Monday, August 10, 2020

Blushing is moving forward

Here it is the start of another week and a start of things slowly starting to get back to normal or at least the new normal that was are going to have for a while.  I know that compBlushing Aug 3anies are still working remotely so that means that we are continuing to support our clients that have staff working from home.

Blushing - here is the project that got the majority of my crafting time in the last week.  I am trying to move this piece forward so that means it is going to be a piece that I will try and focus on as much as possible over the next little while.

This week I was able get the black section in the lower left of the pattern completed.  I know that I still have lots of black to finish but at least seeing that there is a section of it done makes me feel good.  I also worked on adding in more colours because I wanted to see if I could get some more of the petals done.

It is nice to see that the piece is slowly starting to come together and I am almost at the 25% completed so that is another thing that is motivating me to get more of this piece finished. I enjoy being able to find bits of time most days to add a thread or two to this

Blushing Aug 9

piece.  Now to see if I can continue to do that over the next while.


Besides working on Blushing I haven't done a lot of other crafting.  I have done bits of knitting but of course it takes so long to see any progress on anything so there isn't much to show right now.  Maybe in the next couple of weeks I will be able to show some of the projects that have been worked on this month.

Life continues to be interesting with all the various restrictions that are in place.  Masks are mandatory in all public places here in Toronto.  This also means that masks are required in apartment and condo elevators and hallways.  It is something that we are all accepting that we will be doing for a while as I know the apartment by-law is currently in place until October 1st.

I hope everyone is finding some time to do the things that they love each day.  Stay safe and I hope to have something else to show you next week but will have to see how much crafting time I can find given a busy schedule.

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