Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Car seat blanket

Car seat blanket - Nov 20th
As promised here is a picture of the car seat blanket that I finished on the weekend.  It was a very quick knit which was great.   The pattern called for worsted weight yarn so that I what I used and it also asked quick which really got my attention.

Car seat blanket - Nov 23rd.
I started this blanket on Thursday evening while watching TV and I finished knitting it on Saturday afternoon while watching curling.  It sure didn't take very long at all to make it and the pattern turned out really nice.  I still need to block it a bit but at least it is finished.

The yarn I am using for this blanket is the yarn that was left over from the shawl that I made for myself.  I had almost 300 grams left so figured that I wanted to use it up quickly.  The first blanket is now done and I still have enough to make another blanket so it is now on the needles. 

It is great when I can have a couple of items ready for when I hear someone is expecting or has had a baby.  These car seat blankets will go into that area where all those items are kept and ready for when that call or email comes in.

The blanket is now sitting in the living room waiting to be worked on but right now there is other work that needs to be completed first.

Another day and hopefully I can make a bit of progress on my to-do-list.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Belted wrap and car seat blanket

Belted wrap - finished Nov 20th
I can actually say that I finished the belted wrap that I started in April 2014.  April 4th post

The best part of finishing the wrap now is that I can use it immediately as it has been pretty cold here in Toronto this week.  I think most of the time I am going to wear it without the belt but at least I have the belt to keep it on if I want to use it.

The wrap is nice and wide so it covers most of my arm when it is on and it also covers a lot of my back.  I have already started another version of this shawl but this time instead of using worsted weight yarn I am using lace weight yarn.
car seat blanket - started Nov 20th

Once I finished the belted wrap I discovered that I still had almost 3 - 100 gram balls of yarn so figured I wanted to use it up so looked around and discovered a pattern for a car seat blanket which didn't look too difficult.  The car seat needs to be around 19 inches before you do the final 6 rows and I think I knit 12 inches on this blanket last night.  I guess it won't be long before I have this finished and then will see what else I work on.

Work is still keeping me busy so now it's time to focus on it for a while and then I can hopefully spend part of my weekend crafting.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stitching Progress

This week I decided that it was time to really try and focus on a project and see how much stitching I could get done.

Well I picked up the needle once during the week but the weekend meant that I had time to sit and stitch and now I am seeing some really good results.  The bottom portion of the dragon is almost done other than a few stitches that I need to do but that is it.  I now can focus on the wings and hopefully will be able to continue on them this week.

Omi's Rose - Nov 2nd
I am really happy with how much I was able to get done this week because it looks like I really don't have a lot more to do if I can focus on it for a few more days.  Now the words focus on it were working really well until this morning when I decided to pick up another pattern and put a few stitches in on it.  This new pattern is once again something of my own and is based on a picture of a rose that I took a couple of years ago.

I called the pattern Omi's rose because it is from a picture of a rose from a basket of flowers from her memorial.  I loved the rose and wanted to capture the beauty of it so I took the picture.