Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yarn, yarn and more yarn

Yes I love buying yarn and this weekend was another one of those trips. I headed out to purchase one ball of yarn for a baby afghan and like usual ended up with more than that ball.

I have been looking for a ball of yarn for a while and of course I know think it has been discontinued as I cannot find it. So instead of leaving the store without anything I ended up picking up four balls of baby sports weight yarn for a couple of baby afghans. The nicest thing about this yarn is that it works up quickly so it shouldn't take me long to finish the afghans that I want to make. I have started one of the afghans so will see if I can have it finished by the end of next week.

Tonight I heard that one of the guys that we know just found out that his wife is expecting a little girl. I am now sitting here figuring out what colour afghan I should make for the two of them as I would like to give it to him before the end of August as the baby is due in November. I guess I should just look through all my yarn and see what I have a start an afghan otherwise I won't get it done.

Things are going along pretty good with my main project as well as I have been getting some items finished for the soldiers. I want to drop off another delivery to them in August so need to sit down and finish up a few of the items that I just need to sew together.

Now to just sit down and work on finishing all of these projects that I have started. I guess my project lt is going to grow a little bit if I start another baby afghan but that's OK.

Yes another project on the go and some projects are going to be left for a while as I work quickly on this new afghan. Off to workk on the afghan and hide from yet another thunder storm.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Craftkitten Spore

Well my wonderful husband keeps teasing me that I leave little bits of yarn all over the place. I know that sometimes I do lose the occasion piece that has been stuck to me.

When I crochet in the car as a passenger I know that I get the fluff off the yarn all over the car sometimes. The best one was when I was using red yarn and it was flying all over the black interior of the car. It did leave a rather interesting layer on the dash board. Sorry dear.

The latest incident had both of us laughing rather hard. We were away for the weekend and of course I had my crocheting and knitting with me. I carried my bag back up to the apartment and that was the end of it for the day. Little did I know I had lost something.

The next day we went down to the parking garage and when walking to the car I noticed something on the ground. It just happened that when I was carrying my knitting bag back upstairs I dropped something. There on the ground in front of me was a one round granny square which I had made the day before. It had probably been run over a few times but it didn't look like it had so I picked it up and it's now a six round granny square.

So please remember that you may lose some of your craft spore anywhere.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Charity Picnic

Yesterday was a day for me to get together with my online friends from a group that I belong too. I have to say that it was wonderful even though it rained late in the day. There was about 26 of us that got together and it was a lot of fun. The laughs that we all shared was wonderful as a lot of us had not met until yesterday but we were like a family.

The group does knitting, crocheting, quilting and sewing for charity and most of the items goes to various charities around Canada. The get together also gives all of us a chance to give the other people the items that we have made for their charity. I am now one of the coordinators as I collect the items for the troops and it was such a good feeling receiving all the items that I did yesterday.

This year an american charity also chose our charity as their June project so a lot of items were received from them.

These are the pictures of the items that I received for the troops yesterday.

This picture is of the items that I received from the American group.

Here is what I received from the group of women that were at the picnic from our Canadian charity.

Well now to finish up all the items that I have on the go for the troops so that I can sit and get them all ready to deliver.