Monday, March 8, 2021

Where did the week go?

Mini Forget Me Not

Mini Forget Me Not Mar 7It is hard to believe that another week has come and gone.  I know that a lot of that has to do with how things have been for all of us for almost the last year.  One day seems to be like the next without much of a difference. Lockdown is finally being lifted here but there still doesn't mean much change, so we will continue how we have been working for the next while.

Mini Forget Me Not - once again this week I was able to spend some time working on Mini Forget Me Not and have seen more progress on the left side of the design.  I would like to see this section finished before the end of March, so that is going to be my focus.  I am looking forward to seeing how much I can get done as just sitting and working on it a bit each day really helps me see the progress.

I still have the bottom section of the design to fill in, but I am happy seeing that I am able to get some larger sections of colour filled in, and it will make adding the other colours so much easier when I get to them.

Mary Jane Fry 1861 - I decided this weekend that I need to spend some time working on getting the border moved forward.  I wanted to make sure that the border matches up before I started working on the rest of the design.  Yes the border is a simple pattern, so it is pretty quick to stitch when you can sit and focus on it.

Yesterday, I sat down and decided that at least getting more of the outer border done would make me happy, so that is what I focused on, and I am pretty close and the good news is it matches up. I will now finish up this outer boarder and I think I will get the next border section done as well because that is a fast border as well.  I know that seeing some good progress on this piece over the next little while would make me feel very good.

After I get the two outer borders complete I will then start at the bottom of the design and start to fill in all the other motifs and such.  I don't think this design will take long to stitch but once again it just means sitting and working on it for a while.

English Paper Piecing - I continue to work on adding more motifs to this throw but this past week it didn't get a lot of attention.  I would like to see if this week I can focus on getting a few more motifs added to this.

Throw Feb 28
I know that after getting this throw done I will still have three more to make, so that means that sitting and focusing on getting this one moved forward quickly would be a good idea.  I know that it doesn't take long to attach each of the motifs.

Throw March 7Of course, while I am sitting and working on this project I am thinking of all the other projects that I can work on later.  I have a pile of fabric that is going to be turned into motifs, and it makes me happy to know that I have lots of ideas that will help use up a lot of the bits of fabric that I have.

The purpose of English Paper piecing was a means of using up small bits of fabric easily, and I have to admit that I am enjoying this method of using the remnants that I have left after making all the items for our ETSY shop.  This project is using my dad's shirts and I know that there will be additional items made even after the four throws have been completed.

SockSocks - I continue to work on the socks that I would like to have finished and this week I was able to get one sock finished up.  It is always nice when I can finish up another sock and especially when it means that I have another pair of socks to wear.  This sock is the second of the pair, so it is now ready to be worn.  I still have two socks on the needles and a trying to figure out which colour will go onto the third circular needle that I have.

Land of Sweets
Land of Sweets Cowl - last weekend I started this cowl and I figured it would work up quickly and be something that I enjoyed working on with the yarn that I had chosen. I had picked a variegated yarn which I thought would work nicely but after working on it for a couple of days I found that I wasn't loving it anymore and something was wrong.  I knew that the pattern was really nice, and I wanted to knit it, but this yarn wasn't making me happy.

Land of SweetsThe funny thing was that even when I wasn't sure if I liked the pattern with the yarn I continued to knit and figured maybe it would work out if I just kept knitting on the cowl. This second picture is after I had completed two different patterns on the cowl and had just started the third pattern.  Yes there are three different patterns, but you couldn't see much of a difference.  After taking this picture and talking it over with both my husband and mom, I decided that the yarn wasn't for this cowl and there was no point continuing to knit it if I wasn't going to like it in the end.

I was able to find another ball of yarn that I thought might work well for this cowl and have started to knit it.  I think that the patterns are going to show up a lot better with this yarn, but I haven't got very far.  I have just about finished the first section of the pattern and now to see what the next two look like.  I hope that this time I will be happier with the outcome.

Yes, my crafting is helping me deal with the lockdown and all the different challenges that we have been facing.  I would like to say that things are getting better quickly but until we get a lot of people vaccinated we are still going to be dealing with some sort of restriction.

I hope everyone finds a bit of time each day to do something that you enjoy doing.  It can be only for a few minutes or longer but making sure that you do something that makes you happy each day is very important.  Stay safe and remember that we are going to get through this challenging time, and hopefully we can start to get back to some sort of normal again soon.  Take care and have a great week and I will see what I have to show next week.

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