Monday, October 31, 2016

Time to stitch

This week I am happy to say that I was able to find a bit of time to actually sit and do some stitching.

Green shawl - Oct 30th
green shawl - started
The green shawl is still getting attention and I am happy with that as I am currently seeing a shawl at around 45 inches so I am making some progress on it.  I haven't taken a picture of it since I started it so  it was nice being able to take another picture of it. This week I was able to get another 9 inches done on the shawl so I am getting closer to the 72 inches.

Sugar - Oct 10th
Besides knitting when I had a chance during the week I decided that it was time to work on a cross-stitch for a while.  The actual stitching of the piece was done this weekend and I am happy with the progress that I was able to do on Sugar.  Of course, the background is the half stitch so it does go a little faster so decided that I wanted to see if I could get some of that done and that did make me happy.

Sugar - Oct 30th
I am happy with the progress that I was able to make on the piece this weekend because I am not seeing that I can bits of the piece done when I can sit and focus on it.  The other nice thing about this piece is there are quite a few areas of larger single colours so that makes stitching a little easier and faster.

There are still quite a few projects that need a bit of attention so I will see which one gets a little bit of attention this week.  I am not sure if the Monarch Butterfly will make an appearance this week or maybe another one of the projects.

Work is keeping me busy so the time that I find to work on a project makes me happy. Most of the time is evenings and mostly on the weekend when I can focus on working on something.

Well, it's time to get some work done and then maybe this evening I might be able to find a bit of time to stitch on something.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Where did the week go?

Soft lilac baby afghan
I am really not sure where the last week went other than we were extremely busy which meant that there wasn't a lot of time to sit and craft.

The soft lilac baby afghan did get a bit of attention and I was able to finish it up on Saturday.  I decided that I was going to use up the ball of yarn that I was using for it and that was going to determine the size of the afghan.  I was able to get the afghan to 30 rounds and then realized that I wouldn't have enough yarn to do another round.  A quick single crochet around the outside gave it a finish and I didn't have a lot of yarn left after that.

blue marble afghan
Yesterday I decided that as I do crochet in the car that I needed another project to have with us when we are out and about.  Yes, being a passenger in the car means that I can sit and crochet when we are going out.  I had a ball of blue marble yarn hand so that was started into another baby afghan and will see how quickly it gets finished. This is a project that probably won't get a lot of attention at home for a while but at least it is ready for the next time we are going out in the car.

The green shawl that I am working on is continuing to get a bit of attention and again I made a bit of progress.  I have now reached the half way mark on the shawl so that made me feel very good last night.  The shawl now measures 36 inches and that made me happy.  I know that this week I am going to try and work on it a bit more as I would like to see it moved forward quicker than it had been giong.

Another project got added to the needles this weekend but there really isn't anything to show from it.  I decided that I would knit myself a shrug so that was started on Saturday evening.  It is going to be the project that I work on when I need a break from the green shawl so it won't get a lot of attention for a while.

I was able to find a bit of crafting time on the weekend which made me happy.  My cross-stitch stayed put away for the week as I knew that I wouldn't have the time to confuse on it.  Maybe this week I will see if one of them gets any attention but considering our schedule I don't think any of them will get much attention until at least the weekend.

It is now time to get some work done and then will see if I can find any time this evening to work on a craft for a bit.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Another week

Monarch Butterfly - October 10
 Here it is the start of another week and a little bit of progress from last week.

The one project that got some attention was the Monarch Butterfly and I am loving how it is starting to look.  I was comparing it to the original picture and it is slowly starting to come to life.  I can't wait to see the piece finished just to be able to put the cross-stitch and the picture side by side and see how they look.

Monarch Butterfly - October 16
On the Monarch  there are now a lot of areas with a few stitches of different colours so that means I am not going to be a lot of progress as quickly as I have over the last little while. At least once I finished the various little bits of colour a lot of the design will be done. 

Besides working on the cross-stitch I continued to work on the mauve granny square baby afghan and it is coming along pretty well.  Most of the work on the baby afghan was this weekend when I felt like I just wanted something simple to work on.  The afghan is coming along quickly as I went from around 9 inches to around 24 inches this weekend. I hope to be able to make a bit more progress on this afghan during this week but will see how things really good.

I was also able to get some knitting done on the shawl that I am working on.  The shawl went from 19 inches to 30 inches this week so I am slowly starting to see some progress on it.  I want to get this shawl done by the beginning of December so it means that I need to focus on it for a little bit to see how much I can get done.  The shawl is suppose to measure around 72 inches when done so will see how quickly I can get there.  Last week I did focus on knitting it a couple of evenings so that is why it advanced as much as it did.

Once the shawl is completed there are a couple other projects that will get my attention but until then I don't want to distract myself from getting both the Monarch Butterfly and the shawl completed.

This week there are a lot of things going on for work so I am not sure how much time I will be finding to craft.  I hope that at least on the weekend that I will be able to find some time to craft but will see how things go.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Another week

This week I was able to find a bit of time to actually sit and craft.  My focus on this past week was to try and get projects moved forward and that is what I did.
Granny square baby afghan

The first project was to work on the granny square baby afghan that I started in July as I wanted to see if I could get it done.  I had around 26 rounds done and wanted to get to 32 rounds so over the last week I was able to do that.  I finished the actual stitching of the afghan on Saturday and now just need to sew the ends in and then the afghan will be complete.  It feels good knowing that this project is finished and I still have some yarn left so will be making some baby hats out of the remaining yarn.

After I finished the granny square afghan I looked around and noticed that I had a mauve ball of yarn that would make a nice afghan so I started another afghan Saturday evening.  I didn't get a lot of it done so there isn't a picture to show off yet.

As this was a long weekend here in Canada as it was our Thanksgiving, I was able to spend some time over the weekend working on some cross-stitch.  Two different projects go some attention and some progress was made on both of them.
Monarch Butterfly - September 30th

The Monarch Butterfly got some time last night and I am seeing that I am slowly making some progress on it.  I hope that through this week I will be able to get some more of this one done as I am really looking forward to seeing it finished.

With the Monarch Butterfly I am still working on getting all the sides completed and then I will just have the inside of the piece to focus on.  I now just have the right side of the piece to finish and then it will be the middle that will get the attention.  Hopefully I will be able to get the side finished this week and then the centre is left and hopefully I will be able to make some progress on it as well.
Monarch Butterfly - October 10th

The other cross-stitch that got some attention was Sugar as I continue to work on getting the background done.  This project is something that I can work on while I am listening to podcasts. 

I still have some of the background to do but I am thinking that I may try and get a bit more of the actual stitching done over the next little while.  I don't know how much time I will have on this project but I am thinking that maybe even spending an evening on this one will help me see a bit of progress on the actual dog.

Sugar - September 5th
These are the projects that got my attention this past week and I will see who I work on this week.

I am pretty sure that the Monarch Butterfly will get a bit more attention as I want to see what this piece looks like very soon.  Of course, a lot of what I can work on will depend on the time that I have available. 
Sugar - October 10th

Stitching is a great way for me to relax in the evenings and I hope to be able to find some time this week to do just that.  It is such a nice way to relax and actually think a lot of the various projects through.  There are evenings when I am stitching but my mind is still on the project that I was working on during the day.

I have a lot of projects that are currently waiting to be worked on in the evenings but I am thinking that I am going to focus on just a couple of projects to see how they go.

Now to see which work project I will focus on and get it finished up as well.  I know that there are a lot of things needing my attention so now to start working through everything.

Monday, October 3, 2016

My week was pretty good

Caron Cakes - shawl
This past week I was able to find some time to sit and craft and am happy with the progress that I made. 

My first project that I wanted to see finished was the shawl that I was working on using the caron cakes yarn that I picked up.  During the week I was able to work on it and actually get it finished.  The shawl is just over 72 inches long so I figured it was time to end it.

Caron Cakes - shawl - finished
I do have some more yarn still to go so I am making a narrow scarf with it.  I hope to be able to get the scarf done in the next couple of weeks so that all the yarn has been used up quickly.

I have loved using the yarn as it is so nice and soft and I have had some fun working with it as when I am not really watching the yarn it is a nice surprise when the colour has changed and I am onto a different colour.

Monarch - September 21st
After finishing up the shawl I decided it was time to try and get a bit of cross stitch done. I picked up the Monarch Butterfly design and started to work on it as I figured it would be nice to see some more progress on this design before the end of the month.

Monarch - September 30th
The Monarch Butterfly got one evening worth of work done on it this week so that did make me happy as I was able to see some progress on the outside of the design. This is one of the designs that I am hoping to have finished soon as I am really enjoying how it is turning out. I am going to try and finish at least connecting all the sides of the design so that I will just have the flower and butterfly to finish up.

This weekend we decided that we were going to have a day where we just did some of the things that we have wanted to do and something we haven't done in quite a while. So each of us decided that we were doing to spend one day doing something that wasn't work related to start to recharge our personal batteries.  It felt wonderful having a day like that and yesterday was it.
Salmon Rose - September 7th

My project was to see if I can make some progress on the Salmon Rose that I have been working on. This design was started last year and didn't get any attention for over a year until I pulled it back out at the beginning of September.  Yesterday I enjoyed watching the Blue Jay game and then the preseason hockey game so it gave me some time where I could just sit and stitch. 

Salmon Rose - October 2nd
I am very happy with the progress that I was able to make and am looking forward to seeing how much more of this piece I can get worked on over the next little while. I am how just over half finished the rose and once all the stitching is done I am going to figure out where some of the back stitch needs to go.  That will be after all the other stitching is done and I can sit back and look at the completed piece versus the picture and see where I think some outlining is needed.

Until then I have some work that needs to get done so I am off to do that and will see which evenings I will be able to find some time to craft. Next weekend is a long weekend so that means hopefully I will be able to find some additional time to craft and enjoy the time.