Thursday, February 1, 2024

English Paper Piecing - January progress

Here it is the end of another month and yes, I have been able to make just a bit of progress on my English Paper Piecing.

Scrap Throw - this month I worked on just one project and didn't even get a lot of progress but at least I got some. I was able to spend one evening working on making some more of the motifs that I need for the border of the scrap throw so I am continuing to move this project forward. I hope to get back to joining the motifs onto the throw as I would like to move my projects forward again.

Other projects - I haven't worked on any of the other projects for a while so that means that I need to get back to working on them again. Hopefully before long I will get back to finding that time where I can sit and sew things together and move a bunch of the projects forward. 

I know that I didn't make a lot of progress in January on the various projects but at least I can say that I did make a bit of progress and that is better than no progress at all. It would be nice to start moving all of my projects forward again and maybe February will be the month that I do that but I'm not sure. I will just have to see how it goes and maybe I will have some progress to show you at the end of February.


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