Monday, November 9, 2020

Where did the week go?

Moonstone Nov 1It is hard to believe that another week is over.  Yes the cases of Covid-19 continue to climb here but we are still working remotely for our clients which is good. The weather for the last week has been amazing and we are continuing to break temperature records because of how mild it has been.

Moonstone - this week I was focusing on trying to make some progress on Moonstone and I have now been able to get to the right side of the design.  The actual design will be just under 4 inches square when it is completed and I am loving how it is turning out.  I worked on getting quite a bit of the white in so that I could have areas to fill in.  It does take quite a bit of time to get the white sections in but at least it means that I then have areas where I can fill in the various colours and that is when I see the entire design start to come together.

Moonstone Nov 8I have been able to get most of the middle motif also completed so that gives me an idea of what I need to do in the other sections.  I hope to get the bottom left quarter of the design done this coming week but will have to see how that goes.  Of course, I start working on once section and then I continue to use one of the colours and it takes me in a lot of different directions but I love how this is turning out. It would be nice to see what an entire area looks like so hopefully next week I will be able to show you what the design will look like.

Kentia Wrap Nov 1Kentia Wrap - now my knitting didn't get as much time as I would have liked this week.  I think part of it was because I was busy and just didn't have the time to focus on these rows.  Each row does take some time as it involves quite a bit of counting as well as slipping the stitches.  I hope to see more progress on this project this week but will have to see how things go. 

Kentia Wrap Nov 8
I have now got just over half way on the first section of the shawl and considering there are 10 sections I still have a long way to go but that is while with me.  I am thinking that once this section is done I might be able to work on it a little faster as I will know that I need to do.

I haven't got a lot of progress on my socks either lately so now to see if I can pick them up again and get more of that done as well.

Things around here have been busy which is good in a way.  I am looking forward to seeing what this week is like as I know that there are a few things that will need my attention.  I hope everyone continues to stay safe and you find some time each day to do something that you enjoy doing.  I know for me there have been days when even a couple of minutes of relax time has been great so grab those and relax.


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