Monday, August 26, 2019

Some progress again this week

Dice Bag - August 17
 Here it is another week is over, and I have to admit that I am not too sure where the entire week went.  I had a lot of things that needed my attention in the last week, so that meant that stitching didn't get a lot of attention, but that's ok.  I will see what this week has in store and then go from there.

Dice Bag - August 24
Dice Bag - I was able to finally pick up this piece and work on the border for the second side.  The border doesn't take too long to complete if you can sit and focus on it, but that wasn't something that I was doing, so it took a few days to get around the border.

This project is now going to be sitting for a little while as I finish deciding what I will be adding to the rest of the second side of the bag.  I have a few ideas, so now I am going to work on other things and let this sit and see what the final decision ends up to be.

MAP - August 11
Mysterious Adventure Project (MAP) - Last Monday another part was released of the pattern, and this part was the nameplate.   Now the decision started with what do I name my map and how to stitch it and where to place it.  I had been working on the border of the section that I thought was going to be the bottom of my map, but after figuring things out and looking at the entire project I flipped the MAP and now what was the bottom is currently the top of the MAP.

MAP - August 24
The charting of the nameplate, as well as the name of the MAP, took some time and as you can see I wasn't able to get a lot of the stitching done this week.  I hope that I can find some time to continue to work on the nameplate as I would like to have at least one part of the pattern completed before another section is released.  I am behind on the coastline and the border, but that doesn't bother me because I am finding that not being totally caught up has it's advantages when some decisions in another section need to be made.

I am in some ways enjoying this project, but in some other ways, I am frustrated with it.  The descriptions of the various sections need some improvement, and the key to the colours needs a lot of work.  The colour key doesn't match the charted examples we are given, so that means a lot of decision need to be made.  Sure I understand that each MAP is going to be different and the colours are our choice but at least knowing that colours were used in the example would be nice.

Heaven and Earth Designs - of course, this week Heaven and Earth Designs have another sale on their site, so maybe I need to check my wishlist and see if I pick up another pattern. I love having my wishlist on their website as it means that I can always show people some of the patterns that I want. 

I have a few more things that I would like to work on this coming week, and I know that Linen and Threads will be releasing the September section so that means something else that will need to be stitched.  I would like to see a bit of progress on at least a couple of my projects, but I am not sure which projects will get the attention this week.

It is now time for me to try and get the work done that is currently waiting for me.  Hope everyone has a great week and you find a bit of time to do the things that you enjoy doing each day.

Monday, August 19, 2019

A bit of progress

Dice Bag - August 11
Dice Bag - August 17
Here it is Monday morning, and I have to admit that I didn't get a lot of time this last week to sit and do something.

Dice Bag - I have been able to make a bit of progress on the dice bag but still haven't got it done.  I know that making sure that I can get some of the dice bags finished up would be nice, so that is going to be some of my focus when I have some spare time this week.  I have the border to finish on the second bag and then add a few more details once I figure out what I will be adding.

The dice bag got most of it's attention when I met with some friends for our monthly stitching get together.  Other than that time I was able to find the time in the evenings to do much stitching this last week, so all of the projects had to wait for a while, but I hope to get back to working on some in the next little while.

I have a bunch of projects that I would like on, and the next part of MAP was released this morning, so that means that I need to try and get back to making some progress on that project as well.  I have some projects that need my attention today, and then I will see if I can find even a bit of time this evening to add a few more stitches to the border of the dice bag.

Not a lot to say this week and now to see if I can get the stuff done that I need to get done so that I can have some evenings where I can add a few stitches in on a project.  Hope everyone has a good week and you find some time to do the things that you love even if it is a few minutes each day.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Moving projects forward

MAP - August 4
 Here it is the start of another week, and I am happy to say that I was able to get a bit of stitching in last week.

Mysterious Adventure Project (MAP) - this project did get a bit of attention this week as I was trying to finish stitching all the coastline.  I finished the first colour on both of the coastlines but have to admit that they took quite a while to stitch.  Sure the piece is only 200 stitches high but considering all the twists and turns the coastline takes it meant for a lot of stitching time.
MAP - August 6

Once the first colour of the coastline was completed, I decided to try and see if I could start to add a bit more colour to the border. I started working on the rope section and have added one colour to about a quarter of the rope so yes it is going to take a while to get all the colours in the border, but at least I am moving it forward even if it is slow.

MAP - August 11
The coastline got a little bit more attention yesterday as I started to work on getting the next colour in.  The coastline consists of four colours, so it will take some time to get them all completed.  The aim of the last three colours to try and smooth out some of the areas, so that takes a bit longer as you are looking at the different sections and figuring out where to add the additional stitches.   I hope to have more of MAP done this week as the next section is released on the 19th of August.

Dice Bag - August 11
Dice Bag - this project is the result of buying dice for MAP and then figuring out I needed my dice bag. There wasn't a pattern that I liked available, so I decided to make my design and stitch it up.  I have at least one side of the bag mostly stitched and now to figure out what to add to the second side.  There are a couple of ideas already designed, but I think I need some time to figure out what I want my bag to look like.  Before stitching any more on the inside section of the second side, I will finish the border and then see what I feel like adding.  My dice bag is around 6 inches square so not large but big enough for all the dice that I have.

That is all the stitching that I was able to get done last week, but at least I was able to make a bit of progress on a couple of projects. This week I hope to be able to add some stitches in on MAP as well as on the Dice Bag.  I also think it is time to try and work on another project for a little while but not sure what I will dig out to work on.

Hope everyone has a great week and you find the time to do some of the things that you love to do. I am now off to get the work done that is on my list for today and then maybe tonight I will try and spend a few minutes doing something I like doing.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

A small finish and some progress

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL'19 - Aug 4
 Here it is the start of another week and yes I have been able to find a little bit of time to do some stitching. Things are slowly moving forward, which is great.

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL '19 - the August section was released early last week, and that meant it was time to try and get some of that stitched up. This month I did a lot better, and I was able to get the entire section stitched in the first week.  It feels wonderful seeing that I have been able to get it finished and it also means that I can focus on some of the other projects that I want to work on until the September section is released at the end of the month.

The grapes that were part of this month were fun to stitch, and the entire section didn't take long to complete. This piece is now tucked away again and will make it's appearance once the September section is available.

Mysterious Adventure Project - July 24
Mystery Adventure Project  - this past week, I decided that it was time to try and focus on getting the rest of the border outlined so that I could work on stitching in the coastline.  The border didn't take long to do once I sat down and actually focused on it instead of just looking at it and not doing the stitching.

Mysterious Adventure Project - August 4
After getting the border completed, I was able to start working on the different coastlines.  I completed the smallest coastline on the right of the MAP, but the other coastline is taking a while to complete.  The left coastline does go to the top of the piece, so considering it weaves its way up to the top it takes some time to get it stitched.
I am looking forward to seeing what the MAP looks like once I have completed the coastlines. I haven't had a lot of time to stitch this past week, so I will see what happens this week.  I would like to see if I can get the coastline outlined on MAP as there are still three colours involved there and I do need to try and spend some more time working on the border as I need to get it completed.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather we are having.  I now have some work that I need to do so hope everyone has a great week and you find a bit of time to do something that you enjoy doing each day.