Monday, August 8, 2022

Getting things moving forward

Here it is the start of another week and yes I have been able to get more progress on a few things. I hope that this week I can continue to see more progress on things. The weather here is currently hot and humid, so it is making it difficult to get a lot of stuff done, but I have at least been able to spend a bit of time working on a couple of projects, so that makes me feel a little better.
Sewn in Friendship - this week I pulled out a project that I had been working on a bit at a time. I don't think I even had shown this one before. I am enjoying seeing how quickly I was able to make progress on this piece. It is a lot of fun when you can quickly see something come to life after only working on it a thread or two at a time.
I am going to try and continue on this piece over the next couple of weeks, as I think I should be able to get it finished if I just focus on it.

Pine Forest Baby Blanket - I have continued to work on this baby blanket, and I am loving how it is turning out. I am currently working on getting the rest of the pattern rows done, and hopefully this will also be done very soon.

I have now finished two balls of yarn for this blanket and am onto the third ball and this should finish the blanket. I still have about 13 more patterns to knit on this blanket, so hopefully once it cools down a bit I will be able to get back to making progress on this. 
Other projects - I am continuing to work slowly on my English paper piecing motifs and sewing them together, and over the last couple of weeks I haven't made a lot of progress. Again, once the weather cools down a little, and it is easier to hold onto things, I hope to be able to continue to make good progress on a bunch of the projects that are currently sitting and waiting to be worked on.

I hope everyone is able to spend a few minutes each day doing something that you enjoy. You might not be able to get a lot of something done, but at least those few minutes helps you recharge your own person batteries, and it makes dealing with everyone else a little easier.

This week I hope to continue to find bits of time when I can sit and work on my various projects, and maybe I will have more to show you next week. Have a good week and if you are dealing with the extreme heat and humidity, please take care of yourself and try and stay cool.


Monday, August 1, 2022

Some progress this week

Here it is the start of another week and yes another week of seeing if I can spend some time each day doing a bit of crafting.

Life seems to be getting into a new normal and that is good, so now to see how my crafting time may change, but at least I know that I have been able to make some progress on things over the last week.

Magic of Books - this week I continued to work on Magic of Books and most days I was able to get a couple of lengths of black added to the overall piece. I did make some good progress on filling in the black, but I am now going to at least take this week as a break from black. I am happy with how much I was able to get done, as I was able to almost 1,000 stitches in black over the last week.

Pine Forest Baby Blanket - I am continuing to work on this blanket and trying to get at least 4 rows completed each day.  I have now passed the halfway mark on the project, so that makes me happy, and I am going to be working hard to see how quickly I can get it done.

The pattern is a nice simple pattern and once you have memorized the pattern you can simply pick up the project and work on it. I know that seeing more of the rows completed would be nice, as it is starting to get a little harder to keep in my lap. I know that if the weather gets back to the hot and humid weather that they are calling for, I might not be able to get the four rows done each day, but I will try.

I have been wondering what this pattern would look like using sports weight yarn because I think it would have a nice and lacey appearance, so maybe that is something I might try later on. First I need to get this blanket finished, and then I can think about trying it in a different yarn.

Other projects - I have picked up my English paper piecing and have been making some slow progress on both the small motif project and the throw. Neither of the projects looks like I have done much, as I have been working on some little bits of sewing that is usually needed at some point in the project. I hope to be able to show some progress on both of these projects before too long.

I hope everyone continues to find those bits of time each day to do something for yourself. It doesn't matter what it is but making sure that you have spent some time doing something that you enjoy is what matters. We all need to take some time for yourself so that we can regain our own energy so that we can be there for those around us.

I hope to have some progress on at least a couple of projects next week. I am not sure what I am going to be working on, but I will figure that out later today. Have a good week.