Monday, January 10, 2022

Making some progess and a finish

Here it is another week, and we continue to progress on some projects and will see how things go. I hope that I can continue to see progress on things, so will see how things go. Covid continues to be a crazy thing here in Ontario, so will see how things go moving forward.

There are so many things that I would like to get done, so maybe it would make me feel a little better about things. I decided this week to focus only on a couple of projects so that I could see some good progress on them.

Ruth Gibb - I was able to make some progress on Ruth Gibb, and it makes me feel good to see that I was able to get more stitching done. I know that continuing to see progress on this piece is making me very happy. I would like to see how much more of this I can get done over the next couple of weeks. I am currently at over 60% done and given I only started this on January 1st it is moving forward very quickly.  If things go well I should be able to get a few more stitches in on it this coming week but will have to see how things go. The alphabets do seem to stitch up quickly but not sure.

Ruskin's Penguins - here is the other cross stitch piece that got some attention this week. I decided to continue to work on getting some border done so that I can then start to add in the rest of the details. I have at least got the inside border outlined and now to finish all the detail on the inside border as well as along the outside border. I think these are going to be taking me some time but will see how things go.

I have also put a bit of one of the penguins in on the piece, so that I now have a top and a bottom. I am so happy seeing that I have been able to get more of the border done and will see how things go moving forward. I am going to continue to work on the border sections because I know that they are going to take the longest to-do, so I just need to make sure that I can get them done before focusing too much on the inside section.

One thing that I really like about this pattern is the border is easy to do once it gets started. It is very repetitive, so that means it is something that I can do without having to look at the pattern every few stitches. The other advantage of this pattern is that it is only two colours, so I have been focusing on the black, and then I will be able to get to a point where I can start adding the white and things will start to appear quickly. I am not sure when I will add the white, but I am waiting until I have quite a few sections done that need the white before I even think about it. 

Pashmina shawl - the other project that got some attention this week was the Pashmina shawl, as I wanted to see if I could at least get all the rows done and finish the shawl. I am very happy to be able to say that I finished knitting the shawl, and it is now cast off, and I just need to sew in the ends. I never did measure how long the shawl is, but I think it might be around 72 inches long. I have loved working on it, and I am loving how it looks. I just have the ends to sew in now and, then it will be finished.

The shawl ended up being 12 stripes long and that was long enough given it is longer than I am tall. I love how it looks, and it feels like it will be very comfortable to wear on those cold days. The yarn was DK Joy that I picked up at Michael's, and it was wonderful to work with and something that I would like to use again. Now to sit and sew in all the ends, and then I can enjoy wearing it before the cold wears comes to an end. I know that there is still quite a bit of winter left, but I still need to sit and sew in the ends.

Other projects - this week I didn't work on any other projects as I wanted to spend the time that I had focusing on getting these moved forward. I am not sure what this coming week has in store, but I know that I will continue to try and make some progress on a few projects. I have a bunch of ideas as to what I would like to work on, but I also need the time available to work on the different projects.

I hope everyone continues to take time for themselves each day, as it does make a big difference. It doesn't have to be a lot of time but making sure that you can recharge some of your own personal batteries is very important. Once you can spend that time, it makes it a lot easier to be there for the other people that are essential to you.

Please continue to stay safe and know that we are going to get through this, but it is going to take some time and patience. I know that it has been hard on everyone but know that we can do this, and we just need to ensure we are taking care of ourselves and those that we love.  Have a good week and hopefully next week I will once again have something to show you that I have got done.


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