summer, and you are finding some time each day to do something for yourself.  It doesn't matter what you do as long as you make sure that you take the time.   We all need to remember to take care of ourselves so that we have the energy to take care of others.

Have a great week.

Monday, August 9, 2021

Moving projects forward and a new start

Here it is the start of another week and yes another week of working remotely, but that is fine with me.  I like being able to work like this, and we did it before the pandemic, so nothing has changed other than the restrictions we deal with when we leave home.

I continue to try and move things forward a bit each day and that is what is important right now.  We are getting hot and humid this week, so I think things are going to slow down a bit.

The Forgotten - I have continued to work on this piece a bit each day and am happy with the progress that I have been able to make on it.

This week I worked on more of the black as I wanted to get more of her dress completed.  I am happy with how it is turning out and now this week I will see if I continue with the black or will I start filling in some of the other colours that are in her dress.  I guess I will figure that out when I pick this piece up to work on.  It continues to get a few stitches in each day and that is helping me more this project forward, even if it isn't fast.
Pandemic - I was able to work on this a bit this week and get a bit more of the outlines done for a couple of the sections. I know that this project is going to be a long term project so even getting some stitching in on it makes me feel good.  I would like to see if I can get more of the outlines done before too long.

One of the biggest challenges with this piece is the piece of fabric is 27 inches wide, so it makes it difficult to hold when I am not sitting where my Lowery stand is. I love my Lowery stand as it makes holding these big projects so much easier.

Unleash the Butterflies - well here is the piece that I have been working on for the Olympics medals that Canada on during the Summer Olympics.  It ends up that the medals resulted in a total of 840 stitches that I need to get done on this piece.  I have finished just under 460 stitches so far so will continue to work on this piece until I have got the remaining stitches in.  I am trying to focus on one area of the piece so that I can also see some results on it.

I am enjoying stitching for the medals that we won so now to get that finished up in the next couple of weeks, and then I will see what happens.  I think this project will take a bit of a break after those stitches are done.

Autumn - I decided that it was time for a new start, so I picked this piece up, and I am looking forward to having it hanging in my home before too long.  I know it isn't going to be extremely fast, but I would like to see some good progress on this piece before the end of the month.

I have finished the outline of the entire piece, and now it is just the filing in of the various designs that make up this piece.  It feels good working on something that isn't full coverage, and I am starting to see results even after just a few days of stitching.  I hope that doing this will also make me want to pick up some of the other projects that I have around that haven't been touched for far too long.

Other projects - I have decided to try and organize all of my various cross stitch projects that I have, and I discovered quite a few projects that will need to get completed.  I have started putting together a spreadsheet for all the cross stitch projects, and then I will start working on getting things completed instead of them sitting around and not getting the attention that they should have had. Hopefully before too long, you will start to see other pieces that I will be trying to get finished up.

I hope everyone continues to find a bit of time each day to do the things that are you love to do.  It doesn't need to be long, but at least taking time for your helps you have the energy to help others. This week is supposed to be hot and humid here, so if you are dealing with weather like we are, stay cool, and hopefully I will have some progress next week on at least a couple of my projects.


Monday, August 2, 2021

Another finish and some progress

 Here it is the start of another week here.  It is nice that today is a holiday, so that means that there isn't as many things that have to get done, so I think today I will see what stitching I can get done.

 Things in Ontario continue to be the same in regard to the pandemic other than cases have started to rise again, so will see what that means moving forward.

Mini The Forgotten - here is a piece that has got attention each day this week, and I am very happy with the overall progress that I have made on her. 

It is amazing how much stitching you can get done when you focus on just one colour on a pattern.  I continue to work mostly with just black, but have slowly started to add in a few other colours to help with the filling in of the overall dress that I can currently stitching.

 I am going to continue to work on this piece, as I am loving how much I can get done when I just focus on it. It may not get as much attention this coming week, but time will tell.

Pandemic - this piece sits near me in my office as it is a project that I can pick up when I have a few minutes to just add a few stitches in on it.  I hadn't worked on it for quite a while until yesterday when I decided it was time to continue to move it forward.

I am still working on getting the bottom border done and hope that the next time I pick it p I can get more of the border done, and then I will see where I go from there.
Unleash the Butterflies - here is a piece that got a bit of stitching this week, and that is because I decided to have some fun during the Olympics.

Someone in a cross stitch Facebook group mentioned putting in stitches on a project for every medal that your country won. At first, I didn't think I would do it, but after a bit I decided it might be fun to get some more progress on a piece. 

What I am doing is Gold medals equals 60 stitches, Silver medals 40 stitches and then Bronze medals are 20 stitches.  It is a lot of fun as it means that I have to track the number of medals that Canada has won.  I am currently behind in my stitching as we have won 480 stitches worth of medals so far, and I have only put in 160 stitches.  This week I will need to make sure that I can get more of the stitches in while also seeing how many more stitches will be adding to what I need to stitch.

Moonstone - here is the project that was my focus until it was finished.  I have to admit that I really enjoyed working on this piece as once you got into it and figured out the design it was pretty easy.  

The piece measures 3.75 inches square, so it isn't very big, but it was something that I enjoyed working on and will see how I finish it. I know that it is going to be in my office once it is completed as these are some of my favourite colours that are in this piece.  After I got all the white stitches in, it was pretty easy to work on adding each of the other colours.

This week it is going to be busy as it is a short week for work but will see how things go.  I hope that everyone continues to take care and stay safe as we are still dealing with the Pandemic, but hopefully soon we can start to do things out and about again.

 Continue to find that bit of time each day for yourself and do something that you enjoy.  It doesn't matter what it is, but at least taking some time each day for yourself is important, as it gives yo the energy to help others. If things go well, I should have some more progress on things to show you next week. Have a great week.