Sunday, November 13, 2011

Life got in the way

So yes I have gone missing again and this time it was due to having too many things on my plate that needed to be done.  The biggest thing that I started was an online course on Technical Writing and Editing which I thought I was going to enjoy.  The course started on October 31st and by November 3rd I was frustrated and no happy at all with the course content or the instructors.

I understand that with me having a Certificate in Instructing Adults I sometimes get a little frustrated with seminar instructors but I didn't think I would get that upset with a university online instructor but I did..  The course material was missing exercises and we only had 6 six weeks to complete everything, the weekly chat didn't work probably and assignments took way too long to get marked and getting replies to emails took 4-5 days.   I have taken other online courses from colleges and never had so many problems within a week and a half.  After feeling extremely rotten on Wednesday I knew I had to do something about this course and on Thursday I did.  I phoned the university, explained my feelings about the course and requested a full refund as I wanted out of the course.  The good news is on Friday morning I logged into the university site and saw that I had NO courses showing.  Yes, I am getting my refund and now I am getting my life back in some order.

So that is the main reason why I haven't been writing or crafting in the last couple of weeks.  I lost my passion for doing anything during the time of trying to figure out this course but this weekend I picked up my needles again and started to smile.  Yes making the decision to walk away from the course was a little difficult but boy am I happy I did it.

Now life can get back to normal, or at least as normal as it is for me.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time is flying

Creativ Festival picture
Well as you can see I haven't posted for a while and that is because I have been busy with the rest of my life so crafting has been put on hold for the last little while.

I took classes at the Creativ Festival in October and ended up exhausted after that so it has taken me some time to get back to being organized.  I finally started to get organized and wanted to start crafting and then I started an online course so that is going to be taking up some of my time for the next six weeks.

When I have had the chance to craft I have been working on small granny squares so that I can make another Sudoku lapghan when I have some time.  I figure using up part balls of yarn is great as well so that I don't have them laying around and escaping the bag I keep them in. 

Tonight I hope to sit and craft for a bit but then I have an online chat for my course tonight so that is going to take up some of this evening as well.

The picture is of Karen, myself and Jennifer Aikman-Smith (Dragon Dreams).  Yes Jennifer is that tall so it makes both Karen and myself look extremely short.  This was taken on the Sunday of the Festival so that is why we are all looking a little tired.

Now off to work on my course so I can get my first exercise and assignment completed.