Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Work and other demands

I have been able to get a bit of crafting done in the last few days but nothing like I would like to have accomplished.  A big part of the reason is I am working on a project that is due at the end of November and it is taking quite a bit of my time.  Another reason my crafting has been limited is because I was told I have trigger finger in four fingers on my left hand and being a lefty means a problem.

The trigger finger is not because of repetitive stress it's because I have very small tunnels in my hands so if I get any inflammation it means I can have problems.  Yes I have already had DeQuervain syndrome in both thumbs and was told that I have small tunnels so could have problems with carpal tunnel or other issues.  The good news is after having cortisone shots in two of the finger tunnels it is a lot better but still could have shots in the other two fingers to make it all better.  It is very frustrating knowing that no matter what I do I can run into problems.  I do my crafts but do take lots of breaks and do take breaks even when I am working and no matter what I could have problems.  So for everyone that thinks carpal tunnel, trigger finger and DeQuervain are just due to repetitive stress, there are other reasons and very small tunnels is just one of them.

So I continue to work on all the items that need my attention and know that I have to watch what I do and will continue to work on the various items.  Now it's time to get to work and finish up the project and then I can work on all the other items that have been piling up waiting for my attention.

Friday, November 9, 2012

A 3 Knight Night

The Red Knight (our knight)
The Green Knight with me
So yes I have been busy with work over the last few days but last night we decided it was time for an evening out and away from work.  I have to say it was a great evening as we went to Medieval Times in Toronto.  The show was a new performance so it was an excellent evening of food, and entertainment.

Of course after the show all the performers are out and about and willing to have photos taken.  There are 6 knights and other performers but I am just showing you the Knights that I liked from last nights show.  

The Blue Knight with me
The Blue Knight was my favourite from the show last night (too bad he wasn't our knight) and he had a great personality and enjoyed hamming it up for the camera as well.  The picture of just him was taken as we were leaving the show and he was standing there alone and of course once he saw the camera I got the big smile from him.

So yes I had a 3 Knight Night last night and then went home with my guy and snuggled up with him and knew I had the best guy.

The Blue Knight

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Crafting Time

As you can imagine some days are made for crafting and other days are made for working and getting things done that need your attention.  Today is a day to get the work that needs to be completed off my plate.

I decided that considering everything that needs to get done before Christmas, I figured if I can make a dent in the pile of work things, I might be able to concentrate on the crafting things later on.  Of course getting all the work items completed is a priority today as I have a project that is due at the end of November so need to get it finished.  I am actually loving the project itself as it gives me a chance to do a lot of writing which is something that I do enjoy doing.

Besides working I have been doing a bit of organizing of my craft projects because as normal I have way too many things started so will need to focus on completing the items.  I hope that over the next few weeks I will be able to finish the projects that have been started and just need the finishing touches added to them.  This year I decided that I wasn't going to make any christmas gifts for anyone. Not making gifts has meant a little less stress on me.

So I hope that I after getting all the work done today I will be able to make a bit of time to actually craft and relax.