Monday, November 22, 2021

Progress again last week

 Here it is the start of another week and hopefully things will start to improve here in Ontario. Case numbers are still not where everyone would like them, but we continue to do what we need to do by working remotely.

Fall has basically come and gone here in Ontario and the wind is blowing, so the colder weather is upon us now. Hopefully the snow will stay away for a while longer, at least here in Toronto.

Krozwyrd - here is the project that continues to be the focus cross stitch piece, as I would like to see it finished before too long. 

This past week I decided to try and get some letters done as well as see what the top section is like to work on. It feels great seeing that I am starting to see the end of this piece, but it is still close right now. I hope to continue to work on this piece again this week as I would like to see how much more of it I can get stitched. 

I am enjoying the process of stitching this piece as I love seeing all the different animals and other details appear in the various sections. I hope to work on some more of the top section of the piece this week, as just having a small middle section left to go would be nice.

Sisters - how, here is a piece that has been away for just over a month. I want to get this piece finished up quickly as I have an idea of how I am going to finish it, so that means that I need to actually focus on the stitching instead of letting it just sit and not get the attention it needed.

This piece has been a challenge for me to stitch because I am using a crochet pattern instead of a cross stitch pattern for this. I found that the chart was nice, but it was difficult to see the actual squares that I needed to stitch, so I decided to out this pattern into my cross stitch pattern marker so that I could see it easier. It did take some time to get the pattern recharted but once it was one it meant that the actual stitching was a lot easier to do.

If I can focus on some of this stitching, I don't think this piece will take much longer to finish, or at least that is my hope. The thread that I am using is a variegated Sulky thread, and it means that I can just stitch and not have to worry about changing colour at all. This week I hope to be able to get a few more stitches in on this piece as well but will have to see what else gets my attention. 

I don't have a lot more stitching to do on this piece, so maybe I just need to try and make sure that I can get more of it done.

Pashmina shawl - this is currently my main knitting project, and I am happy with the progress that I made this week on it. I don't spend a lot of time knitting, so even getting this much done made me feel good. The pattern is just a very simple knit and purl so that means I can pick it up when I have a few minutes and not worry about what row of the pattern that I am on.

I am using Joy DK yarn by Loops and Thread, and it has been a nice yarn to use. This week I will see if I can get a couple more rows done on this as well as getting it done would make me happy.

Other projects - I haven't work on a lot of other projects as I have been trying to just focus on these so that I can move each of these forward.

I hope everyone continues to find a bit of time each day to do something that you love. Finding that time for yourself is very important, as it makes sure that you can recharge your own batteries so that you have the energy to help those around you.

Have a good week and hopefully next week I will have some more progress to show you.

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