Thursday, September 30, 2010


Well I spent this morning checking out the results at the Markham Fair and have to say that there was a lot of really nice items placed in the competition.

Now I entered 14 items and my goal/hope was to receive at least 7 ribbons this year. I took myself out of my comfort zone of knitting, crocheting and cross-stitch and entered other categories are well.

Here are the results
3 - 2nd place
3 - 3rd place
3 - 4th place
5 - no ribbon

I will be posting pictures in the next couple of days but had just a few minutes to sit down and post this.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Everything is ready to go

It's been a busy few days but am extremely happy to say that everything is ready to be dropped off tomorrow for the Markham Fair Handicraft Competition.

Here are a few pictures of some of the items that I will be entering.

I will be adding more pictures during this week as there are 14 items that are being entered so will take some time to get them all uploaded.
I am glad that I got everything done and have to admit that a couple of times I doubted that I would be able to complete everything because it did seem like I was battling an uphill battle but it's over.

Now tomorrow I take everything up to the Fairgrounds and then will see the results later this week.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

4 to go

Well I am happy to say that I only have 4 projects to finish by next Tuesday so with fingers crossed I should be able to get them all done.

I am been working pretty hard the last few days making sure that things are getting done. Two items are almost done, one is about 3/4 done and one is yet to be started. Ok I hope to start and finish the last project within a day or two so I should be fine.

I will be taking pictures once I have all the projects completed and before I drop them off for judging. I am hoping to do ok with the fair but only time will tell. A couple of my projects are a little different so that could also be what is making me a little nervous.

I am someone that doesn't normally show off any of my work so entering 14 items in a fall fair is a major step for me. Designing the name tag earlier this year has also helped me see that I should be happy with my work. It's amazing but normally only my family ever gets to see my work and know that I have done it. I do donate a lot of stuff to charity but no one knows it's my work so that has always made doing charity crafting easy for me.

Next week should be posting some pictures of the entries that I have done and then the results shortly after that.

I am finally starting to say that I am proud of the work that I do and will be taking a few more steps to show it off.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Found a little time this morning

Well I am starting to check things off my list of things to finish for the competition so starting to feel a little better about things. Yesterday I was able to finish two projects so now just have 7 more to finish before the end of the month. (5 at home and 2 need to be picked up)

I know I said that I might not be around much but decided to give myself a bit of a reward and sit in front of the computer for a few minutes this morning. Also needed to check the sales flyer for Michaels so another reason I am on the computer.

I sat yesterday and worked on the projects and it felt so good and I have also got two more underway which shouldn't take me too long to do. Of course the ones out of my comfort zone are still sitting not started so I better get working on them so that they can be finished as I am not sure how long they are going to take to complete.

Maybe today I will try and work on the baby afghan that needs to be finished as it is something easy for me to work on and also it's for the competition. It isn't even half way done yet but I think if I can concentrate on it for a couple of evenings I should be able to make good progress on it.

Well time to get off the computer and pick up the crochet hook or knitting needles for a while.

More progress reports later.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Crafting in September

I know that I posted that I will be entering a competition for my crafts at the end of September and today I actually submitted my entry form.

I am now a little stressed as I entered 14 items and still don't have a lot of them completed so going to be extremely busy for the rest of the month getting everything done in time. I know that I can get some of the items finished without a problem but some of the other items are outside my comfort zone so they are going to be the challenge.

I decided to decorate a clay flower pot and a cloth bag which are both different for me so will see how they actually turn out. I know if I sit down and work on each of these items I can get them done but it's just sitting down and doing them that seems to be a problem right now. I keep thinking of all the different knitting and crocheting projects that I would rather be working on.

I have made myself a promise and that is I will get at least 13 of the items finished so now to spend the next almost three weeks working on these items and forgetting about all the other items that are currently sitting partly done or on the to do list. Well it's time that I turn my attention back to my items that need to be finished instead of sitting at my computer.

I will try and update later in the month on my progress but it may not be until the items have actually been submitted that I find the time to sit back down and write.