Monday, October 25, 2021

A week with some progress

Here it is the start of another week and things here in Ontario are slowing starting to open up.  As of today, some capacity limits have been changed, so that makes me feel a bit better. The changes that were made were more in the restaurants and gyms, but at least we are finally moving forward.

Krozwyrd - this past week I decided to try and work on filling in some various sections of the background. It is amazing how much stitching is in each of the little areas.  I am enjoying how it is turning out but know that it is still going to be taking some time to get this piece finished.

I just looked at the point I am at with Krozwyrd, and I am almost at 50% complete which is nice, but it is also hard to believe that I am that far on it.  Maybe this week I can get to the 50% done, and then I will start to feel better and know that I am getting closer to a finish on this piece.

If I can get over the 50% finished, it means that some other sections probably won't have as much detail in them. I love how this piece is working up, and I am looking forward to seeing the entire piece finished as well.

Turquoise mini - here is a project that I started over the weekend, and it is working up quickly. I wanted something that I could see some quick results and I must admit that I have been seeing that.  I am outlining one section of the design so that I can just fill that in later.  I have at least reached the top and one side of the design with the outline, so it really isn't very big, but it is still full coverage.  I will see how much of this I can get done this week as well.

The colours in this piece are also some of my favourites, so that is helping me want to work on it and get it finished quickly. The piece is going to be under 5 inches squares, so something that hopefully does work up quickly.

Grey way scarf - I wanted to work on this scarf to see if I could get it finished so that I knew it was ready for when I wanted to wear it. This past week, I decided that I just needed to work on it and keep going and get it finished.

Last night after looking at it and figuring it out I was able to get the remaining rows knit on the scarf, so it is now just waiting for some ends to be woven in, and then it is done.  This scarf was a lot of fun to knit and really didn't take that long at all.  I think if I could have focused on it, I could have made it done in a week, but of course other things took some of my time, so I got it done in just about two weeks.

Other things - I am continuing to try and get a few other things moved forward, but other parts of life and work are taking my time, meaning I don't have a lot of time or energy to put into getting projects moved forward.

We all are starting to figure out how to get things done and right now I know that with things moving forward for everyone making sure we take time for ourselves each day is going to be important.  Make sure that each day you take some time for yourself and do something that you love.  Take the time to know that, makes sure you have the energy to helps others.

Hope everyone has a good week, and maybe I will have some projects to show you next week, but time will tell.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Slowly moving things forward

It is hard to believe it is the start of another week, but at least things are starting to look a little brighter in our crazy world. We are still dealing with a number of restrictions, but things are slowly starting to open up more and more.  Of course, there are still going to be restrictions for a while, but maybe now we can start doing things again.

This picture of the rainbow was taken this morning out of my office window. I walked into my office and this is the first thing that I saw which made me smile.  So yes things are looking a little brighter in the world this morning.

This last week has been a little crazier than normal for me so finding the time or energy to actually craft hasn't happened as often as I would have liked.  I know that things are finally turning around, so now I am hopeful that I will be able to find the time and energy again to do some of the things that I love doing.

Grey wavy scarf - as I mentioned last week I wanted to try knitting this scarf with a different yarn so of course I had to start it.  This scarf was what got most of the attention this week, as I would like to be able to wear it before too long.

I am knitting this with a ball of Red Heart Croquette, and I am loving how it is turning out.  This yarn was available at Michael's, so I picked up a couple of pucks of it, and I am loving how it looks.  It has been discontinued, so that means that I will enjoy what I have and maybe find something similar in the future.  This is only part of the first 45 g puck that I have, and I am thinking it will be long enough when I finish the 45 grams.

Krozwyrd - this project got just a bit of attention this week but at least I was able to make some progress on it.  I am looking forward to seeing how much more of it I can get done as I do enjoy working on it and love how it is turning out.

Each section of this pattern is a little different and maybe that is what makes it so much fun to work on.  You start to see all the little different details appear and that is what has been keeping me motivated to get this piece moved forward.  I hope that this coming week I will be able to spend some time working on it again. 

I hope that before too long I can see the bottom section of this piece finished, and then I can move the q-snap and work on the rest of the piece.

Other projects - I continue to try and work on getting more of the projects moved forward, but there isn't a lot of movement lately, so that is why there aren't many pictures.

I hope you continue to find those few minutes each day to do something for yourself.  It doesn't matter what it is, but just being able to do it makes such a difference. Have a great week and hopefully next week I will have a bit more progress on things. 

Monday, October 11, 2021

Moving projects forward a bit at a time

Here it is the start of another week and the weather today is telling us it is still summer, but it is almost the middle of October. 

Restrictions here in Ontario are slowly being lifted, but we are still not where we would like to be with regard to the number of Covid-19 cases.

Pandemic - I picked up this piece again this week as I wanted to see if I could get it moved forward even a little.  I only worked on it one day of the weekend, and at least I can see that I did make some progress on it. I will see when I pick it up again and how much more of it I can do.

Krozwyrd - I am continuing to work on this piece, and I am now working on getting some inside designs stitched.  They do take quite a while to do as there are a lot of stitches in each little section.  

I have decided that I am going to try and work on filling in the very bottom sections so that I can move the entire piece up and finish it that way.  I had originally thought of doing all the words first but given the detail in the rest of the piece having the option of doing a letter sometimes will probably be a good idea. 

This week I hope to be able to add a few more stitches to this piece and see if I can at least get a bit more of the bottom sections done. This piece is going to take quite a while to complete, but if I can at least get a few stitches done on it each day, it might help me feel better. 

Sisters - I started a project this week, and I am looking forward to seeing how quickly it stitches. This piece is actually being done using a crochet pattern and not a cross stitch pattern. I would like to get this piece done quickly as it is part of a Christmas gift.

I decided to try and do this piece using the crochet pattern as it was laid out basically like a cross stitch pattern, so it isn't that hard to follow.  The only difference is I have to be very careful when I move from one page to another.  I am using one variegated thread for this piece, and it is stitching up pretty quickly.  I hope to get finished with the first page this week, and then I only have three partial pages to go.  If things go well, I should have this finished in plenty of time to do the rest of the gift.

Wavy scarf - I continued to work on this scarf during the week and am very happy with the progress that I made on it.  It is a very simple pattern and given the rows are short they don't take long to do.  I am thinking that being able to get this scarf done would be nice, but I am thinking I may try and knit another version of this scarf as I would like to have it for an event.

I have just added the third of the twelve yarns to this scarf and so far I have enjoyed how it is turning out.  I will see what happens this week if I continue to work on this version of the scarf or does the other idea end up getting started and moved forward. 

Other projects - I am continuing to work on a number of other projects as well, and I am looking forward to getting things done quickly if I can.  These projects are the ones that have got the most attention this past week, and I will see which projects get attention this coming week.

I am working on getting the throw for my mom finished up, but it is taking quite a bit of time to do the quilting on it.  I am actually sewing buttons in the middle of a lot of the motifs so that does take the time.  Once it is done I will be able to take a piece of it. I have a goal of when I would like the throw done, so that means I am going to need to get the buttons finished and then do the binding.

I hope everyone is continuing to find a bit of time for yourself each day. Making sure that you do something for yourself even a few minutes each day does make a difference.  Next week I would like to have some projects to show you that I have moved forward.

To my Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving.


Monday, October 4, 2021

Different projects get moved forwardd

Here it is the start of another week and things here are about the same as they have been in regard to work and Covid restrictions.  Fall is finally here, and you can feel it come days, but then other days we still have the warmth of late summer.

This week I decided that I was going to change up the projects that I was working on and wanted to see how it went.  I think I feel good about the progress on things, so now to see if I can continue with the mix of some smaller projects as well as the larger projects.

Motif from Mahala Barber - this is a project that I started in 2019, and it got put away until it finally came out and got some attention this week.  This was a fun piece to work on as I changed all the colours on it and had some fun.  I used some over dyed flosses that I had so that I could give the vase and stand some different character.  I love how it turned out, and it really didn't take me too long to finish up this piece once I got started.

I am not sure how I will be finishing this piece, but I know that it will be finished up soon so that I can have it available to hang up here before too long. I hope that I can continue to pull out some older projects to get them finished, as it does make me feel good seeing that when I can sit and focus on something I can get it done before too long.

The Snipper - here is a project that was all kitted up and ready to be stitched since 2018.  I finished the other two in the series, The Stitcher and The Ripper but never actually picked this one up to work on.  This week I decided that it was another projects that wouldn't take long to do, so I picked it up and started it and by the end of the weekend I had another finish. Again, this was a nice quick stitch and something that now I can finish.  I will finish this piece as well as the other two, and they will be ready to display before too long.

It is so much fun pulling out these little projects and actually seeing that when I can sit and work on one of them, I can get it finished up before too long.

Infinity scarf - here is the knitting that got the attention again this week, and now I am getting closer to having this scarf finished.  I have now attached the 11th colour and only have one more to go after this.  I am having so much fun working on this scarf, and I am thinking that I might make another one once this one is done.  I will maybe do the next one a single colour, but will have to see what I feel like when the time comes.

This pattern is very easy to do and something that I can pick up and work on when I have a few minutes where I just want to work on something.  I am not looking forward to seeing it together once it is done, but I will tackle that when I get there. I hope to have these two colours stitched up before long, and then will work on the next project.  

Wavy scarf - this is the new knitting project that I started and will be using the remaining 12 small balls on it.  I finished the first colour and added on the second one, and it is another one of those patterns that isn't very difficult.  It is four rows, so I do have to pay a bit of attention to it, but again I am enjoying how it is turning out.  I am not sure how long this scarf will be, but am happy to see that I am getting there on it.

Other projects - I haven't picked up a lot of the other projects that I have on the go but will see how things go moving forward this week.  I have loved working on the projects that I have done, and now to see what gets the attention this week.

I hope everyone continues to find a bit of time each day to do something that you love doing.  It does help you regain the focus that you need to be there for everyone else.  

Hope everyone has a good week and hopefully next week I will once again have something to show you.