Friday, March 4, 2011

2nd biscornu

For all of those that e-mailed me privately and also for the comments here I have decided on the colour of the second biscornu that I am going to work on.  Thanks for all the comments.

Choice #1 - Mauve

I really appreciated the answers that I got because I was actually thinking that if people didn't help me decide I was going to end up working on both of the biscornus at the same time and considering everything else I am working on that isn't such a good idea.

This weekend I hope I will actually sit down and start this one but first I have two squares to do on the original 15 sided biscornu as the patterns have been posted so my goal is by tomorrow night to have those two squares done.

Name tag update:
My name tag is coming along and if I keep working hard at it I should have it finished before the last minute which was my concern.  I still have a few hours of work on it so hope that in the next two weeks I can say it's done.  (No promises but I do need it done by April 1st as that is when I need to start wearing it).  Yes, Gitta's Getaway is under a month away and I am now starting to get excited about it.

Well I guess if I want to get everything done I better get off the computer and actually start working on something.

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