Monday, July 11, 2022

Made some good progress

Here it is the start of another week and now to see how things go. It is hard to believe that it is now almost the middle of July and things are once again very hot out.  

For a lot of us, things are sort of normal, or at least what normal is going to be for a while. 

Alzheimer's Poem - here is the project that I am working on to get finished before the end of July. It felt good getting more of the words added to the poem during the last week.

I haven't been working on the poem in order, and it has made it a lot of fun to work on. I have sometimes worked on a word in a row, or a couple of times I did work on the entire line. In some ways it is helping me figure out the entire size of the project as now I have the bottom of the piece stitched. I am now just filling in the remainder of the words, and hopefully I will have that done before too long.

Each work does seem to take quite a while to stitch, even through there aren't a lot of stitches in any of the letters. I think part of the challenge is I am working on 22 count fabric, so that makes the stitches a lot smaller. 

Pine Forest Baby Blanket - here is a project that I started this week as I wanted something that would work up quickly and also mean that I would have something a little larger when it is finished.

I found this baby blanket pattern, and it uses worsted weight yarn, so I figured it would work up quickly, and it has been going well so far. Now to see how much longer it will take me to finish it, as my goal is to work at least one pattern a day on this piece.

Other projects - of course I am working on some other projects as well, but again I am bouncing between a lot of them, so nothing gets a lot done on them. Hopefully I will be able to at least continue to focus on these two main projects, and then I will see what happens after this.

I hope everyone continues to find the time for themselves to do the things that they love each day. It doesn't matter how much time you spend, as long as you take those few minutes each day to yourself. Next week, I hope to have some more progress on things, but I will have to wait and see how this week goes.

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