Monday, March 22, 2021

Progress on projects this week

Mini Forget Me Not
Here it is the start of another week and Covid-19 is still making the news way too much.  We are continuing to be able to work remotely so that is good and now to see how this week goes.  Vaccinations continue to roll out in Ontario, but it will be awhile before we get ours. 

Hopefully the numbers will start to go down and stay home instead of the roller coaster which we are currently dealing with.

Mini Forget Me Not
Mini Forget Me Not - this week I worked on moving this piece forward, and I am happy with the progress that I made.  I was able to finish the page that I was working on and then decided it was time to go back down to the bottom of the design and see how much of that I could get done.

This weekend I have been working on getting the flowers at least moved forward and am happy with the progress that I made.  I would like to see how much more of this bottom section that I can get done by the end of the month but will see how the rest of life goes.

Mini Forget Me Not
To finish the bottom page I have lots of odd bits of colour to add, so that is going to take some time but at least I know that I have been able to make some good progress overall.  I am currently at 44.91% finished and moving forward on this piece would be great.

Mary Jane Fry 1861 - I didn't get a lot of time to work on this but at least I got to add a few more stitches.  I have been bouncing around on this piece so of course it is looking extremely odd right now.  I figure just seeing that I have been able to get some different items started makes me happy.  I am currently working on getting the vase done, and then I will see what I work on.
Mary Jane Fry

This project normally gets a bit of progress on it on the weekend, so that is after the other things get done that I need or want to get done over the weekend. I now have all the colours for this pattern so many now I can start to work on filling in some other colours and then see what it really looks like.

Mary Jane Fry

I am enjoying working on this piece as it doesn't take too long to see progress on it and given that I am working on full coverage pieces other than this one it is nice to see that I am getting progress on at least one of the pieces that I have on the go.

Land of Sweets cowl
I continue to have a pile of other cross stitch projects that I would like to work on, so that means that I need to move these two projects forward so that I can work on some other projects as well. I am working on making sure that I don't have a lot of projects on the go at once so that I can see progress on the ones that I have out each week.

Land of Sweets Cowl - my knitting continues to get done a bit at a time and just seeing that I have been able to move this project forward again this week is nice.   I finished another two patterns, and I am working on the third pattern so will see what I can get done this coming week.  

Land of Sweets Cowl
This pattern is very easy to work on as after I finish the pattern that I am working on it repeats a couple more times up through the cowl.  It is nice having a project that doesn't take long to see progress, and it is also something that I am enjoying working on. I am now 25% through this project, so maybe I will see if I can get some more of it done through this coming week.

ThrowEnglish Paper piecing - I continue to work on this piece a bit at a time and am slowly starting to see what it is going to look like when it is finished.  I keep adding a few motifs at a time, and now I am starting see that I am getting to the point on this throw that it should be showing results a little quicker now.

I am still enjoying working on this and a looking forward to getting the throw as wide as it is going to be.  I haven't added those motifs yet, and I am thinking that I should try and get them added before too long.  If I can add more motifs this week I may try and see if I can at least get to the point that I can see how wide it is as I already know how long it is going to be.


I hope everyone is still taking time for themselves each day as it is important to even spend a few minutes doing something that you love doing. I know that even after days when I don't feel like I have the time to sit and relax I take that 10 minutes to myself and do something that I enjoy.

Life is slowly starting to get back to some sort of normal which is good, but I think it is still going to be some time before all of us get vaccinated.  I know that we are just waiting to hear when it is our turn.

Have a great week and hopefully next week I will once again have some progress to show you. Enjoy doing what you love doing and know that even a few minutes each day does help.

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