Monday, December 21, 2020

Making progress on things

Unleash the Butterflies Nov 14Here it is the start of another week and yes another week of working from home and staying home as much as possible.  Covid-19 still means that the Toronto area is in lockdown, and it looks like we will be for a while yet.  The cases in Ontario continue to rise and that doesn't look good considering Christmas is also this week. The news is reporting that all of Ontario will be in lockdown again effective December 24th so will see if that is true when the announcement is made this afternoon.  It doesn't change anything for us as it is still the same here.

Unleash The Butterflies - here is a project that I haven't worked on for over a year.  I decided it was time to pull it out and see if I could get a few stitches in on it over the weekend.  I know that I didn't get a lot done but at least I was able to make a bit of progress on it.  I think this project will stay out until the New Year and I will see how much more of it I can get done.

Unleash the Butterflies Dec 20

When I pulled this project out I looked at when I last worked on it, and it was November 14, 2019 so yes more than a year has passed since this got the attention.  It is always nice when you pick up a piece after that long, and you immediately start to enjoy it again and wonder why you put it down in the first place.  I know why this was put away for a while, and now I hope to be able to continue to move it forward even if it is a little slower given I have a couple of other projects planned for 2021.

Covid Santa Dec 20Covid Santa - here is another ornament that I am currently working on and would like to have it done soon.  This is a Covid Santa, and it goes along with the Covid Snowman that I finished up during the week.  I now have two of the three Snowman finished and now to work on getting some Santa ornaments stitched up.  They may not be finished by Christmas day, but they will be finished up soon.  I will try and see how much of this ornament I can get done this week as it would be nice to have the sets completed and given to the people that will be receiving them.

Sock Dec 20
Socks - now here is a project that is continuing, and it is making me feel good.  I have decided that at the end of this month I will take a picture of the socks that I have completed since I started working on these sets in September.  I am happy with the progress that I have made, and it will be fun to see all of them together in one picture.  I know that there will be socks on the needle as well as that is how I work. I currently have three socks on the go, and it is nice when I can sit and work on a sock while attending a webinar.

The yarn I am using for this sock is Perfect Pair - Drive All Night by Loops and Thread.  I have been enjoying most of the colourways of this brand so will be having lots of socks once I finish knitting up all the yarn that I have.

This week is Christmas and I know for a lot of us it is going to be different this year.  If you are like us and dealing with restrictions know that hopefully by being careful this Christmas we will all be able to have a better Christmas next year.  Remember to take some time during this crazy season to do something that you enjoy doing even if it is just a few minutes at a time.  My plans are to continue to work on my projects when I have the time as they all make me happy.

I would like to wish every a Merry Christmas and stay safe.


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