Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Taking Time For Myself Again

Friday - Take Time For Yourself by Stoney Creek
A good friend of mine asked me a question yesterday as she hadn't seen a blog entry about this past weekend.  Here is her question to me: "Did you do what you said we all should do, take time for ourselves and finish your little picture?"

Sunday - Take Time For Yourself by Stoney Creek
Sunday - The Country of Downy Diamonds by Spirit of Belarus
Now to answer her question, Yes I took time for myself on Sunday and worked on "Take Time For Yourself".  I actually did some stitching on Friday and Saturday as well because I was really enjoying this piece and yes wanted to get it finished.

The piece actually did work up pretty quickly as it was only 5"x5" so it meant I could see some results pretty quickly on the piece.  There were quite a few colours used in this piece but I didn't actually mind the changing of threads too much because I was able to work on different areas at once and get one colour finished before changing to the next colour.

I was lucky because on Sunday after a lunch I curled up and worked on the piece to ensure that it was finished before going to bed.  I thought it was going to take me longer to finish the piece but I was able to get it done even before dinner. 

Once this piece was finished I couldn't put my needle down so I immediately had to start another piece.  I have a second pattern from Stoney Creek "Listen to Your Dreams" but I didn't start that one but started a project that is bigger and in some ways a bit more challenging.  I started "The Country of Downy Diamonds" by Spirit of Belarus which uses quite a bit of rayon threads instead of the cotton threads.  I find rayon threads a little harder to use because it does slide more than the cotton threads.  As you can see in the picture I didn't get much of this pattern done but it is almost 11"x8" so it is a lot bigger.

I am not sure if this weekend I will take time for myself but if I do I know that I am going to work on a cross-stitch for a while.  It might be Country of Downy Diamonds or it might be another project but I am really enjoying cross-stitching again.

Now time to take time to get work done and then will see what I work on this weekend even for just a little while.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Taking Time For Myself

Take Time For Yourself - Stoney Creek
Yesterday I decided that I was going to spend a bit of time doing something for me.  Yes, taking time for myself.  This pattern was one that I loved as soon as I saw it, so DH got it for me and of course I had to start it.  I sat yesterday afternoon and then for a couple of hours last night and stitched.  It felt so good to just sit and forget about all the other demands that I have on my life.  I think everyone every once and awhile needs to sit and do something for themselves and not feel guilty about it.

For me the not feeling guilty about taking time when I have a lot of other things on the go is normally difficult for me.  This time I figured that if I didn't take some time for me I wasn't going to be productive on all the other things that I have on the go.

This pattern does stitch up pretty quickly and is about 5" square so I hope that if I can spend a couple evenings this week working on it I should be able to make some more good progress on it.  Once I finish this one I have another pattern that goes with it and it's "Listen To Your Dreams".  So I hope that I will be able to get the two of these done quickly and them frame them and put them somewhere where I see them all the time.

Taking time for yourself is very important to ensure you are effective in all the other things that you do in life.  Remember, don't feel guilty when you take the small bits of time for yourself as you deserve it. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Knit hats
The new year is now a week old and I have to admit that I haven't been doing a lot of crafting.  Part of that is because I am trying to get other things completed and then there are the courses that I am getting ready to start this week.

The project that I have been working on is making some granny squares for an afghan.  The nice thing about this project is I can work on it a bit at a time and there is no deadline on it.  Also this type of project works very well when we are running around.  Yes, I have a bunch of other projects on the go including hats and mittens for children, some baby sweaters and even a couple of baby afghans.

I am enjoying the crafting that I am doing but have to admit that I would love to spend more time on my crafts but I have other demands on my time.  It is interesting because some people think because I get quite a few things done it means I work on my crafts all the time.  Yes, I work on my crafts while relaxing but I sure don't work on them all the time.  I am a fast knitter and crocheter so when I can sit and work on a project even for a little while I do get results pretty quickly.

Yes, I mentioned taking courses starting this week.  I decided to sign up to take two on-line courses and they start this week and end in the middle of April so it means that I am going to be busy between now and then.  I am one of those people who enjoys taking courses so now to see what it's like taking two on-line courses at the same time.  I know, a few years ago I took two night-school courses at once and managed them so I think I should be able to manage two courses where I don't have to attend classes.

Work is now calling me so it's time to finish off for now and focus my energy on getting work done.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year so new goals

So it's now the new year so it's time to review last years goals and set some new goals for 2013.

2012 goals
1.  Get yarn stash below 300 pounds - didn't get yarn down that low instead added to stash
2.  Complete 225 items - completed 247 items
3.  Make 4 things for myself - actually did this which I am surprised
4.  Finish cross-stitch - Ink Circle - completed
5.  Finish cross-stitch - Butterfly - completed
6.  Finish one page of Mystic stitch petit point - didn't even touch it in 2012
7.  Achieve my CAPM - achieved in February 2012
8.  Spend 10 hours a month drawing - didn't do much drawing
9.  Blog four times each month - overall did blog on average 4 times a month
10.  Use 20,000 grams of yarn - broken thumb meant couldn't use as much yarn

So now it's time to set the 2013 goals:
1. Complete 225 items 
2. Blog at least 4 time a month
3. Compete at Markham Fair in 2013
4. Complete 3 items for myself
5. Get stash to below 360 pounds
6. Complete 3 cross-stitch that I already have started.
7. Spend more time writing both personally and professionally

I was going to add one goal of taking 5 courses at Creative Festival in the fall of this year but as soon as I mentioned that to my husband he just laughed.  Of course I will take courses this year as I enjoy that weekend.

Not as many goals this year because I figured I would be realistic this year and then will see how I really do.  I have other things that need my attention this year so that is part of where my time is going to be spent.