Monday, June 24, 2019

Some progress this week

Roses - June 16
Here it is Monday morning, and I have been able to get a few things moved forward, so that makes me feel good.  I am not sure how this coming week will go, but at least I have something to show you for the last week.

Roses - I continue to work on this piece a bit each day and am extremely happy with the progress that I have been making on it. During this last week I was able to reach the far right point on the design and also get another couple of pages finished.  I now have 27 out of the 57 pages finished and will continue to see how much more of this piece I can get worked on.

Roses - full pictures to June 22
Yesterday morning before I did any more stitching I decided it was time to move the frame again so that I could see the entire piece but also make some more room for the next three pages that I am going to be working on.  It is so nice when I can see the entire piece and see how much of it that is actually completed.  I know that this has been almost nine months of working on it.  I am happy with the overall progress that I have made and am looking forward to seeing what it looks like in September when it will be one year of working on this piece.

Roses - June 23
I am not sure how much stitching on Roses I will get done this week, but at least I know that I should be able to make some more progress on it as I will continue to try and work on it each day. I know that there are days where I can only get a few stitches in and then there are days especially on the weekend when I can get more done so will see what this week is like.

Unleash the Butterflies - May 6
Unleash the Butterflies - I decided for the weekend that I would also try and put a few stitches in on a different project, so that is what I did.  I pulled out Unleash the Butterflies and worked on it for a little bit just so that I could see some more progress on it.  I haven't worked on this piece since early May, so it was nice to pick it up and put some more stitches in on it.

Unleash the Butterflies - June 22
It doesn't look like I got much done, but at least it was a few stitches which keep this project moving forward.  I will continue to try and work on this piece a bit at a time until I have finished Roses when this project will probably become a focus piece.  I know that even adding 100 stitches on this piece when I pick it up is something and that is how I keep thinking of this piece.  100 stitches keep it moving forward so if I can continue to add even that each time I work on it, I am getting it closer to being finished.

This week I will have another new project to work on, so I will see how this week goes.  I joined another stitch-a-long and am looking forward to seeing the results.  I can't show you a picture of the finished piece as we don't know what the end result is other than it is a Mysterious Adventure and it will be a map.   The first section was released this morning, so I hope that this evening after adding some stitches into Roses that I can pull this out and work on it.

It is now time for me to get some other things done as I have a busy week ahead of me.  Hope everyone has a great week and you enjoy the weather and find some time each day to do something that you enjoy doing.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Progress this week

Roses - June 9
It is Monday morning, and yes, it has been a busy week.  For those of you that have heard there is a major championship parade here in Toronto today.  The Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship last week, and the parade is this morning.  I am safely working today and avoiding all the craziness downtown. Now there has been some progress on a couple of projects this week as well.
Roses - June 16

 Roses - yes it continues to see some progress each day, and over the last week, I have to move the q-snap so that I could start working on the new section of pages.  I finished one page this week and have just about finished another page, so this project continues to get moved along. 

This week I am going to try and finish off another page or at least that is my goal as it depends on how much time I have to actually work on this piece.  I continue to get a few stitches in each day, and when I have a bit more time, I try and get the extra stitching in to move the piece along a little quicker. When I get across the rest of this section of pages, I will have touched the right-hand side of the design so that will be a nice feeling.  I will get close to touching that side a few more times, but the stitch in this section will be the furthermost to the right.

Someone was here - before Jan 1/19
Someone Was Here - now this is a project that I haven't worked on for quite a while.  I know that I started this piece in 2012 and it really hasn't got a lot of attention since then.  I am now going to try and get some more of it done.  I hope that over the next month I can spend some time working on this and maybe I will start to see that I am getting closer to getting it finished. 

Someone Was Here - June 15
I found this piece while looking in one of my WIP (work in progress) boxes as I was looking to work on something a little different than I have been working on lately. It feels great being able to go through the box sometimes and pull out something that has been forgotten and actually get it moved forward again.  I am not sure how much work I will actually get done on this piece as I do enjoy working on Roses, and at the end of the month, I have another project that will be getting attention. 

I have quite a few things that are needing my attention this morning, so it is now time for me to get to work.  I hope everyone has a great week and you find some time to do the things that you love doing.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Progress and a small finish

Roses - June 2
It is Monday morning, and yes I was able to find little bits of time to craft in the last week considering the schedule was pretty busy.

Roses - once again a few stitches were added each day to this piece, and I am loving how it is turning out. While working on the piece during the week, I was able to finish off two pages so now have 23 out of the 57 pages stitches.  I know I still have a long way to go on this piece, but at least I am making a bit of progress.

Roses - June 9
Today I am going to be moving the q-snap so that I can start to work on the next section of pages as I have now finished the top two rows of pages.  In a lot of ways, it is all downhill from here.  I am hoping that before too long, I will be able to see the right most point of the pattern also touched.

I have continued to put in a few stitches each day on this piece, and it keeps me motivated as I would like to have this piece hanging on our living room wall before too long.  I still think it will be another 8 - 10 months before this piece is finished.

Spring Garden - May 26
Spring Garden Needlebook - one night this week, I decided to try and get at least one thread in on the border so that I could start to see a bit more progress on the piece.  I got the one thread in, and that was it so yes this piece is taking a long time to work on.  I thought I would have it finished by the end of June but considering how much I have stitched on it over the last while I think it will be July or August before I see the end of the order.
Spring Garden - June 6

The border shouldn't take too long to do if I could focus on it but of course, focusing on this piece doesn't seem to work considering everything else that I would like to be working on.   I will try to put a couple more threads in on the border in the next while to make sure that I can finish this piece instead of it ended up in a file of things that should be finished, but I don't work on.

 #GiveLoveGetLove - this piece was a fun piece to work on as well as quick. I stitched this piece with some of the overdyed floss that I had and am now going to turn this piece into a little pillow.
#GiveLoveGetLove - June 9

There is a bit of a story behind this piece, and it is from a Flosstuber that I watch and she received some floss and fabric from a couple of other stitchers as a gift.  Jan, who is the flosstuber that I watch used the hashtag givelovegetlove to express her feelings and a designer after hearing that charted the pattern so that it was available to stitch.   I love the sentiment behind this hashtag because it is so true that if you give love, you will get love back.

This week I hope to find some time each night to put a few stitches in on Roses and then I will see what else gets a bit of attention.  I now have some work that I need to get finished up, so that is the first thing on the agenda for today.

Hope everyone has a good week and you find a bit of time each day to do something that you enjoy doing.

Monday, June 3, 2019

A bit more progress

Roses - May 26
Here it is Monday morning, and there has been a bit of progress on a couple of projects over the last week.

Roses - I continue to work on Roses each day and have been happy with the progress that I have been able to see.  Of course, I know that I am still a long way from being finished this piece, but at least I have continued to move it forward even if it is only a few stitches each day.

Roses - June 2
This past week I was able to get the butterfly done, so that meant another 2 pages finished, so we are now sitting at 20 pages finished out of the 57. My original goal for this project was to get 12 pages done in 2019, but I have been able to get quite a bit more done.  The easiest way for moving this forward was to decide to work on it each day even if it was only 10 stitches some days. I have finished the top row of the pattern and now am working on getting the second row of pages done so that I can move the fabric again.  I hope to be able to get the fabric moved again during June but will have to see how things progress on the piece.

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL - June 2
Linen and Threads Mystery SAL '19 - the June section was released Friday morning here in Canada as it was the 1st of June in Australia.  I decided that I wasn't going to work on it until the 1st as I had other things that I wanted to get done on Friday evening.

This section didn't take me very long to finish as I was able to start it on Saturday and it was finished on Sunday evening.  The piece was interesting to work on with some backstitch again to help with the design.  I have now put this piece away again, and it won't be coming back out until the end of June when the July section is released.

I hope to get back to working on a couple of other projects this week, but I will have to wait and see how the week really goes.  I have quite a few things that need my attention, so I hope each evening I will be able to find even a few minutes to add some stitches in on Roses.

Hope everyone has a great week and you find the time to do the things that you love doing.