Monday, January 16, 2023

Where did the week go?

Here it is the start of another week and when I look at my crafting I can actually ask myself, where did the last week go. Yes, last week I was able to make progress on some things, but then again it was a different week as I focused on some other things besides the projects that I have to show.

Elizabeth Wood 1850 - I was able to spend some time working on this project and one of the goals was to try and get more of the border sections completed. I didn't get them all done, but at least I have been able to make a bit of progress on them. The outer board is how finished, so it is just a matter of filling in all the inside sections of the design.

I am enjoying working on this piece, and I am looking forward to starting to add the letters and words that are part of this design. Currently, I am not sure if I am going to finish the inside border rows before adding more of the letters, or if I am just going to work on the areas that make me happy when I have a chance to pick up this piece. I know that I am going to be working on getting this finished quickly, so I will see how it goes each time I pick it up. 

This project is a lot of fun to work on, but I do need to concentrate as there are little differences in some of the sections, so I need to focus on making sure that I don't mess up the sections.

Forage Shawl - well, I said I wasn't going to start another knitting project until I finished at least one of my current projects, but over the weekend I started this project. Part of the reason I started this shawl was it looks like it would be a fun stitch as well as a little different. I think I needed something that was a bit of a challenge, but also something that I could see progress on it pretty quickly. It did take didn't a lot of time working on this shawl to get some results, but already I have started to see the sections of the design appear. I think before I continue to work on this shawl, I need to finish the Simple Scarf. So this shawl is going to have to be put down for at least a couple of days so that I can focus on getting something finished.

Simple Scarf - here are the results of my knitting on the scarf over the last week. I have now finished the variegated section, and I have also finished the light grey section. I have one more part ball of yarn to add to this scarf, and then it will be finished, so I would like to see if I can get it done early this week. 

Now that I have another project on the go it means that I need to focus on getting this scarf done otherwise I am going to feel like I have too many knitting projects on the go. If I can sit and spend some time each day working on this scarf, it shouldn't take me long to get the last ball of yarn added, and then I will have my first knitting project completed for the year.

This scarf has been a great project as it has helped me use up some part balls of yarn, and it was also something pretty simple to knit. Now to see what other part balls of yarn that I have because maybe I will see if I can work on another one of these scarfs before too long.

Other Projects - I have been working on joining motifs to the English Paper Piecing throws, but neither of them look like I have done a lot. I am thinking that I will try and take pictures of the throws closer to the end of the month, and maybe they will look like I have made some progress on them.

I hope that you continue to find that bit of time each day to do something that you enjoy doing. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as you remember to take that bit of time for yourself.  This past week I did make sure that I took that time even if my crafting didn't move forward a lot. The time I took was very important, and some of it was just spending time with my husband, and that was nice.

Hopefully, I will have some progress on things to show you next week, and it might not be lots but at least I am going to be working on getting bits of progress on things as I take that bit of time each day to recharge my personal batteries.

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