Monday, May 17, 2021

A bit more progress

 Here it is the start of another week and another week of being in lockdown.  We had hoped to be out of lockdown by the end of this week, but it has now been extended until at least June 2nd. I totally understand keeping us in lockdown as the case numbers are still high enough in Ontario.

Mini Forget Me Not
We continue to work remotely, so that hasn't changed at all, and we will be doing that even after lockdown as that is how we work most of the time. The weather is at least getting warmer out so that means we can spend some time sitting on the balcony.

Mini Forget Me Not - this past week I was able to make some good progress on this piece and am now looking forward to seeing more of it done.  I still have quite a bit of the background to work on but will see if I can get a bit of the details of the flowers done this week.  I think a lot of that will depend on how much time I have to work on this piece.

Mini Forget Me Not

I am very happy with where I am on the piece as I am just about 80% finished, so it means that once I can start to work on the details the entire picture will start to come alive.  I will see what I actually get done this week as my schedule is a little busier with a bunch of virtual conferences that are all being held this week.

Mom's throwEnglish paper piecing - the throw got a bit of attention this week as I was sewing a lot of the seams together that I needed to do. I am now just about finished attaching all the motifs as I have three more to go as well as finish the rest of the seams.

I had hoped to have all the motifs added before the end of the weekend, but that didn't happen given all the other stuff that needed to be done.  I will try and get these motifs added in soon so that I can then figure out how to quilt this throw and get it finished up. I am excited to see it completed and hope that my mom likes it when she gets it.  I have enjoyed working on it and look forward to knowing that she will be able to use it and hopefully feel that popsy is still near her.

Mom's throw
With the weather warmer up we decided it was time to try and plant some different flowers and items in containers on the balcony, so that is one of the things that we did this weekend.  I will take some pictures of the various containers once the plants have had a bit of time to get established.

I hope everyone continues to find the time to do something that you enjoy doing each day.  I continue to spend bits of time each day doing what I love doing, and it makes everything else seem not so bad.  With the weather warmer up it means that there will be more chances of going for walks and just getting out which is always good.

Have a good week, and please remember to stay safe.

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