Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tartan progress

As I said in a previous post I was going to work on getting the pattern done so that I could see what it looks like.  I spent part of the weekend and Monday evening stitching and have completed as much as I am going to do on this piece.

completed tartan
As you can see it is a lot different than the original picture that I posted and that is because I have now finished it in both directions and added another colour to it.  I think next time I do this I will add the red in both directions instead of just one direction but it was fun trying it out.

I have also started stitching on some biscornus that I want to make so should be able to take some pictures of them soon.  Considering I am making a few of them I am going to stitch a bunch of them and then put them together so you will only get pictures of the squares as I complete them.

This week I think I am also going to work on a baby afghan for a bit so that I change my hand movements so that I don't have to deal with any pain from one type of craft project.


Anonymous said...

Your tartan looks great, Darlene! I haven't picked mine up again, but thought I would bring it to the Getaway. That way, if I do run into trouble, one of Gitta's Stitch Wizards could help me!

Your biscornus look great, also. You've been very productive lately!


Kathrin said...

Love the tartan, and a bit of red, that little bit of poison, running in the other direction will look great.