Sunday, November 10, 2013

New challenge

This weekend I decided that I needed a new challenge.  I was finding that my knitting, crocheting and needlework hasn't been challenging me enough lately.  So what I ended up doing was figuring out a new project or new area to focus some of my energy.

Now the new project may require a bit of help from my DH but I know that he just smiled when I told him what I wanted to try and do.  Of course, picking up all the different supplies today made me smile and of course it also renewed the spark that I had missed lately.

My tools
Another person that has given me a bit of a push was Silverlotus as she does this.   So now the challenge started as I needed to find some patterns and really decide what I was going to do.

The supplies I had to pick up but the tools were already in my tool box. 

It didn't take me long after taking the pictures of the supplies and tools to open some of the packages and start something new.  It has taken a bit of time and energy but it does feel good knowing that I have started to figure out something different.

What I have accomplished is going to be a different blog as I now want to go back and work on the items that I have been doing.

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