Monday, April 26, 2021

Another week with some progress

Here it is another Monday morning and another week of being in lock down.  It is now going to be until at least the middle of May before we can start to do things again.

We continue to work remotely, so that is one good thing.  Now to see when things start to improve, and we can do some things outside.  It would be so nice to be able to sit on a patio again.

Mini Forget Me Not - I have once again been able to get some stitches in on this project.  I have now at least reached the top right corner of the pattern and will see how it goes from here.  I have been working on some bigger areas as I wanted areas where I can secure the odd stitches in the back. I am now sure what I will work on this week, but I think it will be to continue to add in some of the colours that make up the background.

In Our Garden - I have once again been able to spend a bit of time working on In Our Garden Many Flowers Bloom.  I am happy to see that the words are starting to appear, and I have got the outline of the middle section done. This week I wanted to get more of the words added but also change to a different colour for a while.

It is nice to see the start of the middle section as that is where all the different colours get added.  I still need to finish up with the words on the top of the piece, but they will be added when I am in the mood to work on letters instead of the other section. I will try and work on this piece again later this week as it is nice to see a bit of progress on something that is smaller than the pieces I have been working on.

English Paper piecing - what can I say about this project other than it is getting bigger and closer to being done.  When I say done it means all the motifs will have been added. I now have 14 motifs to add to this piece and then the next challenge will happen and that will be quilting and finishing it up.

This last week I ended up working on one section that I hadn't meant on doing right away.  I normally sit with the throw on my lap when I am adding the motifs.  Early last week I was sitting and working on a section and I thought I was working across the throw, and instead I ended up adding the rest of the motifs down the right side.  It has meant that it is a bit more of a challenge to add the rest of the motifs but at least I can still do it. 

This project will continue to get my attention as I would like to get the rest of the motifs added and then figure out what are the next steps in finishing it up.

Socks - my socks are slowly getting attention, but again the two socks are still waiting to be finished up.  I still need to decrease for the toe on both of them and will see when that happens.

Other projects - I am always working on a bunch of things and one of the other projects that I am working on will get a picture taken when it is finished.  I am having some fun with it and that is what is important right now.  I know that if I can spend some time working on all of my projects I will see some good progress.

I hope everyone continues to find a bit of time each day to do something that you enjoy.  We are all continuing to deal with the challenges of the pandemic, so we need to ensure that we take some time for ourselves.  Hope everyone has a good week and stay safe and follow all the guidelines that you are given as we all want to get back to seeing friends and family again.

Take care of yourself and find that bit of time to relax and enjoy the time for yourself.

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