Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another day, another two projects

I seem to be adding more projects that are partially done than I am finishing projects lately. It's suppose to be that you start a project only after finishing one. I seem to be enjoying starting the various projects but really need to start finishing some of those off instead of just starting them.

I am very happy with the projects that I have been starting lately and now I just need to concentrate on getting them finished. My goal this week is to try and start finishing some of the projects that are on the go and now to try and document the process that I will be going through.

My unfinished list right now is:
2 preemie blankets
9 Barbie outfits
2 baby afghans
1 toque

Now to try and finish some of these projects over the next few days.

Well off to crafting I must go.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Why I am Craftkitten

I was given the nickname Craftkitten by my now husband because of all of the crafts that I do. Yes I am one of those individuals that do too many things and of course that means I have lots of projects on the go all of the time.

Here is the crafts that I do:


Petit Point
Canvas Work
Swedish Weaving
Sewing (a little)
Spinning (well have a spinning wheel)

Yes I know that I do a lot of stuff and some of it I work on more than others so I keep myself busy. What I am going to try and do is document some of the projects that I am working on and the progress of each of them.

I have set myself goals for this year so now to see if I can actually achieve them. The goals are the following:

Headbands 12

Kid's afghans 6

Stroller blankets 3

Preemie blankets 6

Toques 16

Dishcloths 6

King size afghan 1

Scarves 6

Baby afghan 4

Barbie outfits 40

Now to see if I can actually achieve these goals for this year without getting too distracted on other projects. I am going to try and post at the end of each month what I have done so that maybe it will help keep me on track.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Preemie blankets and Barbie outfits

I am having a lot of fun working on preemie blankets for one hospital. These blankets are used in memory boxes for parent's that lose their baby. The blanket is put in a box with a small sweater set, the bracelet from the baby, their foot print and a lock of hair. When I first started to work on these items it felt a little odd but knowing that someone can receive something to remember their child has made me feel a lot better.

The other project that I am currently working on is making Barbie outfits for barbie dolls that will be given to children in other countries. I am having a lot of fun knitting these outfits and now have picked up items to hlep make the dresses that I am knitting look nicer.

These are just two of the projects that I am currently working on and it helps knowing that I am making other people smile even just for a couple of minutes. I have given myself a goal for the items for this year so I am going to post it within the next little while so that I can actually see if I am making progress on these items or do I keep working on other items instead.

Well off to work on a preemie blanket.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Busy crafting for charity

It's hard to believe that I set this blog up in November and haven't posted anything since then. I have been extremely busy with charity knitting and will now try and keep up to date with what I am working on.