Monday, October 16, 2023

A finish and some progress

Here it is the start of another week and a week where I know that there are going to be some busy days. The fall weather has also arrived here so that means that there probably won't be any more days of sitting on the balcony and watching the neighbourhood.

Jolly Squirrel - this project finally got a bit of attention on Sunday. It had been sitting looking the same until finally I decided it was time to pick it up and see how much of it, I could get done. It really didn't take me too long to get most of the squirrel completed. It is a lot of fun to work on but given the number of little colour changes it does take some time to get it done.

This coming week I will see if I can spend a bit more time on this piece because I don't think it should take me that much longer to get it finished. I just have the tail to finish and if I can focus on the tail, it should go relatively quickly or at least I hope it does. The pattern does have some snowflakes around the squirrel, but I will be leaving them off as I don't want the piece to look like a Christmas ornament.

Getting this project completed will make me happy as I do want to get it fully finished before too long as well. I haven't decided how I am going to finish it, but as it isn't very big it won't take long to finish no matter what I decided to do. 

Preemie blanket - this project has been the 30 minutes of knitting most days project. This week I was able to spend some time most days working on it and by the end of Thursday all of the knitting was completed, and the blanket is now off the needles. I haven't sewn all the ends in on the blanket yet but that won't take me long and then the project will be finished.

It is always nice when I can focus on getting a project finished and it works out like I wanted it too. This project was something that I enjoyed working on because it was something that didn't require a pattern and I could just pick it up and work on it when I had a few minutes.
This blanket was done following the pattern, so I only increased up to 170 stitches and then it was time to decrease and finish the blanket. It was easy and something that I could get done quickly. Given I didn't knit on it everyday I was able to get this all knit in one month.

There is still some of this yarn still left so I will be trying to figure out another project that I can work on and finish up the rest of this yarn. I have enjoying working on the preemie blankets, but it is now time to work on something else for a while and move it forward.

Curling Mist Shawl - after I finished the Preemie blanket, I decided to pull out this project that I started in early September. I had put this down while I focused on the smaller preemie blanket. This shawl is a lot of fun to work on because there is plan garter sections and then there are cable sections that are done. 

Of course, this one I need to look at the pattern to ensure that I am on the correct row but again it isn't that hard a pattern to follow which is nice. This shawl got three days of attention this past week and I am happy with the progress that I made on it. Now the rows are getting longer so it will take longer to get each row done but hopefully I will be able to focus on this shawl as my knitting project this week.

Other projects - over the last week my English Paper piecing also got quite a bit of attention. I had wanted to work on it for a while so that is what I did. I do know that I have made some good progress on one of those projects so will have something to show when I write that blog at the end of the month.

I hope everyone is continuing to find that bit of time each day to do something for yourself. Making sure that you have recharged your personal batteries is very important. This week I will see what I work on and hopefully will have some progress on things to show you next week. Have a good week and remember to take some time for yourself.

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