Saturday, March 5, 2011

2 to go

As I said yesterday I was going to sit down and complete the two squares that Kathrin posted yesterday.  Well after a nice dinner last night I decided it was time to sit and stitch for a little while.

pattern 12

pattern 13
I am so looking forward to seeing what this looks like once all the squares are done and it is all put together.  This 15 sided biscornu has been something that I have enjoyed and it has actually got me back stitching more than I have in quite a while.  Next weekend I hope to be able to get the other two patterns and then get them stitched and ready for assembly.  The colours are different than I normally work with so I think that is something else that has helped keep me interested.  Now to see what the next biscornu looks like.

Today I am not sure what I am going to work on but I hope to be able to sit and stitch either tonight or tomorrow.  If I do I will post a picture of the new squares once I get a couple of them stitched. 

Besides stitching I am busy working on a few other projects so hope that over this weekend I will be able to make some progress on a couple of them but will see how I progress.  Of course I ended up with two baby afghans on the go so going to see which one I pick up and work on for a while.

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