Monday, May 10, 2021

Some slow progress

Here it is the start of another week and yes we are still in lockdown which may get extended again. Remote working is still going strong so that is one of the good things about this.

Mini Forget Me Not - this week I once again worked on this piece each day, and it is making me happy to see that I am slowly making progress on it. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked on this piece but at least I have been able to move it forward.  I am working on the very top section of the piece, and I am loving how it is something together.  It would like to see if I can get right across the top before too long. 

It has been interesting watching the colours come together on the top section and I can't wait to start to fill in the rest of the colour on this piece.  I am going to be added some more forget-me-nots before too long, so that will add some night colour to the top of the piece. I will see what I work on this week as I would like to see more of this design completed before too long.  My goal this week is to reach over 75% completed on the piece and then will see what else I can achieve.

English Paper Piecing - the throw is getting closer and closer to having all the motifs attached.  I now have 8 motifs to attached, and then it will be time to figure out the quilting of the piece as well as the binding of the entire piece.  It is making me happy seeing that I am getting so much closer to having a finish on this quilt top.  

This weekend I started to work on making sure that I will have some fabric ready to start to work on the other throws that I am planning on making with this fabric.  I have learned a lot about English paper piecing through doing this quilt top, and I am looking forward to seeing if the other ones are a bit easier to manage.

Over the last little while I have been trying to figure out how to quilt this throw and have been watching lots of videos and I think I have finally figured out how to do it.  I hope that once the piece is all attached I can then talk to a friend about my idea, and then I can start with the quilting and binding of this piece.  

My goal now is to get the eight motifs added to the throw and then continue to work to get this throw completed and given to my mom.

Socks - I am happy to say that I finally sat down and worked on getting these two socks finished up.  It didn't take me long to get them finished.  Now to figure out which socks I will be starting so that I can have a bunch of socks on the go again.  I currently have one sock started and now to work on making sure that I can get these two circular needles filed again before too long.

I continue to work on some other projects and will be taking pictures of them soon.  My goal this year is to have fun with my projects and not stress about any of them.  I have some projects that need a lot more attention and some that don't so will see what happens in the next while.  While we remain in lockdown I will continue to see which projects get the most attention as I know that my crafts have helped me through this last year and will continue to help.

I hope everyone has a good week, and you continue to find a bit of time each day to do the things that you enjoy doing.  I will see what I do this week as I know finding some time each day is also important to me so hopefully next week I will have more progress to show you.


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