Friday, March 18, 2011

15 sided biscornu - completed

The 15 sided biscornu is now finished and I am extremely happy with how it turned out.  Considering I had never made one before it was an experience but I really enjoyed it.

Here are pictures of 
what it looks like finished.  I only ran into one challenge and that was I was running short of beads while putting it together but I worked around that.  I was happy that I checked how many beads I had left before doing the final side of joining as I just spaced my beads a little differently on some of the squares without any real impact to the finished piece.

I have started working on the mauve 15 sided biscornu but haven't done a lot of it was I am also stitching on the 2 sided biscornus that I want to make.

Kathrin posted the finishing instruction this morning and now I am looking forward to going to the Needleworkers Marketplace and Getaway in two weeks where I will pick up some more patterns for another 15 sided biscornu.

I enjoyed being able to make this biscornu and also being able to help Kathrin.

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