Monday, March 1, 2021

Progress, new start and close to a finish

Mini Forget Me Not Feb 21
Here it is the start of another week and hopefully after this week we will be moving out of lockdown due to Covid-19 but will find out later this week.

We continue to work remotely and that is good and now to see what changes will happen once we are able to move around a little  more.  The vaccine are finally starting to be given to the public in parts of Ontario, so that is good.

Mini Forget Me Not - I have been working on getting more of this piece done and each day I am getting bits of it done.  I am working on the two sides of the design right now and will see when I actually get back to adding more of the brighter colours.  I am enjoying working on the outside of the design as it gives me an idea of how big this piece is, and it also means that I am getting areas filled in quickly.

Mini Forget Me Not Feb 28

I am not sure which area I will be working on this week, but I know that I have been enjoying seeing the progress on this piece each week.  I hope to continue to see the good progress and maybe that is what I need.  I will see what I can get done this week, and maybe I will get closer to having another page finished, but that will all depend on how things go.

sock Feb 28
Socks - finally there is a picture of one of my socks and that is because it is now close to a finish.  I have been working on this sock as well as another sock a bit at a time, but finally I just need to decrease for the toe of this sock, and it will be done.  I hope to have this finished up in the next couple of days, and then I will have another pair of fun socks that I can wear.  

I did start the ribbing on another sock, but there isn't much to show for that sock.  I am going to try and continue to move all of my socks forward as I would like to have more of them finished up quickly.   This year is so nice to work with and as always I love seeing how each of the socks may be the same in some ways but the white and black areas are always different.

Land of Sweets Feb 28
Land of Sweets Cowl - well I had been doing very good and not starting new projects and just working on things that I had on the go until this past week.  I have been watching a lot of people knit this advent cowl called Lands of Sweets and after avoiding it for a while I finally gave in and went onto Ravelry and purchased the pattern.  Yes, it is a pattern that can be done using mini skeins of yarn, but I currently don't have any of those.  I know that I will be getting some soon, but I just couldn't wait.  I guess after DH helping me get the needles and yarn out I just couldn't help but start it late last night.  This pattern is 192 rows, so I will see how quickly I can get this done.  I would like to have most of this cowl knit before my mini skeins arrive, so I better get knitting.

Throw Feb 21
English Paper Piecing - I am continuing to work on this throw a bit each week and this week I hit a milestone.  The milestone was getting all the motifs finished.  Yes, 144 motifs have now been basted, and now they just need to be added to the throw.  It feels good seeing that I have been able to move some of this throw forward as well and now that the motifs are finished I hope to move it forward a little quicker.

I am really enjoying working on motifs and I have a bunch more fabric that will be going into various projects hopefully soon.  First this throw needs to get completed, so I am going to be trying to focus on getting more of the motifs added.  This project is now something that I can't be taking with me very much any longer as it is just getting too big and awkward for that.  I can't fold this piece up any longer, so that means it is going to be staying home until it is done now.

Throw Feb 28
I still have a lot of other projects that are slowly getting worked on when I find I have a bit of time.  The lockdown does mean that there is more time to do various projects but after almost a year of dealing with Covid-19 I think I am like most people, and I am getting very tired of the same routine most days.

I hope everyone continues to find the bits of time each day to do the things that you love doing. I hope to see some more progress on my projects this week, but only time will tell.  No matter where you are please stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones.  Life is slowly starting to return to what is going to be our new normal, but it is still going to take a few more months.

Take care and hope you have a great week and find some joy each day.


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