Monday, November 30, 2020

Moving projects forward

Pandemic Nov 22
Here it is the start of another week and yes another week of trying to move things forward even if it is slowly.

We are still in the "Grey" category here in Toronto so that means that most stores are closed other than essential stores.  It has meant nothing has changed for us as we continue to help our clients remotely.

Pandemic Nov 29
Pandemic - This project got a bit of attention this week but not as much as it has been getting. I have continued to try and get a few stitches in on it most days but there were days that I just didn't want to work on this piece in the last week so it didn't get the normal love that it has been getting.  I will see what I can get done on it this week.

Moonstone Nov 15Moonstone - this project got some attention yesterday as it was something a little different and I wanted to see if I could get the left bottom half done.  I am happy with the progress that I was able to make on this piece as it means that I am now able to see what the entire piece is going to look like.  
Moonstone Nov 29I am going to continue to work on this piece a bit at a time as I would like to  see how much more of it I can get before the end of the year.  It has been fun working on canvas instead of Aida or Even weave.  The project is nice and small and something that if we were allowed to travel would make a great travel project.  I do have some of these that I want to stitch later on, so I will have to remember that they are great for travelling.
Covid Christmas Snowman Nov 29
Covid Christmas Snowman - here is a project that is going to be going away for a bit.  I was working on this snowman ornament and noticed that it is very hard to see on the fabric that I picked for it.  I thought that the white would show up more than it does on the Ecru fabric.  I have decided that instead of using this fabric I will use something else for the ones that I would like to make into ornaments for this year.  I may come back and finish this one later or it might just get tossed.

Runner Nov 25English Paper Piecing - this week I pulled out the runner that I have been working on and decided to start to add more of the motifs to it.  I am still a very long way from being finished but at least it got a bit of attention and I hope to continue to add the rest of the motifs to this piece before too long.
Runner Nov 29I am not sure how many more motifs that I need to make for it but I think the two colours of blue motifs are finished being made so it is just the white ones that need to get finished up. I had hoped to have this runner finished up before the end of the year but considering everything else that needs my attention it won't be getting finished by then but I will at least have a project that I can work on more next year.
ETSY - the shop is still busy, and I am going to be adding more grime guards into it as we continue to go through our fabric stash, sometimes a custom order can help choose the next fabric or fabrics (Denim coming up).  We have one more month of $1 for every grime guard sold will be given to the Alzheimer's Society of Toronto.

I hope everyone continues to stay safe and home as much as possible.  If your area doesn't have many cases be thankful as there are a lot of areas with lots of cases.  Remember to take care of yourself and try and find a bit of time each day to do something that you love.

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