Monday, July 18, 2022

Some progress but putting it away for a while

Here it is the start of another week and hopefully things will continue to get into a routine that we like doing. Of course, life is busy again so that means that there isn't as much time for crafting so of course progress has started to slow down. The warm weather is also meaning that I don't have as much energy to sit and work on projects.

Alzheimer's Poem - here is the project that I have been trying to work on, and after this past week I decided that I need to take a break from it. I would love to have it done quickly, and I think trying to do 100 stitches on it each day has been a little much.

This project will be put away for a little while so that I can make progress on some other things and enjoy stitching. Yes, I have been enjoying working on this piece in a lot of ways, but it is also difficult to work on as it brings back a lot of memories.

I will continue to work on this project, but not at the speed I thought I could do. Yes, it would have been great to have it finished before the end of this month, but not when it was difficult to work on. I have got just over 1,900 stitches done on it since I picked it up at the beginning of July, so I am happy with that. Hopefully, after taking a bit of a break, I will be able to pick it up again and get it finished.

Pine Forest Baby Blanket - over the last week I have continued to work on the baby blanket and I have been able to get 4 rows done each day on it. I love being able to continue to get this knitting done. 

Of course, now that it is getting warmer here, it is a little harder to get a lot of knitting done, but I am thinking that if I can at least get the four rows done a day I will see this project done quickly.  

Other projects - I am trying to work on some other projects a bit at a time, so that means that bits of things get done, but nothing that is worth showing. Maybe this coming week I will be able to spend some time working on some projects and will have some different things to show.

I hope everyone continues to find that bit of time each day to do something for yourself. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you remember that taking those few minutes each day is important. I will see what I work on this week and hopefully next week I will have things to show you.


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