Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years

Well it's almost 2013 so wanted to wish everyone a Happy 2013 and All The Best In The New Year.

Will be posting in the next couple of days my 2013 goals and how I did achieving my 2012 goals.

Take care, and if you are out tonight please be safe.

See you in 2013.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Crafting results

Jamacian colour hats
So I finally got the camera out and took some pictures of all the different items that I have completed.  No I didn't put all the items here on the blog because it would have been a rather long and picture heavy blog entry.

What I did was to only put up three of the different items that I have made and enjoyed making.  The first picture was a special order that I took as the father wanted a hat for himself and matching hats for the two boys.  Of course I had to try and fulfill that order and I did even by putting his name on the hat.  (Last time I put a name on a hat.)

The new born set was also an order that I made.  Of course all of these items look a lot bigger in the picture but they were very quick to make and the results were well received.

New born winter set
To finish off the items is a ruffle scarf that I made Monday evening.  The yarn is by Estella and it's called Piccadilly.  The scarf is very easy to make but I have to admit that the fabric is very slippery and at one point the five stitches slipped off the needle and I thought it was going to mean restarting the scarf.  I was lucky and able to get the stitches back on the needle without any major problems so the scarf got completed without too many issues.

Ruffle scarf - yarn Piccadilly by Estella
Now that all the projects that were ordered for Christmas have been completed I am going to take a bit of time and work on projects just because I want to work on them.  You can probably imagine I have already started a couple of items and have other ones the go.

Things are finally starting to slow down for me work wise for the holidays so I think I am going to use this time to enjoy my crafting, drawing and writing.  Don't know how much I will actually get accomplished but at least I am thinking about getting some of the things worked on over the next couple of weeks.  This is all based on no other work issues coming to light.

Time to get the final bits of work completed so that I can then relax for a little bit.

Monday, December 17, 2012

This weekend's progress

Silver Dragon Sampler - Friday evening
This week I decided that it was going to be a cross-stitch weekend.  Well it wasn't a cross-stitch weekend but at least I was able to cross-stitch on Saturday.

Silver Dragon Sampler - Saturday evening
It did feel so good to be able to find and get some stitching done as I haven`t done a lot of cross-stitching at all this year.  I really want to get this pattern done before the end of the year considering it is dated.  I am hoping that I will be able to spend another day or two working on this pattern over the holidays and then it will be done.  I am almost at the half way mark so it shouldn`t be too hard to get it finished if I can focus on it.

So instead of cross-stitching on Sunday I decided to try and finish up a couple of other projects that I had on the go so finished another baby afghan that I was crocheting.  Now to finish up a couple of other items and then take some pictures of everything before they go to the people that requested these items.

Now this week is going to be busy so will see what I actually get accomplished.

Off to work I go.

Friday, December 14, 2012

My project this weekend

Silver Dragon Sampler by Jennifer Aikman-Smith
Well considering everything that has been going on around me I have decided that this is the weekend that I am going to hide and try and cross-stitch.

I think this is the project that I am going to work on but have to admit that it will depend what I actually pick up after having some dinner and finishing up a bit of work that I need to do today.

There are still a lot of different projects that I should be working on but I decided that for one weekend I am going to try and stitch and not think of all the other things that I should be doing.

Planning on taking pictures of where I get each day but will only post the end results after the weekend.  I think it's going to be a nice weekend of stitching and relaxing.

Time to have dinner and then relax this weekend.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Where has the time gone

I was just looking at the calendar and realized that I haven't posted for a while.  OK, I admit I haven't been on the computer as much as normal.  Part of that is once I finished the major project for a client I decided that I needed a few days away from the computer and trying to think of different things to write.

Besides not writing as much as normal I haven't even been crafting as much as normal.  I have actually spent a bit of time just relaxing and trying to figure out what needs to get done before Christmas and what can wait.  The good news is that once I did the thinking about the things needed I was able to start and focus on getting all of those items finished.  Now I just need to take some pictures and will have a few things to show you.

I have been having some fun knitting in the last little while and have actually made three hats for a order that I received.  The hats were to be Jamaican colours and with a pompom so that really wasn't that hard to make and actually I really enjoyed the knitting of these three hats.  (Hopefully pictures in the next couple of days.)

So over the next couple of days I hope to take some pictures and show you the different projects that I have actually finished over the last little while.  Nothing big but at least I have been getting a few things accomplished.

Time to do a bit of work and then I can relax tonight with some crafting.