Friday, August 30, 2013

Relaxing and Crafting

Here it is the start of the long weekend and it is time to sit back and relax.  It is so nice to say that work is mostly over for the week and now it is time to enjoy a three day weekend.
My goal this weekend is to see what crafting I can accomplish. No one project is standing out so going to just see what I can do.  The weather is suppose to be not too bad so am not going to work on anything too big.
Hope everyone has a good long weekend and enjoys themselves doing whatever they want.
It is now time for me to pick up some knitting needles and relax.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Where has August gone

It's already the 20th of August and I really don't know where the month has gone. It has been a busy month for me with school and work so my crafting time has been limited. Also I have been crocheting and knitting things but haven't sat down and actually finished the things. I currently have a pile of items waiting for ends to be sewn in or seams to be sewn up.

Besides writing two exams last week I have been trying to get my work schedule a little more organized. I had a couple of major changes happen this month so now I have a schedule that is different than it has been over the last couple of years. One change was my own decision to walk away from helping at a quarterly meeting. The other change wasn't my own decision but it has been made and now to look for something more challenging to replace it.

I was meaning to take some pictures of projects that actually have been finished earlier this month but of course forgot. Hopefully I will sit down and work on getting things finished up so that I can take pictures of them. See, I don't like taking pictures of items that aren't quite finished. I don't mind taking pictures of a cross-stitch in progress but knitting hats and dishcloths don't justify pictures of work in progress.

So now today's goal is to try and figure out my work schedule a little better and then move forward and see what I can accomplish. Tonight I will see what I work on and hopefully I will have some time to craft for a while.