Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cross stitching

Status on March 2th
This week I decided to pick up a cross-stitch project that I haven't worked on for quite a while and see what progress I could make on it.  I had forgotten how many pages were in this pattern but am making progress.  The cross-stitch is Paradigm Lost by Long Dog Designs and the pattern is 12 pages. If you want to see the completed piece click here and scroll down the page to see it. 
status on March 25th

So you can see that I have made some progress this week and it is over one thread so it does take me a little longer to do it than if it was over 2.   The motif that I am currently working on is large so it is taking me some time to get through it but am just about half way through it.  I am not going to complete the motif at the bottom as I want to continue working towards the right so that I can complete another page.  This week I was finally able to say that I have completed one page of the pattern.

Status on March 31st
I'm not taking this piece with me this weekend so that once I put it away tonight I won't be working on it again until sometime next week.  That's ok because I will be working on a couple other projects this weekend and look forward to seeing how much of them I actually get done.

One piece I am looking forward to doing is the Exclusive Round Robin that is being held tomorrow night at the Gitta's Getaway.  I have seen the completed piece and am excited to actually work on it.

I better get organized so that I can sit down for a while this evening and see if I can get a bit more of this done.

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Bonnie Brown said...

Great job so far
I am on the last page of mine... only been working on it for 2 yrs lol